The Sacred Sales Voice

In this 2 month-long, new-business paradigm embodiment journey I invite you to rewire how you do sales, marketing, and show up in the world! It’s an in depth exploration of your visibility capacity and an invitation to get new perspectives on how to do aligned business. It’s intended to help you to come all the way out of your shell with gentleness, honouring your own authentic energy & precious nervous system.

During this super supportive exploration of your true authenticity in the new business paradigm

(where, yes, all of you are invited to show up!)

we will address the sticking point between you/your beautiful creations and products; and the people who really need what you have to offer to this world.

They are standing there on the other side of that visibility blockage you experience, just waiting for you to let them in! You are more needed now than ever before with your uniqueness and beauty and in this immersion, you will address whatever still holds you back from shining that light so bright for all to see.

And the best part is that you get to be you, you get to choose and your visibility can feel natural and easeful!

I am here to guide you through to that free, authentic expression of the true you. No more faking-it-to-fit-in, people-pleasing-to-stay-small or sabotaging your success due to fear of failure; or fear of success!

Are you ready to go even more fully on the adventure that is your true path?

Are you ready for the easeful ride that can be your life and entrepreneurship journey?

Are you ready to be big-time seen in this world for who you naturally are? And to enjoy the whole journey even more?

It’s time to stop selling your SOUL

and start selling FROM it!

Elaira Flow capacity work is a unique approach to personal and business growth…

My capacity work is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

It can be compared to many other approaches to doing business in a new way (and there are so many wonderful practitioners out there), but it is different. This is because I have extra-sensory abilities and I went through a long business embodiment journey before I created this course that means your blockages start to dissolve in my field as soon as you come into contact with my powerful healing and dynamic, “no bullshit” action energy!

Capacity work is about showing up, noticing the blockages, sitting with them and inviting ease while they release with the help of my gifts and guidance – hopefully leading to some juicy, jaw-dropping, massive aha moments!

Then add in that super essential part of it where you take responsibility for changing your own habits and behaviour, and you can become that unstoppable badass business being and creative or spiritual genius at the same time.

Do you think you are “no good at business”? Think again! When you focus on your internal capacity and shift there, the outside world starts to automatically mirror your new-found expansion. It’s that simple.

No more struggling alone, and no more frustration of ineffectively applying strategies.


Entrepreneurship is a deeply creative process, just waiting for you to dive in.

Why I focus on Visibility Capacity instead of sales and marketing strategies?



Because fundamentally there’s “visibility” and then there’s “being seen”!

✔️ You can go on stage to speak in front of a huge audience and be completely invisible.
✔️ You can make a lot of effort to post on social media regularly but have no clients at all.
✔️ You can have the best message and still people will not hear or understand you.

Your visibility capacity is your ability to be seen and celebrated in your life, relationships and business…

Some indications that your visibility capacity may need attention:

• You are afraid to show up fully in your business. You are hiding some creative talents, vulnerabilities and authentic parts of yourself.

• You feel like a best-kept secret.

• You attract clients, partners, and providers who represent parts of yourself that you need to heal or integrate.

• You are afraid to take visibility opportunities because you are afraid you won’t be able to handle the “spotlight”.

• You feel successful but you don’t fully enjoy all of your achievements and instead go go go, always moving on to the next goal.

• You are afraid to be “called out” in public and so you settle for shaping an image for yourself that feels “safer” but it doesn’t really encapsulate all you want to offer.

• You feel resistant or ashamed “selling” yourself or your offers because you don’t want to be “too much” or too aggressive. Speaking about your offers feels contracting to you.

• You are not growing financially at the rate you think you should be growing in relation to the brilliance and potential of your products or ideas.

I had an abusive relationship with my business. Things weren’t flowing, not even creativity. I was scared to show up, both in my business and in being visible externally. I can feel myself now, noticing the sensations in my body, telling me where I’m truly at. I divorced from the abusive relationship with my business and I am opening up for new ways of expressing myself creatively. Feeling free and expansive. And feeling safe in showing up externally. I even posted a very personal poem in my Instagram account. I hadn’t been writing poetry since my teens… There is more room to be me in my business.

Annemie Magdaleen, Visibility Capacity Retreat 2022 participant.

