Nervous System Calibration

Nervous system is the foundational bridge of our dreams and embodiment. It is what helps to stay calm, stay in the body, stay grounded, helps us deal with stress. It’s our main guardian that protects & keeps us safe.

Regulation of your nervous system is an essential quality for you to rewire your patterns, be able to hold and handle more with ease and flow. It’s your capacity to feel safe in expansion.


Some examples if you function and build your business from dysregulated nervous system:

  • You are a chronic people-pleaser.
  • You are proud you are a workaholic but you are on a verge of burnout.
  • You feel constantly like you can’t get yourself doing things, blame yourself that you are lazy and constantly sabotaging yourself.
  • You would like to expand and go really big but feel terrified and think you just can’t handle.
  • You don’t have time for real self-care or personal life.
  • You can’t find feeling of safety, ease, calm in your system.

stop building your business…

from trauma response

 learn to listen to your body and notice your…

capacity edges


safety, inner peace & trust

Here’s how I can support you with your Nervous System:

Nervous System & 4Fs introduction

This webinar is 1-hour introductory explanation about how our nervous system works and 4Fs (Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn).

People often work and create business and all their life from unregulated nervous system and trauma response. And often they even don’t know it because that’s how they functioned many years, it became familiar state of being.

Pay as you wish, minimum donation being 15 euro.

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