How to find your calling?


October  3rd, 2019

7.00 – 9.30pm

Stellar Amsterdam

Kinkerstraat 85, 1053 DH, Amsterdam

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In this Tea & Soul Conversations, we will go deeper on the recently very popular word “calling”.
Your calling is your superpower, it shows you the reason why you are here on earth. Knowing your calling can help you move through any decision in life….

….yet only very few people truly know their calling.

There’s a big misconception about what a calling is. We often think we have to wait until we have the perfect job or business until we can finally live our calling. We think our calling is something we do in life, while actually, it is not at all about that.

In reality, your calling is all about feeling. It is something we can bring into the world every single moment of the day. Our calling is a very specific “signature frequency” we carry within, and knowing your calling helps you attract the life you want.

Did you know most callings can be expressed in just one or two words?

Ayla Verheijen will guide this experiential evening. She is a calling coach and has helped over 100 people to find their calling – mostly in just one hour. Her aim in this conversation is to let everybody experience that finding your calling is a lot easier than you think.

What she loves most about the calling work, is that it supports us to move from our minds to our hearts and that you don’t need any outside guru to tell you the truth. Your calling gives you immediate access to your inner wisdom, and that’s something she’d love for every person to experience.