Capacity Work

What is Capacity?

Capacity is the ability to embody, receive, hold, and handle more of who you are and what you want to create

You can have everything you want tomorrow… but can you hold it? Can you take care of it? Can you really let it in and receive your highest dreams and desires? Are you able to manage it sustainably?

This is what people hardly talk about in the “old business paradigm“.

The capacity work I established through years of my own personal growth journey…

building businesses and experience supporting people on their authentic journey of entrepreneurship and climbing career ladders.

We are living in an era where spiritual, awakened, more conscious people are diving into the world of entrepreneurship, but not any way that anyone has done before…

We are doing it in a unique way!

We are doing it in tandem with the Universe, with our hearts and including and healing all parts of ourselves. We are embarking on this journey of service, true care and business building from the heart that bridges the gap between old paradigm greed and scarcity, to a new reality of abundance, health, and humanity that THRIVES together for the greater good.

This is an expansion and embodiment of new you!

Capacity work is a constant process and you have to practice re-alignment, and readjust at every level of your business expansion and growth. It’s like muscle training to run longer distances.


And I am here to support you in thresholds of your capacities!

The Types of Capacity I Focus On

Choose the capacity you’re most interested in to learn more!


Receiving is about healing your receiving wound, claiming your desires, feeling safe to welcome pleasure, & allowing universe to bring all you need with ease, joy and flow.


Money capacity ability to earn, receive, hold and manage money, increasing amounts.  have consistent growth.


Structures, systems and people that supports and holds you and your business, so you can build and express all of you.

Embodied Leadership

Your ability to embody and express your innate gifts, meaning, purpose, and creativity in the work you do.


You are in a constant relationship with everything! Your success depends on what relationship you have, nourish and build with your business and all parts that consist in it.

Nervous System

Regulation of your nervous system is an essential quality for you to rewire your patterns, be able to hold and handle more with ease and flow.


Visibility capacity is all about the ability to show all of you to be fully seen in your life, relationships and business.


Healthy boundaries give you the ability to guard your time, energy and your way of being.