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What it’s All About for Me

I say NO to struggle, overwhelm, compromise, oppression, slavery systems or things and ways “I suppose to do in business”.

I believe business is NOT what “you do” to compromise yourself for money, or separate part of your all life and yourself. Business is the aligned action and expression of who you are and where you are in life.

I don’t believe in limiting “one size fits all” approach in business. On the contrary, I think that is what robs you of your authentic kind of prosperity.

It’s about natural body-led flow of what you want to share and birth! It’s natural expression of your energy, individuality and creation in a form.

I believe business doesn’t have to be a struggle or involve draining hard work, manipulation of yourself or others, or extraction from your essence. You don’t have to become someone you’re not.

Actually quite the opposite – entrepreneurship can be soul awakening path enabling more of YOU and amazing access of home coming to yourself. But it requires to enter business from a totally different access and way of BEING rather then way of DOING.

As Human Resources executive and member of board, I’ve been sitting at the tables of management, near management with management for more then a decade. Higher I climbed my career ladders, bigger responsibilities I was trusted with, more I was told to “toughen up”, “be hard”, “be assertive”, “show as if I know what I am doing even if I wasn’t”, and also “not to reveal my vulnerability & emotions”.

The further I advanced in leadership roles, the more I realized that talent development was moving away from connecting with my truth, my true untapped potential, and my heart. Instead, it was shifting towards how to fit into the required roles and leadership rooms to earn the seat at the table.

As a result, I had to work harder to go against my sensitive nature and where my body was actually leading me. Due to that, I burned out, I lost myself, my power, and my joy of life. I left the business world very confused…

Why do we normalize and glorify controlling, self-protective, and pretentious leadership? Why must one wear “the power suit” to be seen as a leader? Why does increasing your impact and leadership necessitate hardening your heart?

Maintaining guards and defences requires a tremendous amount of energy, which can deprive you of your powerful creative energy.

And this is how I birthed my own approach of “Soft Power” & “Gentle leadership” movement

Because I believe your prosperity, your impact, your business success in the new business paradigm goes straight through your heart & deepest connection with yourself, your individuality, and your truth.

I am the right person and this is the right place if you realise that doing business is much more then implementation of the external strategies, putting your offers out, and telling people what to do. It goes way deeper in your CAPACITY to receive, hold and embody your bigger potential, ground your deepest heart desires and pioneer something new or totally differently in this world. 

I walk the path of real DEPTH and I dive into your CORE to empower your RISE into your leadership in the ways you didn’t know possible but always longed for…

Essence of my work – Capacity Work

What if I tell you that growing your business often is not so much an external strategy issue as much as the internal capacity issue?

Entrepreneurship is mainly about your internal business… 

External success only happens when you allow your internal world to expand and grow, when you re-calibrate your nervous system to feel safe in receiving, embodying, and holding more of who you are and what you want to create.

It’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity!

It’s not about the latest marketing strategy, sales funnels, social media planned actions, or 7 magical strategic business steps. It’s not the business tools & strategies that will bring you to the next level and will create true long-lasting success. And yes, they do matter! But that’s only half of the equation. A lot people are missing that INTERNAL part to make those investments and strategies successful. 

Because fundamentally it’s not about the strategy but how you show up in that strategy energetically and in your way of BEING. 

It’s a journey about your own expansion and liberation from within. 

Your business success stems from your own becoming. It’s about the internal space everything is built from, it is about an energetic foundation & inner capacity to create and hold that bigger version of you with ease and inner serenity. It’s about the safety within to allow, embody and hold all without.

The Types of Capacities I Focus On




Embodied Leadership


Nervous System



Working with me journey

Embodiment. Healing. Expansion

 Healing & Integration

Embrace your most innocent, creative and vulnerable parts, claim disowned gifts. Heal your nervous system and let go of the old parts that are no longer serving you as you meet the edges of your capacity. 

Expanding Your Leadership & Capacity to hold more

Realize the new vision of yourself – give yourself permission to step into bigger shoes and claim your desires. Rewire your way of being in business, and deepen 8 essential capacities to build business your way & pioneer new business paradigm.

Step into your purpose & lead your movement boldly!

Rewiring your new way of being in the world, claim your bigger meaning, potential, desires. Heart based businesses are much deeper, require intimacy to yourself and much more purposeful. Due to that, it requires to go into your depth, deep knowing of yourself and claim it powerfully.

Where to start?

You can enter my world in different ways

choose what works for you:

 Best way to grasp my point of view & taste my work

1. Introductionary mini retreat.

It’s very powerful transmission elaborating in profound depth on “Relational” and “Nervous System” capacities. It’s donation based, so you can join easily.

