The Rise

Step into your desired business possibilities, self leadership & anchor your expansion.

Enter the activation, acceleration & expansion portal 

for the gentle new world leaders & entrepreneurs who aspire to step in their highest potential, channel the power of heart and make their deepest impact in the world while anchoring it with ease, natural flow, joy, care and softness!

Is this where you are in your season?

⚡️You’ve already done some powerful healing work and now you’re ready to emerge as a leader in a completely new paradigm. You’re ready to hit the ground running and claim your greatness, power, and expand the realm of what’s possible for you.

⚡️You hear the whisper of the movement, creation, vision, power, or unique business pathways that want to be led through you, but you know the bigger potential, different capacity, and version of you needs to emerge to hold that.

⚡️You sense a deep power within but don’t know how to access, manage, or express that. Maybe you’re afraid it will be too much for others, or they, or even you, can’t receive or handle it.

⚡️You sometimes sense the possibilities surrounding you but are unsure how to make them a reality, how to ground them. Or you start to embrace your greatness, but eventually fall back into very mental business approaches and contracted nervous system ways of doing.

⚡️You yearn to embody more of yourself through your business or career, but how you do it also matters to you. Do you prefer to listen and build in line with nature and your naturalness? Do you fancy a body-led business? Would you also love to access, expand, and hold the next level of expansion with ease, flow, and juicy, bubbly joy?

⚡️You would like to learn and get inspired by new business paradigm approaches and how to ground more of your multidimensionality through your entrepreneurship journey. And also claim possible earthly abundance.

⚡️Do you prefer a deep, nurturing, caring but also stretching, poking, and inviting your greatness coaching style with a more feminine, gentle power approach?

⚡️Do you deeply long for like-minded new earth entrepreneurs – gentle, loving beings who can genuinely support, inspire, celebrate, and uplift you in your growth? Are you done with that solo struggler identity?

⚡️You sense that it’s time to step up and rise into what you are here to bring and create in this world. You’re ready for the next evolution of yourself and your business.

You also know that building your dreams & anchoring your multidimensional magical self requires activating and embodying seriously next level energy, self leadership and stepping into the expanded version of your identity!

This is where “The Rise” meets and welcomes you…

What is this space about?


 It’s 6 months non-conventional and nervous system capacity-based business & leadership growth immersion. The key focus of this exclusive mastermind is on tapping into your expansion and grounding it in practical application.

I created a very gentle, intimate and loving space to support stretching your growth. It will focus on building your business from the base of your nervous system capacity and readiness to hold, create and receive more and also do it differently than old business paradigm suggests.

Because we are here to pioneer and lay down the new ways and rules of entrepreneurship. Deep down you know it’s what your creative essence longs for, it can’t breathe inside the box anymore.

But the issue is that our nervous system perceives everything that is unfamiliar as a threat, including your higher potential, the new version of you, your unconventional offerings or new unpaved ways of doing business.

When your nervous system is on board with your expansion, it feels at ease, it is open, it doesn’t think linear, it can bend the time and quantum leap. And your mind knows what to do, which format and strategy to pick and your body moves into action with greatly manifesting flow, excitement, and with your aligned naturalness. You access a totally different realm of what is possible for you in the way you build business, your life and yourself.

This program is designed to help you build a business that aligns with your nervous system capacity. It encourages you to listen to where your open, expansive body wants to lead. Regular, individualized coaching is also provided to help you ground your dreams and take appropriate actions.

Join the leadership & healership journey in the new entrepreneurship paradigm which lays new foundations of beingness, connection, creation, rhythm, radiance, building & expression in business.


Stop just accepting your life and start truly leading it!

It’s time to rise in your true leadership, train your nervous system flexibility to step up into your potential and expand your capacity for what is possible for you!

What does it consists of?

What You Will be part of and receive:

Envisioning sessions

Once a month we will gather for guided meditations/somatic experience sessions to listen to our open body, expanded energetic field and prepare our nervous system to anchor that envisioning.

  Coaching sessions

Anchoring aligned actions, troubleshoot individual blocks, blindspots, and break those glass ceilings. Create, activate & accelerate your business from your expanded version and rewrite the guidelines for yourself.


Be part of a facilitated group where you can receive support, ask questions and be witnessed by your fellow group of trail blazing entrepreneurs.

Quarterly sanctuary business café

Quarterly review and celebration meeting. 

We will gather, reflect, share our milestones, celebrate our successes and set the focus for your next business season.

We will probably dance a little!

New business paradigm content modules

You will receive pre-recorded or live sessions about various business topics (such as Point of view marketing, Feminine and masculine energy, Sacred sales, etc.

Depending on your access, you may also receive elaborated 8 capacities sessions from The Capacity Path program.

Get Ready for Take Off…


Stepping into a bigger version of ourselves means being willing to take the leap.


But you don’t have to do this alone; I will be there to catch you in the freefall of unfamiliarity.

We live in times where we can choose how we want to be, what we want to experience, and how we want to receive it. We can be powerful architects of a whole new business paradigm, based on care and respect.

My personal mission is to invite the experience of entrepreneurship as the journey of more homecoming to yourself.

Entrepreneurship no longer needs to be a hard and lonely path.

