Understanding Boundaries: Tea & Soul Conversations


April 9, 2019

7.00 – 9.30pm

Stellar Amsterdam

Kinkerstraat 85, 1053DH Amsterdam, Netherlands

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So many aspects of our everyday lives work towards defining who we are. In the fast-paced, technologically advanced world we live in, we are constantly exposed to an overload of information telling us who we are or who we should be. This happens from all sides, in our everyday interactions; be it our environment or lifestyle, our varied relationships and connections with people, the media and cultural influences, work dynamics or our social interactions.

It is incredibly important to pay attention to your boundaries and the boundaries of those around you. If you don’t, you can end up feeling lost, almost like you are abusing yourself. Can you even imagine what your life would be like without any boundaries?

In essence, our boundaries define us. They define who we are as much as who we are not. Our boundaries make it clear what is ours and not ours, what we want and what we don’t, what is or isn’t our responsibility. They help us to decide what to open ourselves up to and what to keep ourselves away from. Knowing your boundaries allows you to know yourself deeper, helping you to better express yourself while interacting with the world in a more healthy way.

In this workshop, we will discuss what a boundary is, learn how to recognize them, and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy types of boundaries.

To ensure deep and more profound conversation, I will keep the group small and limited. Get your ticket now in order to secure your spot.

Ticket price 25 euro. Coffee, tea and snacks are included in the price.