✔️Get the recording.

2. Listen the podcast episode about 8 capacities.

✔️Listen the podcast.

Nervous System Care Program

 The strong base of all my work and if you want to start deep live work with me, I recommend to start with this program.

Organised twice a year (due to change):

✔️Read more and join if open.

P.S. Recommended prerequisite for a Capacity Path program.

Capacity Path Immersion

It is an advanced super-level & high frequency 5 months immersion for entrepreneurs who want to deepen on 8 capacities and expand their overall capacity to hold and embody more while growing their business with ease, flow and joy! Find their own voice and expression.

✔️Read more and apply for Capacity Path

✔️Join the waiting list.

Let’s tap into the freedom re-writing entrepreneurship and business rules in a way that feels juicy to you, connect with your authentic and personal prosperity channels and expand your capacity to hold, receive and handle more of you, your life and your business.

My deep heart desire is for people to experience entrepreneurship 

as the journey of homecoming to themselves, abundant expression more of who they are and easeful prosperity.

A Glimpse Into My Soul

From an early age, I knew that my life’s aim was mastering how to open and develop human potential.

This led me to dedicate the last 18 years of studying human psychology and business in various formats. Today, I am passionate about combining the artistry of knowledge, experience, intuition and innate talent.

I am very intuitive and since childhood I could access bigger and more expanded reality, seen and unseen worlds. It took a while to realize other people can’t see that yet and also another long process to learn how to manage and claim this fully. And today, it is one of my extremely resourceful gifts for guiding people in their own magic faster.

It comes really naturally to me the knowing how to invite bigger version of you in the world, where unease is sitting in your body, guide the embodiment of your desires and what you need in the moment. I also explored intensely and developed quite a strong radar of all kind of ways we build the walls around our hearts. Somehow I notice in my presence people feel relaxation, safety and encouragement to dare of being more. Due to that, through years I got a nickname as “doula of the soul”.

My love language for myself, my friends and clients is my fullhearted presence and laser focused attention. And my strongest natural gifts are lying on putting the finger where it hurts very fast and then more importantly, holding the space for your heart while you heal, claim and protect your most vulnerable, sensitive, innocent parts, you beautiful innate gifts and natural way of being. You know, those dearest, purest parts that you protect so strongly at any cost because if that is crashed, it’s the end of you. The parts where often your biggest gifts and magic resides.

I am here to support you as you build your life, business, and yourself…

from the place of love, care, joy, ease and flow. Because you deserve it, it’s possible and it’s time!

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“Elaira really helped me to get back ‘on track’. I got ‘stuck’ on my way, feeling overwhelmed and she brought me literally back ‘in flow’. She is warm-hearted and professional in what she offers. She creates a safe place, gives really great support and helpful insights. She connects you back with your own inner strengths and authentic power. And, on top of that …she is a really good listener too. I know, I challenged her.”

Greet Bamps

“I liked her energy, enthusiasm, and focus, as well as the non-conventional approach. So I decided to continue working with her and in less than a month I started my own business! Elaira is an incredibly encouraging, motivating and inspiring person, she really tuned into my challenges and together we always found solutions to all of them. The exercises, tasks and external materials (links, books, etc) were always relevant and exactly to the point. Working with Elaira has been a life-changing experience and I’m grateful to get to know her.”

Alisa Summerfield, Business Owner, Trackmygrowth Personal Development

“The trip with Elaira was a surprise in every aspect. I was thinking of taking travel to Maldives to pamper myself. Instead I invested those money for 12 sessions of coaching with Elaira. And… it appears this was the best investment ever! The reason I started coaching process was to get my dream job. Instead of that during the very first sessions I ended up bursting into tears talking through my relation with my mother. We never got into the topic of my dream job. But I don`t have this idea fix any more. I know it will come when I am ready. Meanwhile, the most fabulous (and unexpected) result I have reached is that I realized that “the tuning fork inside of me” is not trembling any longer. This serenity inside is precious and enchanting.”

Jolanta Apolewicz

I work in variety formats of financial exchanges

Crypto, sliding price scale, donation based, fix prices, payment plans, community contributions, etc. 

I often don’t work with fixed prices because I want to invite more intimacy and care in how we exchange.

I open my heart, I trust you and your integrity to send me your heart appreciation that feels right.


I want to celebrate the freedom to bring your own appreciation gifts to the party. I show up with my care and I empower you to take ownership and responsibility of investing in yourself. I let you decide what you want to contribute to your own expansion and safe container to go to your personal depth.