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To manage your performance, career, manager (s), be successful and make the impact you desire, you need to know and understand yourself first. Is the career path you go really what you want or is it based on other people ideas? Often we are just copies of other people successes but the true & fulfilling acceleration of your talents happen when you unleash your innate potential within and align it with core authentic YOU.

Elaira Flow 7 steps help to unlock personal power & performance, understand your career goals & personal purpose from the inside out versus of outside in.

7 Steps Unleashing Potential Within

Reality check

  1. Awareness of where you stand
  2. Current identity check up
  3. Review of dreams, potentials, challenges

Getting to the core of limitations:

  1. Eliminate negative self-talk, insecurity, fears, limiting conditioning.
  2. Replace with new empowering believes.

Embrace your subconscious identity:

  1. “Shadow integration”. The personal shadow is the disowned self – unwanted, negative (often subconscious) aspects of yourself.
  2. “Golden Shadow” disowned, repressed & inherent positive qualities.

Know yourself and your potential:

  1. Tapping in your strengths, how your personal energy works, how to manage yourself
  2. Supporting tools: Strengths Finder, Human Design, etc.

Find your purpose:

  1. Your personal “WHY”
  2. What is your calling, what gives you meaning
  3. Connecting your life journey dots

Create your vision:

  1. What impact you want to make
  2. Personal strategy to success
  3. Develop a skill set and needed supporting resources

Communication and self-expression:

  1. Understand & express your needs
  2. Find your authentic voice
  3. Learn how to give and receive feedback

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