My Sanctuary

Ways of working with me

5 months advanced high level immersion

Application for new group is open. We starts in August 2023. 

Capacity Path is very authentic space to ground your dreams, desires and potential into existence from the place of profound spaciousness and ease. It’s a very unique container to step into your bigger entrepreneurial shoes, rewire how you work, and practise new ways of working with each other while also being in integrity with our authentic true nature.

It’s very exclusive, high frequency, advanced level immersion for new business paradigm pioneers who want to level up, grow, or ground very strong business foundations with ease, gentleness and body led flow.

Nervous System Care program

The Nervous System Care Program is a deep dive into the inner workings of the most fundamental system in your body that governs your behaviour. During this 2 months educational embodiment programme you will learn how to gently observe the way your nervous system interacts in your daily life and in your business.

NEW group starts on OCTOBER 25th, 2023! 

The Sacred Sales Voice

It’s time to share your creative genius with the world!

This program is currently on going. I encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist where you will be the first to receive more details & get most discounted pricing possibilities.

In this 2 month-long, new-business paradigm embodiment journey I invite you to rewire how you do sales, marketing, and show up in the world! It’s an in depth exploration of your visibility capacity and an invitation to get new perspectives on how to do aligned business. It’s intended to help you to come all the way out of your shell with gentleness, honouring your own authentic energy & precious nervous system.


1-on-1 Sessions

Currently not available!


Mini retreats

Hear From Others & Their Experience in the Sanctuary