Rewiring the way we work, the “Soft Power” way!

Gentle leadership that fosters ease, integrity, and personal well-being in the growth of a heart-based businesses.

For conscious CEOs, visionaries, pioneers, & entrepreneurs leading the positive change in the humanity & the world.



What if the leadership is not about louder, bigger, and stronger?

What if you didn’t have to pretend or portray yourself as strong, overly confident, assertive, and authoritative to be perceived as a respected and successful leader? What if you didn’t have to wear the “power suit” to be truly impactful change maker?

There is a new leadership movement emerging on this earth – Soft and Gentle.

It goes with ease and nothing to prove energy. Just pure presence, awareness and deep connection with yourself, others and the world. It’s stems from and is rooted in the deep care for a better future, life and humanity.

In this new earth era, we are invited to rewire our identities and definitions of how we lead ourselves, our vision, our movement, business, careers and communities. And that is what I call the “soft power” movement.

And it doesn’t matter if you are naturally more soft water or you are fire who is ambitious and shows up big & bold, or maybe mix of both. Embracing your “soft power” unlocks something in your core essence, in your being & relating, way of sharing yourself in the world that speaks louder then words and ripples with the most powerful impact …

Because when you embrace your softness, your nervous system feels safe to hold your bigness, your impact, your depth, your immense potential and your fullness.

Elaira Flow

I believe business doesn’t have to be a struggle or involve draining hard work, manipulation of yourself or others, or extraction from your essence. You don’t have to become someone you’re not.

Actually quite the opposite – entrepreneurship can be soul awakening path enabling more of YOU and amazing access of home coming to yourself. But it requires to enter business from a totally different access and way of BEING rather then way of DOING.

As Human Resources executive and member of board, I’ve been sitting at the tables of management, near management with management for more then a decade. Higher I climbed my career ladders, bigger responsibilities I was trusted with, more I was told to “toughen up”, “be hard”, “be assertive”, “show as if I know what I am doing even if I wasn’t”, and also “not to reveal my vulnerability & emotions”.

The further I advanced in leadership roles, the more I realized that talent development was moving away from connecting with my truth, my true untapped potential, and my heart. Instead, it was shifting towards how to fit into the required roles and leadership rooms to earn the seat at the table.

As a result, I had to work harder to go against my sensitive nature and where my body was actually leading me. Due to that, I burned out, I lost myself, my power, and my joy of life. I left the business world very confused…

Why do we normalize and glorify controlling, self-protective, and pretentious leadership? Why must one wear “the power suit” to be seen as a leader? Why does increasing your impact and leadership necessitate hardening your heart?

Maintaining guards and defences requires a tremendous amount of energy, which can deprive you of your powerful creative energy.

And this is how I birthed my own approach of “Soft Power” & “Gentle leadership” movement

Because I believe your prosperity, your impact, your business success in the new business paradigm goes straight through your heart & deepest connection with yourself, your individuality, and your truth.

I am the right person and this is the right place if you realise that doing business is much more then implementation of the external strategies, putting your offers out, and telling people what to do. It goes way deeper in your CAPACITY to receive, hold and embody your bigger potential, ground your deepest heart desires and pioneer something new or totally differently in this world. 

I walk the path of real DEPTH and I dive into your CORE to empower your RISE into your leadership in the ways you didn’t know possible but always longed for…

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There is a radical shift happening on the planet…

and my personal path is to heal, redefine and anchor the new way of LEADERSHIP and how we do and perceive BUSINESS.

Capacity based business growth – my “HOW”.

My own pioneering unique approach to business growth!

It‘s established to build your business through personal development & expansion of 8 essential entrepreneurship capacities to increase your natural visibility, income, entrepreneurship ease & the level of peace with your work & leadership.

What I realised, coaching industry very often solves just one single part of the business approach. But often it is not only about your business strategy or only your energetic work or knowing your authentic talents and potential that indicates your success or failure factor in business. It’s about your CAPACITY to ground all those separate parts in deep alignment.

Capacity work is the process of strengthening the depth, roots, and foundations of your being, your self-leadership and your business. It is grounded in somatic & nervous system recalibration work and its dedicated to business owners who seek very wholistic approach and understand that personal growth is the key to easeful, sustainable and aligned business growth.

I want to do everything only from the “Soft Power” place now because everything else is simply not sustainable.
Mer Perchersky

I’m Elaira, capacity and leadership coach

I am trauma informed somatic business coach, seer with extrasensory abilities, architect of new business paradigm, capacity based business growth creator and pioneer of the soft power leadership movement.

I focus on inline with nature, your naturalness and your individuality business approaches. I developed my own point of view and profound capacity expansion work.

What People Say

What a great experience and journey! Refreshing, sharp, honest, grounded, intuitive, empowering and absolutely wonderful- just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Elaira. She is fantastic at asking the right questions, at guiding you to the root of things and at holding space. Elaira supported me in finding clarity on certain topics, in connecting dot’s and in re-discovering powerful parts of myself. The coaching sessions were the best investment in myself I made in a very long time. Thank you, Elaira!

Ilse Hemmelmayr, Specialist, Health Programs;
Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia

Elaira is a true role model for this time. She owns and radiates her authenticity, loving presence, vulnerability, intuition and depth.

Every interaction with Elaira is magic made real. She transfers knowledge and wisdoms through gentle and powerful inspirations. Working with her feels safe like in mother’s arms, then I have the courage and determination to face my deepest fears and dare to dream and create the life I always wanted. Elaira has the profound ability to guide, each step at a time and aways from that space of my own inner love and strength, within which practical solutions rises naturally.

I couldn’t recognize my life after working with her several months in different formats. Witnessing my life long challenges slowly and steadily melting away is truly a miracle and gift life offers through Elaira. And I’m full of excitement stepping into the new challenges and adventures as my capacity grow.

Elaira made me understood in my bones that all sustainable changes can only come from love, in line with nature and who we truly are.

I’m enterally grateful for Elaira for what she gives and who she is.


Mer Pechersky;