The Business Paradigm Shift Podcast

Podcast about future of business and entrepreneurship paradigm shift

Rewiring the way we work, The Soft Power way!

There is a radical shift happening on our planet.

The world is fundamentally changing and a lot of old ways don’t work anymore! I believe there was never a more prominent time for this radical change and building our businesses differently and often totally other way round to what we know, or we have been told to.

My name is Elaira and in this “The New Business Paradigm” podcast I challenge old business concepts and I bring new and different perspectives to the ways we work, build our businesses, lead the movement and ourselves. 

I believe in the economy of care and I stand for creating businesses in your own authentic way while doing it with ease, effortless flow, and joy.

I would like to invite the experience of entrepreneurship as the journey of more homecoming to yourself. So, let’s welcome future potential, rewrite outdated definitions, ground new ways of being and innovate our businesses from the place of our hearts.

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