Soft Power: 2 day capacity retreat

For the gentle new earth leaders & entrepreneurs who want to anchor into their softness & claim their self leadership in life, career and business. 

Self Leadership Capacity Retreat

Self leadership capacity is your ability to embody and express your innate gifts, your meaning, your purpose, your creativity in the work you do and the authentic way, form that works for you. It’s reclaiming the freedom and power to lead yourself, your life and your business, career or your vision the way you desire. 

Do you have a bodily YES?


I invite you to embrace your power unapologetically and access within ambitiously gentle leadership style! 

So you can share, create and lead your business, yourself and life with embodied confidence, softness, open heart, nothing to prove energy and immense, magnetic, lasor radiant impact. 

The soft power movement…

What if the leadership is not about louder, bigger, and stronger?

There is a new leadership movement emerging on this earth – soft and gentle! It goes with ease, pleasure and nothing to prove energy, just deep, pure presence, care, connection & beingness.

In this new earth era, we are invited to rewire our identities and definitions of how we lead ourselves, our vision, our movement, business, careers and communities. And that is what I call the “soft power” & “quiet ambition” movement.

Because when you embrace your softness, your nervous system feels safe to hold your bigness, your impact, your depth, your immense potential and your fullness. And it doesn’t matter if you are naturally more soft water or you are fire who is ambitious and shows up big & bold, or maybe mix of both.

Embracing your “soft power” unlocks something in your core essence, in your being & relating, way of sharing yourself in the world that speaks louder then words…

In this retreat we will deep dive:

DAY 1:

  • What is self leadership capacity and how it is different from old business paradigm leadership definition.
  • How does it show up if it is out of alignment.
  • Healership versus leadership capacity.
  • Identity role in your leadership capacity.
  • Somatic experience for stepping into your bigger version of yourself. 

DAY 2:

  • New earth gentle leadership style.
  • How self leadership & claiming your power feels when it’s embodied.
  • What is soft power.
  • Connecting with your soft power somatic experience.

I invite you to increase your self leadership capacity so you stay rooted like a tree, centered to your pathway and navigate it with open heart while claiming your wildest dreams & navigating with ease through adversities.

I invite you to step fully in your business, mission and embodied capacity of your greatness!

Do you have a bodily YES?