4th Apr 2020

How chicken soup is the new world money

I would like to share a beautiful story about how the world is changing in front of our eyes, the true bonds of affection and how chicken soup can be the new world money. A young man approached me asking for my coaching services but unable to pay. I immediately noticed his huge potential and […]

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25th Jun 2019

My Favourite Way to Deal with Fear

The words of George Addair often ring through my head: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” That sounds great, doesn’t it? But what does it mean for you in your daily life? How do you actually do it? How do you go about finding the other side of fear? When I […]

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11th Mar 2019

How to expand your capacity to receive

Snowflakes elegantly waltz down from the sky as I gaze through my frosty window. I sip on my warm cup of aromatic tea and drift off into a dreamland of thoughts. I find myself observing people lately… those who are very ambitious and strive for the stars and others who embrace a simplistic way of […]

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25th Jan 2019

5 reasons people get stuck in life and how to break-through

Do you feel stuck in a part of your life? Like, you know there’s a better or more efficient or productive way to show up, but you are confused on how to do it, leaving you feeling stuck? In a world that celebrates outward success, it can be extremely challenging to provide ourselves with the […]

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23rd Nov 2018

And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Today, I woke up with the sun shining and suddenly the entire world felt unusual. I was the same; yet, non-identical, and everything was pulsing differently. As I walked to my coffee machine, pressed the button and began my usual morning routine, something felt incompatible. It was like the world had a secret. The air […]

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9th Nov 2018

What your emotions are trying to tell you and how to handle them?

We have all encountered emotionally triggering situations. Maybe it was the result of starting a new job, managing an overwhelming workload, experiencing heartbreak; or perhaps, simply a stronger tone of voice by your boss, again not cleaned dishes by your partner or your friend not responding on time. Whatever the cause, emotions were triggered, leaving […]

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6th Oct 2018

What a word “should” really represents

From time-to-time those two little words – “I should” – enter our life without us even realizing that they’ve stolen our authenticity and individuality. It is because everything that follows “should” is (usually) a projection from others – societal norms, family beliefs, friends’ expectations, etc. Rarely does a “should” represent our real needs, personal truths […]

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