Envisioning 2023

Envisioning 2023…

New Year’s Mini Business Retreat

January 16

A 3-hour physical embodiment journey to receive your desires, ground your business intentions for the year ahead and integrate all you experienced in the year just passed.

Do you have a bodily YES?

My deep heart desire is for people to experience entrepreneurship 

as the journey of homecoming to themselves, abundant expression more of who they are and easeful prosperity.

Welcome to my sanctuary

Give yourself the January gift of starting the year with a clean slate as you dive through the doors of my sanctuary and land in your very own.

 How was your journey in 2022? What are you anchoring and embodying more of in 2023? By tuning deeply into your body senses you can receive information about what is to come in your business and life, rather than trying to create “shoulds” with your monkey-mind. You may be surprised about what comes through – perhaps it will be bigger than you currently imagine!

Join the portal of softness with yourself and let’s listen what your body wisdom has to say. I am here to support you as you rewire your definitions of business and start to act in alignment with how you really want to feel in your entrepreneurship journey.

In this mini retreat…

You will be guided by me and also invited to participate and be witnessed by your fellow entrepreneurs, as we cover the following topics:

  • Anchoring your business vision for 2023 and listening to what your business and business eco-system needs now.
  • Integrate and let go of all you experienced in 2022. What were your key lessons?
  • Shifting your foundation and way of being from a controlling paradigm to a receiving paradigm.
  • Increasing your relational capacity as I guide you into a deeper look at what I call the “business and relational paradigm”.
  • Getting clear and claiming your deepest longing for 2023.
  • Intimate group and personal sharing, as well as meditations for slowing down and receiving from a more expanded version of yourself.
  • An invitation to my sanctuary: ways you can deepen and be supported by me next year. I will tell you about all the different options available which you can tailor to suit your financial situation as you expand.

Practical Information:

Please bring a notebook and set yourself up for entering the portal of your own sanctuary – you can make tea for yourself, light a candle and have a soft pillow or blanket at hand so you feel super cosy and ready to allow your body some relaxation and reflection time.

3 hours long (breaks included)

Donation based, suggested range: 35 – 250 dollars.

Monday, January 16

6.00 PM Tbilisi time

3:00 PM CET Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris,

2:00 PM London time,

9:00 AM Eastern Time (USA)

I invite you this year to step fully in your business, mission and embodied capacity of your greatness!

Do you have a bodily YES?