Boundaries Capacity

Healthy boundaries give you the ability to guard your time, energy, and also be clear who you are and what you are not, what you want to manifest and experience and what not. 

Clear boundaries are essential to keep your business and yourself growing.

Not having boundaries opens energetic leakages for other capacities such as money, nervous system, or receiving. Boundaries is the container holding it all.


Some examples of how you may have boundaries capacities work to do:

  • You don’t know how and/or it is very hard for you to say NO to people, projects, workload, etc.
  • You give a lot of stuff and help clients for free
  • You are overworked and overscheduled
  • You work with clients you don’t want to
  • You are constantly available
  • You are allowing other people too much influence to define who you are and what you have to do
  • Drama, “the wrong kind of attention”, or not the right clients takes too much of your time
Living in Receiving Paradigm

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guard your…


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