Financial Appreciation

Here’s how/why I work this way

I believe the new business paradigm enables so much more freedom of expression and different ways of relating.

It is inviting vastly increased diversity and individuality in how we do business. That includes a variety of forms how we exchange too.

My personal desire is to rewire how we relate with money, what energy we infuse there, how we invest and receive. I want to bring more intimacy, conscious choice, connection and energetic abundance in money conversations. Let’s not do coldhearted, unconscious and sometimes even numb scarcity based transactions. I receive not only the number but your energy that comes with it too!

Due to that, I show up with my care and I empower you to take ownership and responsibility of investing in yourself. I let you to decide what you want to contribute to your own expansion and safe container to go to your personal depth. I invite you to feel your heart, your intuition, body and senses on this. It can be really powerful and healing moment of realignment if you allow it and don’t rush it through… Amount you decide can also set the energy and intention the way you show up in the sessions. As I said, money is energy and also money can be a great amplifier.

Here’s the impact I’ve made

I came to Elaira Flow looking for help regarding my self-improvement. I knew why and what I wanted to achieve, but for then unknown reasons I avoided taking steps and making decisions that would bring me closer to my goals. Elaira helped me to connect with myself and taught me how to spot and address my needs. Our sessions were very valuable, professional and something I looked forward to every single time. On top of that, they were literally packed with knowledge. Our work was smooth as butter thanks to Elaira’s amazing interpersonal skills. I felt supported even when discussing tough subjects. Ultimately, I sprang into action even before our work together was completed and now I am able to continue the journey on my own – it’s everything I came for. If you’re looking for a coach, you definitely should give Elaira a shot!

Robert Kozlowski
Technical Cloud Migration Consultant, ING

Being 70, I am unaccustomed to coaching, so I was surprised to find an instant connection to Elaira. I’m at a transitional period in my life, so to be fully seen & heard was wonderful. She validated my uniqueness and my creativity. Our session was uplifting and I experienced a range of beautiful deep emotions from joy to grief. I honestly felt I could express myself fully and received confirmation about the direction of many projects. My system felt a huge relief. Elaira has the ability to heal, renew and enlighten.

June Barker

The trip with Elaira was a surprise in every aspect. I was thinking of taking travel to Maldives to pamper myself. Instead I invested those money for 12 sessions of coaching with Elaira. And… it appears this was the best investment ever! The reason I started coaching process was to get my dream job. Instead of that during the very first sessions I ended up bursting into tears talking through my relation with my mother. We never got into the topic of my dream job. But I don`t have this idea fix any more. I know it will come when I am ready. Meanwhile, the most fabulous (and unexpected) result I have reached is that I realized that “the tuning fork inside of me” is not trembling any longer. This serenity inside is precious and enchanting.

Jolanta Apolewicz