8 months sacred, intimate, loving high level support space where you are deeply held to rewire, dismantle outdated rules, identities and internal structures, so can can birth and build the business from your core natural essence and open heart.

Create & build your business through expansion of 8 essential entrepreneurship capacities to increase your natural visibility, income, entrepreneurship ease & the level of peace with your work.


Why great business strategies sometimes fail and why focusing solely on purification or energetics might not be sufficient — because your capacity work might be what needs attention.

Let me elaborate how capacity work is different from anything else in the business coaching industry.

Essence of my work – Capacity Work

Entrepreneurship is mainly about your internal business… 

External success only happens when you allow your internal world to expand and grow, when you re-calibrate your nervous system to feel safe in receiving, embodying, and holding more of who you are and what you want to create.

It’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity!

It’s not about the latest marketing strategy, sales funnels, social media planned actions, or 7 magical strategic business steps. It’s not the business tools & strategies that will bring you to the next level and will create true long-lasting success. And yes, they do matter! But that’s only half of the equation. A lot people are missing that INTERNAL part to make those investments and strategies successful. 

Because fundamentally it’s not about the strategy but how you show up in that strategy energetically and in your way of BEING. 

It’s a journey about your own expansion and liberation from within. 

Your business success stems from your own becoming. It’s about the internal space everything is built from, it is about an energetic foundation & inner capacity to create and hold that bigger version of you with ease and inner serenity. It’s about the safety within to allow, embody and hold all without.

In about 20 years of business and entrepreneurship journey, I discovered people mostly struggle with those 8 capacities to make there business successful.

Read about each of them below.




Embodied Leadership


Nervous System



I invite you to see your Business As a Path That is Unfolding,

path of your BECOMING!

8 months advanced level immersion for gentle new earth entrepreneurs to rewire business rules and walk a path of your depth. Dismantle outdated old inner structures and expand your capacity to receive, handle and hold more of life, business and expression of YOU with ease, joyful flow and aligned naturalness.

How 8 months journey of togetherness looks like & what it includes?

It’s very wholistic and my most exclusive space.

It’s intimate & true sanctuary place for you to heal, rewire, and rebuilt yourself and your business from true core essence of you.

There is a possibility to meet almost every week during the month and go through different format sessions to cover your emotional, physical, energetic & mind bodies.

You can choose different layer and tier of support:

1st tier: 8 capacities tier access includes:


We will go through all 8 capacities during the eight months. I will provide additional materials, somatic practices, tracks, resources and journaling prompts to deepen each capacity we focus monthly.

2nd tier: Capacity Path includes all above and adds on:


This is physical embodiment, nervous system care, and body movement session to release compound stress and anchor new energies in the body.


Group coaching session to integrate the month. Troubleshoot individual stumbling blocks and receive practical direct feedback in the road of your building.


You will join and go in the depth together with selected small group of like minded conscious entrepreneurs. My groups are known for very strong intimacy, togetherness and building true heart connections. You will also get group’s and my support through the group space online.

3nd tier: Capacity Path Premium includes all above and adds on:


It’s deeply individualized group coaching and healing session focus on supporting your healing, rewiring your nervous system, processing and releasing limiting beliefs, and blocks in the body.


All available till the official launch day.


This immersion + community could be exactly what you’ve been looking for, especially if:


✔️You are a conscious entrepreneur who desires depth and ready for a more rooted devotion towards your business, mission and self leadership.

✔️You reached your upper limit and need support to see your blindspots. Maybe you invested and tried different business strategies but you somehow always end up in the same place of expansion level. 

✔️ You want to build a business fitting you, your energy, your lifestyle, your flow but you feel stuck and don’t know how.

✔️You may feel stuck, unclear and things are not flowing from ease, fun, naturalness and abundance you know it can. 

✔️Old business paradigm gives you allergy or maybe even traumatised you but you are not sure how to find your feet forward into the new business paradigm.

✔️You want to dismantle the outdated old structures, rules, patterns, identities and rewire your relationship with business, entrepreneurship, offerings in a totally different way of being and relating.

✔️You are inviting more aliveness, more ease, and more of you to be expressed in the world. And you understand that your external business growth comes from your deepened internal capacity & expansion.

DISCLAIMER: This is very high frequency and advanced level immersion. It’s not the best fit for you if you only starting awakening journey and trauma healing work.

