Capacity Work

Create & build your business through expansion of 8 essential entrepreneurship capacities to increase your natural visibility, income, entrepreneurship ease & the level of peace with your work.

What is Capacity?

Capacity is the ability to embody, receive, hold, and handle more of who you are and what you want to create through your business.

What is Capacity Based Business Growth?

It’s gentle self leadership created from regulated & expanded nervous system & desires that fosters stepping in your bigness with ease, integrity, and personal well-being through the growth of purposeful & heart-based businesses.

You can have everything you want tomorrow… but can you hold it? Can you take care of it? Can you really let it in and receive your highest dreams and desires? Are you able to manage it sustainably? Can you embody in a way that doesn’t feel like a slog?

Capacity work is hugely different from anything else in the business coaching industry.

This is why great business strategies sometimes fail and why focusing solely on purification or energetics might not be sufficient either — because your capacity work might be what needs attention. Capacity work is deeply wholistic and sharply precise body of work and approach.

The capacity work I established through years of my own personal growth journey…

building businesses and experience supporting people on their authentic journey of entrepreneurship and climbing career ladders.

We are living in an era where spiritual, awakened, more conscious people are diving into the world of entrepreneurship. How exciting, isn’t it?!

It’s time when we start building our businesses from the heart and regulated nervous system. It’s time truly individualise our business models, offerings and desired success to our natural innate blueprint and body led flow. 

This is a time to learn to be and function as a part of the nature and naturallness we are. This is an expansion and embodiment of new you! Wholistic you! Where you also get to finally express your life’s work.

I believe we too often focus on also too mental business strategies. And while nothing is wrong with business strategies, they are important part of it, I observed that they are often disconnected from the body, not matching the authetic energy and/or capacity to hold it all sustainably.

Your strategies are as good as the embodiment and implementation of it, as your capacity to anchor it.

I invite you to capacity based business growth where you mount strategy on your increased capacity to hold it because when your capacity is there, it is also clear what strategy is right for you and your authentic business or leadership pathways.


And I am here to support you in thresholds of your capacities expansion!

Essence of my work – Capacity Work

Entrepreneurship is mainly about your internal business… 

External success only happens when you allow your internal world to expand and grow, when you re-calibrate your nervous system to feel safe in receiving, embodying, and holding more of who you are and what you want to create.

It’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity!

It’s not about the latest marketing strategy, sales funnels, social media planned actions, or 7 magical strategic business steps. It’s not the business tools & strategies that will bring you to the next level and will create true long-lasting success. And yes, they do matter! But that’s only half of the equation. A lot people are missing that INTERNAL part to make those investments and strategies successful. 

Because fundamentally it’s not about the strategy but how you show up in that strategy energetically and in your way of BEING. 

It’s a journey about your own expansion and liberation from within. 

Your business success stems from your own becoming. It’s about the internal space everything is built from, it is about an energetic foundation & inner capacity to create and hold that bigger version of you with ease and inner serenity. It’s about the safety within to allow, embody and hold all without.

The Types of Capacity I Focus On

Choose the capacity you’re most interested in to learn more!


Receiving is about healing your receiving wound, claiming your desires, feeling safe to welcome pleasure, & allowing universe to bring all you need with ease, joy and flow.


Money capacity ability to earn, receive, hold and manage money, increasing amounts.  have consistent growth.


Structures, systems, business model and people that supports and holds you and your business, so you can build and express all of you.

Self Leadership

Your ability to embody and express your innate gifts, meaning, purpose, and creativity in the work you do. It is also about claiming your desires and who you want to be!


You are in a constant relationship with everything! Your success depends on what relationship you have, nourish and build with your business and all parts that consist in it.

Nervous System

Regulation of your nervous system is an essential quality for you to rewire your patterns, be able to hold and handle more with ease and flow.


Visibility capacity is all about the ability to show all of you to be fully seen in your life, relationships and business.


Healthy boundaries give you the ability to guard your time, energy and your way of being.