Money Capacity

Money capacity the ability to earn, receive, hold and manage increasing amounts of money. It’s the ability to have a consistent growth, rewrite what relationship you want to have with money and HOW you want to receive it. 

Money capacity is very charged topic and attached with many patterns. We inherited a lot of fear, abuse and oppression imprints from our ancestors and their money journeys. It’s our job to transmute, purify and rewire our relationship with money.

Some examples if you need to work on money capacity:


  • You have a great ability to earn money but you can’t hold it, it seems it slips through your fingers.
  • Not being able to create consistency with earnings.
  • Making a lot of money leads to a breakdown of some sort: health or relationship problems.
  • You tell yourself that money doesn’t matter but some voice in you craves it a lot.
  • You are not growing financially on the rate you think your should be growing.
  • You function in “feast or famine” mode: A situation in which something is always either extremely abundant or in extremely short supply.

find safety, ease and capacity in

consistent growth

rewire your…

relationship with money

clarify how you want…

to receive increasing amounts

Here’s how I can support you with your Money Capacity

Money Date

This powerful event is an invitation to sit at the table with money and review, rewire your relationship with it. It is a strong transmission and people who participated reported profound shifts. Most of us never took the proper time to build the relationship we really want with money. We inherited our relationship with money from our parents or surroundings and off we go on autopilot.

Different Money Strategies

In this masterclass, I share my 5 years personal journey as entrepreneur working with different money exchange strategies: from allowing people to pay what they want, to working on fixed prices and all the variants in between.

I share what I learnt from it personally, what worked, what didn’t, what I believe is needed to be successful in each of those methods and why I keep saying that “your capacity is way more important then your strategies”.

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