Nervous System Care Program

2 months Nervous system healing, learning & practical embodiment programme

The Nervous System Care Program is a deep dive into the inner workings of the most fundamental system in your body that governs everything!


Let’s create your business from ease, peace, expansivness and regulated nervous system! But to start, you need to know what that is and not mentally but literally in all your body.

During this healing, educational and practical embodiment programme you will learn how to gently observe the way your nervous system interacts in your daily life and in your business.

As you become more aware, you will naturally start to heal broken pathways, release built-up charge and dissolve blocked energy that are causing you to repeat limiting patterns and dysfunctional behaviour resulting from trauma, clearing the slate for you to be as you are today, rather than stuck in a loop of a past version of yourself always coming across the same stumbling blocks.

It’s full of educational information, powerful healing transmission, practical embodiment excercises, pre-recorded materials, live integration & group support.

From the moment the programme started the shift started. I learned to be more gentle with myself and listen and act on the signs my body gave me. I understand more how I operate and how I can live a more easeful life instead of always being ON. 

Helen Klasens

This program is for you if:


✔️ You want to do body led business and establish deeper relationship with your embodiment process.

✔️ Learn how your body communicates with you and how to listen to it.

✔️ You want to know how to recognize when your nervous system is regulated and dysregulated.

✔️You want to learn to increase your nervous system capacity, resilience and flexibility.

✔️ You want to access feeling of safety and desire to build business with ease, flow and joy.

✔️ You want to heal your nervous system and learn tools how to mange yourself in stress. 

This program may not be the best fit:


❌ You have have severe & unhealed trauma and you know you need more specialized therapy approach. I am trauma informed psychologist and this is deeply foundational and educational nervous system basics program but as with all my work, it is strongly tailored to the business application.

P.s. This program is the foundation and highly recomended prerequisite for the Capacity Path Immersion, my most extensive and elaborate 5 months program or any of my work formats.

What is included?

Transformative foundational framework of nervous system capacity to build your business from ease, flow and peace.


There will be powerful transmission of 4 video modules that blend education and interactive exercises covering the foundations how nervous system works, self-regulation, and their impact on your nervous system capacity. Modules builds on each other and will be released bi-weekly.

1. How our NS work and 4F responses.

2. Triggers, overcouplings and dealing with charge.

3. Regulation & dysregulation.

4. Nervous system capacity, emotions,
boundaries & finding safety.

Bonus: ancestorial trauma in somatics.


You’ll have a chance to ask me questions after each module. 


I will provide additional materials, resources and journaling prompts to deepen each module.  You’ll learn new techniques how to regulate yourself, enhance your nervous system functioning and tools how to regulate yourself. You’ll also receive access to a library of guided audio somatic tracks.


You’ll have lifetime access to the course material!

Nervous system educational awareness is deeply healing process…

I notice this transmission hits people differently, it’s like all your cells are listening, rewiring and responding.

And I believe this is a must to do course for these times!

Detailed program flow

Self paced program

Foundational course

1. How our NS work and 4F responses.

2. Triggers, overcouplings and dealing with charge.

3. Regulation & dysregulation.

4. Nervous system capacity, emotions,
boundaries & finding safety.

Bonus: ancestorial trauma in somatics.

Extended nervous system care course

Foundational course plus additional modules
(currently under construction)
1. Mapping Nervous system states.
2. Nervous system baseline, capacity & windows of tolerance.
3. Nervous system role in building conscious business with ease.
4. Somatic seat and Q&As.

Even if you can’t attend the calls live, you can submit your questions in advance and access the replays for valuable insights and answers to your questions.

By participating you will:


✔️ Learn how to balance your nervous system.

✔️Build awareness when it is dysregulated & shift faster between different states.

✔️ Increase nervous system capacity.

✔️Build partnership between you and your body.

✔️Build the toolkit of supporting grounding resources.

    Elaira’s teachings were new, profound and clear to me. From the first moment we connected as a group she was holding a safe space for us.

    You are more aware during your days that in what kind of state you are and I could almost immediately make a shift to a more calm and restful state.

    Hilda Wieland

    Invest in yourself to invest in your business.

    If you are called to my work and would like to participate in Nervous System Care program in the future, I encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist where you will be the first to receive more details when the next round takes pace & get most discounted pricing possibilities.


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