We can blaze trails in community, receive the support we need, stretch our capacity together to rewrite the rules, get new inspiring perspectives and healthy new imprints, because you can only go so far alone.


There is incredible power in the rising together & truly allowing the receiving of support!

Things to consider before enrolling:


Since we will step into an intimate longer term commitment, please make sure to review the Terms Of Purchase which have been carefully crafted to:

  • Invite you to a fully conscious and informed act of purchasing.

  • Facilitate self-responsibility for actions taken at the checkout.

  • Minimise the necessity and cost of additional administrative screen time due to correcting and fixing the purchases.

  • Familiarise with boundaries of our agreement and invite you for a full on commitment to your expansion.

Also, I encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions below for program details and practicalities.

Entrance options & pricing?

🌤 The program is currently running. The next round will start late 2024 or in 2025.


Please note that all sales are final, so make sure in your bones you feel called to join and feel free to connect with me if you have any questions. No refunds will be available once you make your purchase and register.

Rise Up


4,200 euro one-time payment
700 euro/month for 6 month
525 euro/motnh for 8 months

What’s included:

  • New business paradigm content modules (pre-recorded & live)
  • 1 or possibly 2 different time zone group coaching sessions a month with the replay access for both (depending on group size & people who join)
  • Envisioning session once per month: tapping into the energetic field, expansion and possibilities on different business topics and capacities
  • Support in between sessions in a digital community space
  • Sanctuary business cafe: quarterly review and celebration meetings

Rise Premium


6,600 euro one-time payment
1,100 euro/month for 6 months

What’s included:

  • Everything that’s included in “Rise Up” tier, AND
  • 1 x 90 minute private 1-on-1 coaching session per month with me
  • New upgraded Capacity Path masterclass modules elaborating on the 8 capacities



Rise Up & Shine

Includes SPAIN Retreat

Includes all above in “Rise Up” tier + live fully paid retreat in Europe in September. You only have to pay the flight.


1,450 euro/month for 6 months
8,700 euro one-time payment

Rise Elite

Includes SPAIN Retreat

Includes all above in “Rise Premium” tier + live fully paid retreat in Europe in September. You have to pay only the flight.


1,850 euro/month for 6 months
11,100 euro one-time payment

Frequently Asked Questions…


When the program and retreat starts?

The rise starts on March 1, 2024 and opening ceremony will take place on February 28. And we will finish end of August and closing ceremony being August 28.

Retreat is estimated for September 19-23 but will be confirmed for sure when venue is reserved.

When the live sessions will take place?

Envisioning session will take first week of the month on Wednesdays starting somewhere in the range of from 5 – 6.30pm Tbilisi time (exact time to be confirmed).

Coaching sessions will every third week of the month and will accommodate different time zones. One of them will take place also on Wednesday somewhere in the range of from 5 – 6.30pm (for USA & Canada people) and the other coaching co-hort will take place to accommodate Europe & Australia. Details will follow upon clarity of participants joining.

How long sessions will last?

Envisioning sessions will last from 60-90 minutes including the space to share.

Coaching sessions will depends on the amount of participants joining but they are dedicated to be up to 2 hours where each person has about 20min.

Is there a cap on the number of people inside The Rise?

There is a cap of 10 people.

I will facilitate the set up depending how many and from where people will join and accomodate the co-horts to make sure everyone gets proper time for coaching.

Quality always prevails the quantity for me.


Where the community will be held?

At the beggining we will start with Telegram chat and later we may move to internal Elaira Flow sanctuary portal community space with extended connecting and sharing possibilities.

Is this for me if I don't have business?

You don’t need to have a business.

All my programs are mainly tailored around your internal progression versus your external establishments at this moment.

Due to that, this program fits best in the journey of healing and leadership where you feel safe to tap into your expansion, where you feel readiness and already did profound healing and knowing yourswelf work.  

It doesn’t matter your level of income, how many years you are in business or if you have a business. It may apply to all different external stages: if you are business owner or don’t have a business yet but have a vision, if you are an entrepreneur, climbing your career ladders or are in transition.

My new business paradigm modules included in this program are tailored for entrepreneurship, but I think everyone can benefit from it because they are none-conventional and focuses on body led approaches & internal strategies. They are again applicable to all external formats of your work.


Do you offer refunds?

Please note that all the sign ups and sales are final and not refundable for several reasons:

  • To invite you for a full commitment and dedication. I would love you to say YES to your expansion fully and seriuosly. Also, notice what that does to you. knowing you would be supported. 
  • It takes time to rewire your nervous system and most of my clients stay long term anyways. I notice short sprints give stress to nervous system. It times of uncertainty more then evenr we need certainty and stability. I want you to know I am here for you all the way.
  • And also because you will receive a lot of access right away which will be very hard or impossible to limit or revert for me later.

Saying that, I do understand the uncertainty of the world and financial situation and we can always discuss it on a personal cases if those things happen and affect you. Care is still my main currency in the connection!

At the end, I highly recommend to make sure if you feel called to join that this program and commitment is a right fit for you. Don’t hesitate and feel free to connect with me if you have any concerns, questions or want to discuss with me if it is a right fir for you: co*****@el********.com or drop me a text/voice message to telegram or instagram @elairaflow 

Let’s Stay Connected!