It’s time to share your creative genius with the world!

What is included in the program?

✔️ 8 x 90-minute group live call “transmissions”.

✔️ Access to a community of entrepreneurs taking the program via a live online chat on Telegram so you can share challenges and celebrate milestones, throughout the 8-week process.

✔️ Additional assignments, materials and meditations to go even deeper with your embodiment process.

✔️ Individualized one to one attention on your specific visibility challenges.

Community Telegram group & experiencial, meditative tracks to deepen on your own.

New deep perspectives about sacred sales and energetic marketing approach

8 Educational and Personalized Visibility Content Modules

Lifetime Access to the Online Sanctuary Portal

8 weeks, 8 jam-packed modules to address all of your visibility “capacity edges”…


May 17 – July 5, 2023. Every Wednesday!

2.30pm CEST (Amsterdam) / 9.30pm EDT (USA) / 5.30pm (Tbilisi)

Here is the breakdown:

Module 1
Sacred sales energetics & ethical marketing.

Module 2
Feminine and masculine approach in sales process.

Module 3
Visibility Capacity, healing the visibility wound & nervous system role.

Module 4
Individualized marketing & visibility approach according to your Human Design.

Module 5
Easeful launches and energetics of your offerings.

Module 6
Connecting to your soul client.

Module 7
Embodied pricing.

Module 8
Love seats! One to one focus to your specific visibility challenge.

It’s time to redefine your relationship to success and rewrite the concept of marketing inline with your nervous system, your authentic energy and soul integrity …

This program is for you if…

✔️  You already invested a lot of money to different marketing & sales strategies, tried all kind of social media platforms but still struggle to find your authentic voice, your authentic easeful marketing flow and aligned sales approach that works for you and aligns with the shape of your heart!

✔️   Doing launches takes a lot from you, it depletes your energy and maybe even burns your system out and you would love to experience easeful and fun launches where you don’t need much recovery time after.

✔️   You have at least basic knowledge how your Human Design works and understand that energy and alignment is paramount for your visibility capacity and easeful magnetism in your business.

✔️  You are ready to ditch that imposter syndrome, drop one size fits all marketing approach in business and stop trying to prove yourself, instead trailblazing your own pathway and blitzing limiting expectations about how “someone in your profession” should be, look, act, or respond.

✔️   You would love to learn how an unhealed nervous system impacts the way you build business and show up in the world. You want to be more present and more embodied so you experience your business and life journey with more depth, richness, ease, joy, flow and inline with your nervous system growth.

✔️   The old fashion cold hearted, linear masculine approach doesn’t really work for you and you would love to learn how to dance that more balanced masculine and feminine energy dance in your business.

✔️   You want to change your business, upscale or bring more of your unseen talents and vision to the table but fear that you will lose clients and money if you change too much.

✔️   You have the products, you even have the business structure and now you want to put it all out into the world in a big way, but maybe you are struggling to find the clients who resonate.

✔️   You feel ready to be seen yourself and fully birth your business but it also scares you and you are not sure why. You sense there are some unconscious internal limiting beliefs and visibility capacity blindspots that sabotage it.

✔️  You would like to be inspired by different and authentic ways of doing business. You also want to redefine your personal definition of what success is to you instead of chasing trends and other people success definitions (often those people are already even dead if we are talking about your ancestors).

✔️  You are simply ready to shine in this world, whatever it means you need to let go of!

Expansion at every stage…


Capacity work applies to all stages of your process; whether you are making millions and ready to scale up, or just starting out. Taking leaps to next levels involves expansion and expansion always means…. bumping into our capacity edges. To read more about my ground-breaking capacity work, click here. Let’s step in our bigger shoes together, in sacred held space and in true community as humans who are here to bring our unique gifts to the world!

There is a radical shift happening on the planet, and my personal path is to heal, redefine and anchor the new way we do and perceive BUSINESS.

I’m Elaira, an Architect of the New Business Paradigm

I am an intuitive healer and somatic business coach with extra sensory abilities. I support your capacity to build & expand the business with ease, alignment, joy and flow.

