Existential Fears: Tea & Soul Conversations


July 31, 2019

7.00 – 9.30pm

Stellar Amsterdam

Kinkerstraat 85, 1053 DH, Amsterdam

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To live a life in alignment with what we really want and who we truly are, we are challenged to look at our deepest fears. What is keeping us from jumping in the unknown, from following our heart, from showing ourselves, from being that pioneer who does it in a different way?

Most of our fears are directly connected to a family pattern, an individual issue or the deep fear of lack – not having/being enough/loved and the fear of death itself.

There are many layers to understanding how we can break through those limitations and really live the life we want to live.

This meeting is part of the monthly Tea and Soul Conversations series. And for this month personal development theme, I invite a special guest – EviMaes. She is not a regular coach, she has special abilities. Since her childhood, she has been able to work with and sense people energy in a deeper way. She sees and knows things in others that most people can not.

During this evening, she will talk about the underlying layers, how to deal with what comes up in your personal life. Evi speeds up your process of transformation.​ She sees the potential behind the blockages and she is able to activate them with very little effort. She brings what is hidden back into your awareness.

P.s. More about my guest Evi Maes: https://www.evimaes.com/