Authentic relating


May 19th, 2020

 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Online Zoom meeting. 

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Do you long for deeper connection, more intimacy and closeness with others? 

Are you holding back sharing what is truly alive in you in connection with others, because you are afraid of judgement, negative response or the impact it will have? 

Would you like to learn how to open up in connection and be seen, heard and got by authentically being you? 


Bring your full self to the world! 

Authentic connection, love and relationships are what makes life worth living! Yet, this is also what causes the most headaches and heartache. And yes this makes you vulnerable in connection with others. Yet, because it can touch you so deeply it can also give you a lot of fulfillment! 

But where do you learn this? How do you deal with feelings and desires, fear and uncertainty in a society that teaches you nothing about this? 

Authentic Relating does exactly that. Whether it concerns intimate relationships, friends, colleagues or even random strangers, Authentic Relating offers you a simple map to freedom, ease and depth in all your relationships. Not by learning something new, but by authentically being you. 

Online circle 

Authentic Connection is more important than ever today! The Corona virus has a huge impact on our society. It creates space for new movement and togetherness, but also presents us with challenges: social distance and isolation, conflict, fear and unmet needs keep many people busy. 

Connection with yourself and others is essential to move with the internal and external changes that occur during this time. 

Therefore, in this Tea and Soul Conversation, I  would like to invite you to MEET ONLINE. To offer you the opportunity to share in a safe and warm environment what’s really alive in you, what impacts your life. To open yourself and be seen, heard and felt, receive support and also to be mirrored and learn to move through areas of emotion, shame and difficulty into emotional-energetic ranges that enrich and expand you. 

What do you encounter in yourself? Are new insights and directions emerging or do you feel stuck, frustrated or emotional? What does life show you about what works and what’s not working? 

My special guests 

We are Evert and Barbara. With Authentic Relating Netherlands we want to offer you a place where you feel free to discover who you really are, beyond restrictive ideals, norms and media images. A place where you can experiment with new ways of connection, honesty, openness, intimacy and being yourself beyond the “all-is-well” mask. We look forward to meeting and supporting you in your journey to a life that’s truly yours and full of rich connection! To hear more about our events, join our facebook group.


“I experienced the circle as a very nice place with a warm holding. Although the others  were strangers to me, I felt safe to share a vulnerable part. And ooh how happy and  grateful I am I dared to do that! I felt supported, really seen and (digitally) embraced.”  Saskia