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Human Design consultations & support building authentic & heart based business or career.

1-on-1 Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, lost, off-track in your life, tired of not living your potential or maybe already going through a big change and transformation? Craving for something different, non-conventional, something deeper to take you to your core and finally find a way to live your purpose? The world is fundamentally changing and a lot of old ways don’t work anymore. To be truly fulfilled, successfully thriving and making the impact, you need to drop the armors and live your personal truth. You can't afford anymore to sabotage who you are and stop holding yourself back from what your heart is dying to put there in the world.

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Human Design Consultations

It is your authentic energetic and genetic wiring with specific gifts, talents and attributes you came here to share in your career, business and life. It’s a precise map and user guide which shows how you are designed to relate with the world, and how your unique inner guide system operates. While a lot of personality tools compare how you fit to the norm and are based on your subjective answers from the mind, Human Design shows how unique, authentic and special you are including your conscious and subconscious parts of you.

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Effortless Flow of life happens when you courageously do what’s right for your soul.

Welcome Future Podcast

Listen “Welcome Future” podcast where I invite non-conventional thought leaders to talk about the FUTURE OF WORK. We speak about new, more conscious and innovative ways of performing business. I strongly believe that business will be the main pillar which will build that new world. Let's welcome future potential, rewrite outdated definitions, ground new ways of being and innovate our businesses from the core.

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"Caffeine for soul" blog

Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. In this blog, you may find sharings of my personal journeys but as well tips for the most common issues I encounter in people.

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About me

From an early age, I knew that my life’s aim was mastering how to open and develop human potential. This led me to dedicate the last 18 years of studying human design in various formats. Today, I am passionate about combining the artistry of knowledge and experience gained through studying various psychology degrees, working in various Human Resources positions, being in the strategic and operational center of multiple international businesses and doing the deep inner work myself. I fuse it together with developed strong intuition as an empath, matured coaching skills, and innate talent to challenge people’s beliefs, ways of thinking and being.

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I am based in Amsterdam, but if you aren’t able to attend a one-on-one appointment in-person, I work throughout Europe and beyond via online sessions.


Elaira Flow

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