You’re craving something different, something deeper? Tired of not living your highest potential? Elaira Flow Coaching is about personal development and getting to know yourself without false assumptions about who you are. It unleashes your latent capacity, so you can thrive and make the impact in the world you came here to do! You know if you live your potential or not. Deep down, we all know of what we are truly capable. But so often, our potential gets buried under layers of rules, norms, fears, judgments and limiting beliefs. While others have a lot of influence, ONLY YOU know if you are tapping into, and living up to, your full potential.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Are you really doing your best? If not, what is holding you back? And how can you change that? When people decide to step into their full potential, they usually go through 3 phases. Elaira Flow 1-ON-1 coaching is built on these phases.

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Effortless Flow of life happens when you courageously do what’s right for your soul.

For Business

To manage your performance, career, manager (s), be successful and make the impact you desire, you need to know and understand yourself first. Is the career path you’re on really what you want or is it based on external factors? Often times we are just trying to copy or imitate the success of others. True & fulfilling acceleration of your talents occurs when you unleash your innate potential so it aligns with core authentic YOU. Elaira Flow 7 steps help to unlock personal power & performance, understand your career goals & personal purpose from the inside out versus of outside in.

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Tea & Soul Conversations

I believe that loneliness is one of the fastest growing diseases that is spurred by our lack of real conversations. You know, the ones that inspire growth, new insights, and perspectives. The conversations which really connect people and create a safe space to show up as you are and not how others expect you to be. Those meaningful, magical moments where you feel seen, understood and acknowledged.

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About me

From an early age, I knew that my life’s aim was mastering how to open and develop human potential. This led me to dedicate the last 20 years to studying human design in various formats. Today, I am passionate about combining the artistry of knowledge, experience, intuition and innate talent to challenge people’s beliefs, ways of thinking and being. And most importantly, to help individuals unlock the highest version of themselves.

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Get in TOUCH

I am based in Amsterdam, but if you aren’t able to attend a one-on-one appointment in-person, I work throughout Europe and beyond via online sessions.