    If you need the branches to be bigger and higher,

    you start at the roots.

    You go deeper…

    There is a radical shift happening on the planet and my personal path is to heal, redefine and anchor the new way how we do and perceive BUSINESS.

    🌿 When nothing is certain and things no longer work as they used to, it is almost essential to delve deeper into your roots and nourish your core.

    🌿 In times of radical collective change, it is even more important to strengthen the connection with your self, your relationships and your business. To deepen your clarity on who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you do it and for whom you do it.

    🌿 If the traditional methods of working harder, doing more, and trying different business strategies yield unsatisfactory results and create tension in your body, it’s time to rewire your entrepreneurial approach and embrace a new business paradigm of receiving and growing with ease, flow, and your innate naturalness.

    It’s time to deepen your commitment and devotion to the gifts and the medicine you are are here to bring to the world. And I think it’s about the time for you to build business from the purity of your heart and thrive via your unique channel of prosperity.



    What may happen if you say yes to step in your Capacity Path journey?

    You may bloom in ways you didn’t expect it was possible… 

    When people start working on healing and expanding their capacity, the way they do, structure business and what they offer stems from a very different place they couldn’t access before. Sometimes rearranging it all from a core because they access different depth of themselves and the capacity to receive different inspirations, creative ideas changes inviting totally different offerings to be birthed and way of doing and being in business completely shifts. The way they claim their power, feel emotions, manage their energy and lead there lives levels ups into the new territories.

    If you don’t have one or two hours per week to dedicate to yourself as CEO and leader of your vision, you will still be an employee working hard in the rat race.


    My deep heart desire is for people to experience entrepreneurship
    as a journey of homecoming to themselves, abundant expression more of who they are

    and easeful prosperity.

    Join Capacity Path

    The next group starts in 2024. The dates will be announced soon.

     Invest in Yourself

    What’s the worst that can happen when you take a chance on yourself?

    Payment available after your spot is approved!


    Energetic exchange options*

    Tier 1:

    8 capacities

    Educational, self learning tier



    2800 euro one-time payment
    (200 off if paid in full)

     375 euro/month for 8 months
    334 euro/month for 9 months

    300 euro/month for 10 months

    What’s included:

    • Deep dive on 8 entrepreneurial capacities:
    1. Receiving,
    2. Relational,
    3. Self-leadership,
    4. Money,
    5. Structural,
    6. Boundaries,
    7. Nervous system,
    8. Visibility.

    • One live monthly Capacity Mastercalss module (first week of the month).
    • Pre-recorded tracks & additional materials to deepen on your own.

    Tier 2:

    Capacity Path

    Deepening with coaching & group support tier



    6000 euro pay in full
    (500 off if paid in full)
    812 euro per month for 8 months
    722 euro per month for 9 months

    🌿 650 euro per month for 10 months
    🌿 Nervous System Foundations course (value 500 euro)

    What’s included:

    • Everything that’s included in “8 capacities” tier.


    • Masterbody sessions – bi-monthly move of the body, dance, release session (third week of the month).
    • Mastermind – once a month group coaching session (4th week of the month).
    • Community space for questions and shares.

    Tier 3:

    Capacity Path Premium

    Most intimate, exclusive coaching & healing tier

    Only 6 spots available!


    7500 euro pay in full
    (500 off if paid in full)
    1000 euro/month for 8 months
    890 euro/month for 9 months

    🌿 800 euro/month for 10 months
    🌿 Nervous System Foundations course (value 500 euro)
    🌿 Exclusive 90min 1 on 1 session (value 500 euro)

    What’s included:

    • Everything that’s included in Capacity Path and 8 capacities tier.


    • Masterheart session – every second week of the month intimate, personalised healing, coaching sessions with only 3-4 people group. It’s your heart healing pod.
    • Access to all existing capacity retreats.

    The Powerful Transformation Others Have Experienced…

    Frequently Asked Questions…

    When are the group calls?

    Alls sessions take place weekly on Thursdays and last from 1 to 2.5 hours.

    Depending on the number of participants, only masterheart session is usually split in 2 groups and take place on Tuesdays and Thursday during the second week of the month.

    If the month have 5 weeks, the last week is the time for integration and there are no live sessions.

