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to your magnificence, soft power & leadership

Spain Retreat | September 18-23 | 6 Tickets Available

Answer the initiation to your leadership and anchoring into your soft power via receiving, nourishment, and being powerfully seen.

Join me for an exceptional 5 days retreat in luxurious villa nestled in the coastal village of Calella de Palafrugell, a scenic walk from the golden sands of El Golfet beach. 


5 days in luxurious villa

nestled in coastal village of calella de palafrugell

scenic walk from the golden sands of el golfet beach

Embrace Earth's abundance & delights

All covered from the moment of arrival!

You just need to cover your arrival and lean back – everything is taken care of and paid from there: activities, food, accommodation, etc.


Individual love seats to go into your soul depth

Nourishing exquisite food & love of the body activities

Connecting to nature elements and your senses rituals

Yoga every morning

Individual photoshoot to anchor your magnificence transformation

private or shared room

90min 1 on 1 session to be used as the anchor before retreat or aftercare option

Intimate & cozy togetherness with like-minded big heart entrepreneurs

Snag one of the 6 spots available for an amazing value of 5,000

Monthly payment plans are available. The earlier you join, more flexibility is available within our payment plans because you have more time to pay it out.

Private Room Option

Monthly Payment Plan


for 6 months

Available until the end of April

and then goes up to 1000 euro x 5 months.

Pay in Full


Shared Room Option (Only 2 Spots!)

Monthly Payment Plan


For 6 Months

Available until the end of April

and then goes up to 920 euro x 5 months.

Pay in Full


About your host, Elaira

According to Human Design, my cosmic mission is to be the ultimate love guru and spread those healing vibes everywhere I go! I’m all about diving deep into the love of the body and basking in its gloriousness.

As a trauma-informed somatic business mentor, psychologist, seer, and healer with extrasensory abilities, my path to embracing ‘love of the body’ started right from the moment I took my first breath. It’s been a journey filled with twists and turns, marked by life-threatening illnesses, relentless overstimulation, and the constant struggle to navigate a world that often didn’t understand my extrasensory nature.

Being highly intuitive, my greatest innate gift lies in understanding exactly what you need, even before you do. I have the ability to tap into realms beyond the ordinary, exploring both the seen and unseen worlds. However, it took me some time to realize that not everyone perceives the world in the same way, and even longer to learn how to fully embrace and manage this extraordinary ability.

Today, tapping into this gift and persistently embracing the wisdom of ‘love of the body’ has evolved into a priceless asset in swiftly and effectively guiding others to unlock their unique magic. It’s always a journey of empowerment, where together, we delve into the depths of possibility and emerge with newfound clarity, way of being and purpose.

I am completely devoted to embracing every facet of this extraordinary vessel we call home, emanating love from every pore, all the while expanding the capacity to immerse in the journey of life and entrepreneurship, seeing it as a thrilling adventure filled with magical beauty, nice and not so nice life colours, and possibility to express more of you.

In this vibrant season of my life, I stand boldly, beckoning new earth leaders and visionary entrepreneurs with boundless potential, big hearts and grand dreams. I invite to revolutionize the outlook on life, business, and the art of thriving in multidimensional embodiment because nothing sets my body aglow quite like being the cosmic cheerleader to souls on this journey!

This retreat is invitation to the sacred space and my sanctuary!

I welcome you to the modern temple to expand the possibility of you in grace, nourish inner wisdom of the body and togetherness, dance in the rain of creative and vitalising joy, scoop up Earth’s abundance like it’s confetti, savor life’s delights like they’re endless snacks, and strut our stuff with our own unique magic.

Ready to join me in this exquisite, enchanting, sensuous dance party and boogie into the Soft Power Movement together!


Step through the portal

to your magnificence, soft power & leadership

Spain Retreat | September 18-23 | only 6 spots Available.


Do you have your bodily YES?