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Capacity Retreats

This is an excellent way to taste my work and go sharp, deep in a specialized area/capacity & understand my approach of bigger journeys.

Capacity retreats are 1 -3 days journeys with powerful transmissions and flexible contribution price.

Note: those are energetically strong and powerful transmission. Please dedicate spaciousness and readiness to receive them, arrange time to integrate. It’s not recommended to approach it only from consuming content place.

Relational & nervous system capacities

2 day self paced online capacity retreat to investigate how your vocational identity formed and what rules, subconscious beliefs you have about the business & how you show up in it.

Become aware of how you’ve conditioned yourself to guard & cage your heart in the ways you relate, perceive and do your business.

Realise how your body communicates when you are in regulated and dysregulated nervous system state.

Money capacity


Invite you on a money date!

Review and reflect your current relationship with money: what it is, what are your deal breakers and what are your desired needs going forward.

Topics we cover:

  • A review of your current relationship with money & the rules of relating you are currently using.
  • An exploration of both money energetics and practical money issues, such as bank accounts.
  • Getting clear about your desired way of relating with money and addressing how to close the gap that may currently be there between that and where you are at right now.
  • A collective release, let go and forgiveness ceremony.
  • My take on different money exchange strategies: from allowing people to pay what they want, to working on fixed prices and all the variants in between.

Self leadership capacity


2 days/modules retreat covering self leadership capacity and anchoring your soft power energy and approach.

It’s dedicated to gentle leaders and entrepreneurs who would like to step into their power, impact while anchoring it with ease, flow & softness.

Read more details on the link below.

Deep Dive Journey & Live Programs

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Nervous System Care

Become best friends with your nervous system!

Self paced foundational, educational nervous system capacity awareness, healing and embodiment journey where you will learn how to gently observe your body signals and the way your nervous system interacts in your daily life and in your business.

I will be there with you on the journey – you will be able to ask me questions after each module.

Recommended prerequisite course to any of my work & longer containers.

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Revive Your Foundations

Capacity Path

Expand your capacity to welcome more goodness & more of you.

8 months sacred, intimate, loving & high level support space where you are deeply held to rewire, dismantle outdated rules, identities and internal structures, so can can birth and build the business from your core natural essence, innocence, & open heart.

Create & build your business through expansion of 8 essential entrepreneurship capacities to increase your natural visibility, income, entrepreneurship ease & the level of peace with your work.

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expand & grow

Where your most expansive vision meets the ground!

Advanced, non-conventional and nervous system capacity-based business growth immersion where the key focus is on tapping into your expansion and grounding it practically.

6 months of activation & acceleration portal for new earth leaders stepping into their next level of growth & self leadership. Entrepreneurship crafting from an expanded nervous system capacity & body led business building.

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Live Retreat in Spain, Sept. 18-23, 2024



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