    All sesions will start around 5 or 6pm Tbilisi time. Small devation may happen (up to 1 hour) to accomodate all participants time zones and seasonal time shift).

    Will it work with my timezone?

    All sesions will start around 6pm Tbilisi time. Small devation may happen (up to 1 hour) to accomodate all participants time zones, availability and seasonal time shift).

    Before the start, we will collect the information from all signed up participants and will tailor the best possible schedule for all.

    Saying that, I am located in Tbilisi, Georgia and that limits some time availability options.

    Reach out to co*****@el********.com if you want to address this topic with us before signing in.

    Will I get enough individualized support?

    Depends on the layer you choose. You can choose only educaional part of the program but also you have 2 more tiers of support your can get. 

    The most individualised and intimate support in the group context you will receive in Capacity Path Exclusive tier.

    Can I join if I don't have a business but want to do capacity work?

    You don’t need to have a business. You can also be in the business or career trasition phase, on the sabatical or next layer in your business growth. This is the place for you to rewire and create business/career from the aligned essence of you.

    All my programs are mainly tailored around your internal progression versus your external establishments at this moment. Capacity work is required in all stages of your business, career and growth besides if you are starting or scaling to the next level, you always do that through the capacity work.

    My new business paradigm approaches and 8 capacities included in this program are tailored for entrepreneurship, but I think everyone can benefit from it because they are very holistic & none-conventional, they invite to rewire all of your being and focuses on body led approaches & internal strategies. They are again applicable to all external formats of your work.

    Saying that, this is very high frequency and advanced level immersion. It’s not the best fit for you if you only starting awakening journey and trauma healing work.

    Will I get enough individualized support?

    This immersion is powerfully structured to give you as wholistic support from different angles as possible.

    You will have great mix bewteen personalized, individual coaching, group benefits and educational program. We will have scheduled live gathering and it will be plenty materials to deepend on your own or reach out the group when you need it.

    I structured it in a unique way which enables  to give attention to your mental clarity, energetics, emotional body and somatic embodyment; from stepping into quantum field to practical hands on steps.

    I call it my most comprehensive program for a reason.

    How much time will it require?

    Depening on the tier you choose, you may dedicate from 2-4 hours a month in 8 Capacities tier to minimum 2-4 hours per week in Capacity Path Exclusive to dedicate for live calls, homework tasks and all-important self-reflection during the process.

    Having said that, capacity path is an immersion so everything that arises in your life during the time it is happening will automatically be a way for you to apply what you are learning. It’s a way of using your intelligence in integration with the whole of life rather than going into a solely mental place to “work things out” or “get your shit together” in a compartmentalised approach to business. The demands of daily life and your business will be good ways to test your capacity, stretch your edges and rewire your way of making choices.

    Capacity work is about being able to manage many things without getting stressed so if you have a busy life and still feel drawn to this programme then it could be the perfect antidote!

    You will have lifetime access to all the material provided during the 8-month programme so you can revisit at your leisure.

    What is the most challenging aspect of capacity work?

    The capacity edge can feel really uncomfortable! Sitting with the capacity edge where you feel frustration and discomfort because things are not flowing, or there is something you out grew and to really allow yourself to process that, to breathe through it and see what it’s inviting you into. The results can be huge and life-changing, but the process is not always comfortable.

    Part of the transformation comes from envisioning and tapping into what is energetically possible for you, but part of it comes through really aligned action. They go hand in hand. If you only address the energetic and dreaming part, there is a part of the embodiment that you miss. It’s about actually starting to gradually do things differently.

    To choose differently and really to say no when your mind goes bananas but you know this is aligned action for you.

    Rewiring can be hard! But it’s about prioritising that and really building new habits.

    I’m interested in the nervous system foundations program too. Would it be too much to join both programs at the same time?

    It’s very complimentary and actually very highly recommended to join both or finish Nervous system foundations before you join the Capacity Path for the best benefits.

    You can get discounted rate as a gift if you decide to buy Nervous System Foundations Course course in combination with a Capacity Path. Reach out to me for this option.

    Nervous system capacity is the bedrock of my work in approaching outer success in your business by delving into your inner landscape, across physical, mental, spiritual and emotional planes. Your nervous system governs most of your decision-making process, so it’s worth getting to know where it’s at and how it likes to behave. This is something you can shift and change as you expand your capacity.

    Let’s Stay Connected!