Human Design

Your life changes in profound ways, when you make choices from deep self-knowledge and true authenticity.

What is Human Design?

It is your energetic signature with specific gifts, talents and attributes you came here to share in your life, relationships, career and business. It’s a precise map and user guide which shows how you are designed to relate with the world, and how your unique inner guide system operates.

It is futuristic, complex and very advanced system which synthesizes ancient wisdom with modern science. It blends information from the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, The Tree of Life from the Zohar/Kabbalist tradition, Astrology together with the contemporary scientific disciplines such as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. There is over 28 years of empirical evidence, mathematical correlations and a statistical database gathered through surveying almost 8 million individuals.

While a lot of personality tools compare how you fit to the norm and are based on your subjective answers from the mind, Human Design shows how unique, different and special you are including your conscious and subconscious parts of you. There are millions variations of Human Design.

Why Human Design is the best tool for our times

We are in a major transition. Sooner or later you will be forced to look within for the answers. We are shifting away from external authority and becoming more self-directed. So, let’s begin sooner rather then later. Why not to start sooner?

Our future focus is shifting towards self empowerment, authenticity, our unique gifts. Trusting ourselves and breaking down the barriers in order to create bonds of affection and currency of care with others.

Understanding your Human Design

It’s a very extensive tool and you can’t really fully grasp it with your mind, especially not all at once. You need to really embody it to see the true value. That’s why I suggest to break down the assimilation of the information into several stages. You can book different sessions with me below.

Key foundations

Covers essential information

Your Bodygraph. How to read and understand your Bodygraph/Human Design chart.

How your energy works (Type & Strategy). How are you here to express and manifest yourself in the world?

Decision Making Strategy. How your body is wired to make the right decision for you.

Key indicators. How do you know you are on track or off track in life.

PHS (your primary health system). Your digestion & right environment.

How you assimilate information. How you understand and digest information and what you’re taking in from the world around you.

1 hour long

Suggested price range: anything between 100 and 200 euro. You choose & decide.

Shadows & distractions.

9 functions. Specific information, energy hubs you have access to and broadcast to others.

Your shadows/distractions. Your biggest areas of conditioning, aspects that take you off track, distract you and waste your energy and time.

P.S. If your are deeply living in conditioning and not self, in can be hard to relate to your gifts. I highly suggest to have this session before you have the 3rd option session.

1 hour

Suggested price range: anything between 100 and 200 euro. You choose & decide.

Your life path and core strengths.

General Thematics. Themes that stands out in your design.

Strengths, Core traits, Qualities and Contributions. Overall totality of you. Your unique gifts you bring to this world.

Life’s work. When you let go of what you are not and start to live your innate design, your life purpose unfolds for you naturally, you kind of wake up in it.

Profile / Public role. How others see and relate to you and how you live your life path.

Your key success indicators.

Suggested price range: anything between 100 and 200 euro. You choose & decide.

How to approach it?

Option 1

“Deep Dive Journey package”

If your aim is to get elaborate knowledge of your Human Design, I would suggest taking the “deep dive journey” with 3 sessions that cover the most relevant information:

  1. Key foundations
  2. Shadows and distractions
  3. Your life path and core gifts

I will include some tailored practical exercises for you and recordings of the sessions. I would recommend having some time intervals in between for integrating information.

Suggested price range: anything between 100 and 200 euro for each session. You choose & decide.

Option 2

“Intuitive Human Design Consultation”

If you aim to have one general consultation, I suggest booking an intuitively tailored session for you and I will summarize the most important content based on where you are and what you need the most right now in your life based on your input.

Suggested price range: anything between 200 and 350 euro. You choose & decide.


For several years, I was immersing in Human Design knowledge and investigating its’ practical, hands on implementations. I studied it formally with BG5 Business Institute and a lot of time my obsessive inner geek spent with books, videos & additional courses.

Sometimes it feels that I live & breath this system, and I would like to trust that I have found the best ways to convey what’s relevant for you.

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