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1-on-1 Coaching

Are you feeling stuck and craving for something different, non-conventional, something deeper? Although I spent more than a decade helping individuals better perform in their careers, I recognized that there is a huge difference between asking, “How do I rise to the top?” and “Am I reaching my potential?” While linked, they are inherently different questions. My 1-ON-1 coaching is built on 3 fundamental phases to dive deep to the core and unleash your true potential.

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Who I work with?

I help powerful people to remember how powerful they are. I work with bright, talented individuals with a growth mindset who refuse to continue to dim their inner brilliance to fit ’the norms’ and are ready to courageously step into their inner power. People who would love to authentically express themselves, but feel stuck and unsure how to unfold. Individuals who recognize that their old ways no longer work, and are striving for personal mastery and more purposeful life. People who desire to live the best version of themselves and are open to doing the required inner work.

My approach

Effortless Flow of life happens when you courageously do what’s right for your soul.

About me

From an early age, I knew that my life’s aim was mastering how to open and develop human potential. This led me to dedicate the last 18 years of studying human design in various formats. Today, I am passionate about combining the artistry of knowledge and experience gained through studying various psychology degrees, working in various Human Resources positions, being in the strategic and operational center of multiple international businesses and doing the deep inner work myself. I fuse it together with developed strong intuition as an empath, matured coaching skills, and innate talent to challenge people’s beliefs, ways of thinking and being.

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Tea & Business Lounge Podcast

Listen “Tea & Business Lounge” podcast where I invite thought leaders to talk about the future of work. We speak about new, more conscious and innovative ways of performing business while making the impact towards evolving a better world for all of us.

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"Caffeine for soul" blog

Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. In this blog, you may find sharings of my personal journeys but as well tips for the most common issues I encounter in people.

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Get in TOUCH

I am based in Amsterdam, but if you aren’t able to attend a one-on-one appointment in-person, I work throughout Europe and beyond via online sessions.