In my presence people feel relaxation, safety and the encouragement to dare to reveal more of who they truly are. Due to that, over the years I got the nickname “doula of the soul”. I provide a sanctuary for conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to be nourished and held in their depth while they rewire the way they relate to business, through their innate gifts & offerings, and directly aided by my capacity work.

From an early age, I knew that my life’s aim was to master how to open and develop human potential. Since childhood I could access a bigger and more expanded reality of both seen and unseen worlds. It took me a while to realize that other people can’t see that yet. It was a long process to learn how to manage and claim this fully.

And also I took more than a decade deep journey experimenting with various formats of building businesses and cracking the codes of successful, modern entrepreneurship to arrive to where I am at now.

And today, I have brought those gifts and integrated experiences to their full expression so I can guide people to find their own magic faster. My love language for myself, my friends and my clients is my fullhearted presence and laser focused attention. And my strongest natural gift is to put the finger where it hurts or where you need very fast and then more importantly, hold the space for your heart while you heal, claim and protect your most vulnerable, sensitive, and innocent parts, your beautiful innate gifts, and your natural way of being.


For me, entrepreneurship is the journey of homecoming to ourselves and it is my deepest joy to share my experience and light the inspiration for you.

The Powerful Transformation Others Have Experienced…

Take the plunge; invest in yourself to invest in your business.

There are several options for financial exchange. Please note that all sales are final. No refunds will be available once you make your purchase and register. After payment, you will receive a welcome email and an invitation to create a password for a Member Press account (using the same email you put for the billing). Member Press is a portal where your content will be released. I also accept cryptocurrencies. Contact and we will arrange that.

€2500 full

€1250 for 2 months

$625 for 4 months

Additional payment plan if you sign up before April 15, 2023.

$500 for 5 months

This option is available only for early bird sign ups and will expire on April 15

Please note that all payments are final. No refunds or replacement will be available once you make your purchase and register. We also accept crypto currencies.

Disclaimer, I may slightly adjust the program based on the groups needs.

Contact in case of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How much time will it require?

It is up to you to take hold of what I call your self-leadership capacity and decide. The live video “transmissions” happen weekly. I recommend 15-30 minutes either side of watching the call to prepare/integrate/journal (creating a cosy cocoon space for yourself to absorb what you need). Then there is additional material for you to go deeper, uploaded to the online portal with each module. You have lifetime access to that portal so can take all the material at your pace. If you are serious about your business and are stepping up as CEO rather than employee, I recommend having a CEO day at least once per week where you dedicate time to your business and all you desire.

In general for the program an absolute minimum of three hours a week is a good starting point, and can be extended depending on how much you choose to deepen. I recommend to take your own pace and have enough time for integration.

I notice you don’t have large numbers of followers on your social accounts. I’m curious about your own approach to visibility, can you say more?

For me visibility is not only about the amount of clients/audience you have, but more the level of engagement they have in what you do  How many products do they buy? Do they engage with your outpourings and posts? Large numbers of followers on social platforms does not necessarily convert to sales and income. You can have many followers and not earn enough money to balance your business. It all depends on how you are showing up based on what works for you. I go very deep with my clients and they tend to come back for many programs after they taste one!

Also, visibility for me is to be able to express all of myself in the fullfilling way and authentic format that works for me. I focus on more exclusive and quality versus quantity approach. My “movement” is expanding at a steady rate with strong foundations, which is very important to me.

Can I join this program if I am new to your work?

Yes! I am ready for new clients with this program.

I always recommend to all my clients to start with my Nervous System Foundations program as it really is the bedrock of all my capacity work. It will help you to gain even more depth out of “The Sacred Sales Voice” by doing nervous system work first. That is not a ploy to sell you something, it is part of the educational aspect of increasing your capacity and embodiment and what I observed helped other people to deepen in my work best.

However you can still join “The Sacred Sales Voice” if you are totally new to my work. We will always cover nervous system topics in all my programs. Also, healing is a powerful aspect of my work but we will also have a strong focus on taking aligned action, so it works well if you have already come to a certain point in your healing journey and are ready to birth new creations into the world. The “Nervous System Foundations” program is the program for you if you need to focus first on healing and alignment work to go to more advanced programs and level up.

Let’s Stay Connected!