Disarm your defence


November  6th, 2019

7.00 – 9.30pm

Stellar Amsterdam

Kinkerstraat 85, 1053 DH, Amsterdam

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According to various data, now is the best time in human history to be alive. And still, our armors and defenses to protect ourselves are extremely high. In the last century, we have the most peaceful period in Europe living without wars but we still feel super scared to be vulnerable and safe with each other…

This Tea & Soul Conversation is all about how to recognize and disarm those defences and coping strategies that limit us. So, we are ready to let others see, hear and feel us more, unblock our efforts to receive more from others and to express more of ourselves in the world.

We will talk about:

  1. How & when defence system is developed?
  2. How it helps you and when it limits you in the current stage of your life?
  3. What is coping? How do you cope? What is your coping style?
  4. What’s the difference between coping strategies and defence mechanisms?
  5. Practical ways to explore it with a small group of people.