Recognize your emotions and express what you need


April 11th, 2020.
11.00 am – 1.30 pm
Stellar Amsterdam
Kinkerstraat 85, 1053 DH Amsterdam

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Since childhood a lot of us were told that our needs and emotions are not ok: “don’t cry, don’t be sad, don’t be emotional, don’t be angry, behave, be a nice girl/boy, etc”. The most frequent behavior towards our so-called “negative” emotions was trying to rescue us from the pain or trying to fix it.  Meanwhile, all we needed was a safe space to go through it, to feel it and to allow it to be.

Due to that, many people learned that they deserve and should express only “good and socially lovable side” of themselves and the rest of emotions need to be get rid of and fixed, preferably asap.

As well, in our mind, logic and knowledge-driven society, we lost the ability to get in touch with our bodies, senses, intuition, and emotions. We lost the capacity to recognize, understand or express our true needs and longings sincerely.

In this Tea & Soul Conversation, we will focus and give space for exactly that!

We will cover:

  • How to notice what you feel and need
  • How to accept and express it
  • How to be lovingly & unconditionally received by others.
  • We will strongly focus on a practical part of this theme. Hopefully, some of your needs and longings will be met and you will get new ways and imprints on how to express yourself.


In this gathering, I invite a special and gifted guest to guide us through this experiential journey. Barbara Wevers is a coach, trainer, and owner of Authentic Relating Netherlands. She is a highly intuitive person and I always admired her innate ability to feel other people’s emotions, what is happening and to create a safe space to express it. That’s the reason why I invited her to this “Tea and Soul Conversation”.