Reece Backhouse (mastermind)

Being a part of Elaira’s mastermind group has been some of the most progressive weeks of my business and personal development over the last two years. The dynamic between the group and the facilitation proved a recipe for magic! The formation of participants that Elaira carefully selected were such a great match from the first session. It’s awesome to not only receive such profound support from fellow members but to be able to offer a part in their progression. I wanted to overcome some big internal fears and challenges I was facing in the way of growth, and those goals were so beautifully achieved by the fuel and sparky input from my fellow members and the inspiration they offered, whilst being exposed to a wonderful level of ambition. It has made me realize the power of personal connections goes far beyond a social level. With this being my first mastermind experience, it’s made me eager to explore more but at the same time, it has certainly set the standard very high for the next one I embark on! Thanks, Elaira!

Alisa Summerfield (mastermind)

This was for sure the most valuable investment for 2019. It made a huge difference and helped me to make big progress in my business. Thank you Elaira for organizing this amazing mastermind group!

Karim Sabri (mastermind)

At first, I was very skeptical of masterminds as a whole. I knew and trusted Elaira so I went ahead with it, because I knew Elaira and Elaira’s unique talents and abilities. I noticed the immediate benefits and the camaraderie I built with the other entrepreneurs. Overnight I had an incredible support system, and after 3 months my sales grew by 400%, and I feel like I grew by 20.000%. Putting my trust in Elaira made me realize just how limitless my success could be!


Elaira is possibly one of the best coaches I have ever had. She manages, quickly, to work through all the noise and get to the core of the issue.


Elaira helped me to remember who I truly am: a strong and talented person who has no business hiding it!

Adrián González (Tea & Soul)

There’s tea, tempting food, a theme and a small group of people. Elaira makes the introduction and sets the tone for the evening. Here I’ve opened up, shared, listened and connected with different people. It’s definitely a place where I can be myself and that’s what makes these conversations so enriching to me.

Reece Backhouse (Tea & Soul)

The passion she brings forward is always inspiring and the topics are always something that will sure to leave you with food for thought


Tea & Soul Conversations with Elaira was an enlightening experience. Informative yet relaxed, the conversation allowed room to grow in a way that felt natural. Elaira has a kind and welcoming presence that makes one feel free to open up and dive deep. It was a beautiful way to connect.

Sue Branhall (What people say)

Elaira is possibly one of the best coaches I have ever had. She manages, quickly, to work through all the noise and get to the core of the issue.

She helped me to understand my challenges at a much deeper level than I could ever have imagined – it helped me to realize things that had taken me years to understand. Although it has been hard work, it has been an incredible journey and revelation for me.

It has really helped me to start shifting my thinking to improve my life. I am extremely grateful, thank you.