Grounding & embodiment workshop

April 8, 2021. 8pm – 9.30pm

Zoom call with limited spots – up to 10 people.

Please, reserve your spot in advance.





In times of big transformations, uncertainty, and amazing earth-changing times, is key to stay centered and grounded. I invite you for a practical workshop where together we will explore what grounding and embodiment are for us and how can we connect more consciously with the body, earth, and energy system. My special guest Jeanette Kroeskop will facilitate this workshop. She is an embodiment expert and as I like to call the magical “energetic ninja”. She is an intuitive energy coach, healer, and massage therapist with 20+ years of experience in her field. We will look at some easy grounding tools, some of which you may already practice in daily life and could utilize even better. She will share some very easy, practical, yet effective tools which will help you:
  • to anchor and stay in the body,
  • to recognize whether you are in or out of alignment,
  • to observe what the body is telling you and how to correctly balance yourself.
We will practice those tools online so you get a feel which one(s) resonates best for you so you can make them your own. Bring your mat or join in a comfortable location where you can move. Limited spots of up to 10 people. Reserve your spot now to secure participation!

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