Ep. 12. Why crypto and why now (w/David Khan)

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Money and New Economy (podcast), Money Capacity (podcast), Podcast


I am coming back with my podcast under a new name: “The New Business Paradigm”.  This new podcast will also features livestreams now. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to join my livestreams in the future.

On this episode, I invited another great thought leader David Khan to discuss the new financial & economic system shift – crypto currencies.

We elaborated the key question: “why crypto and why now”? We discussed how crypto is fundamentally different from fiat currency, what are the biggest misconceptions about crypto, what is “wrong” with crypto, what is good, what keeps people from getting into crypto, what are bigger financial cycles that affects where we are right now and much more. We also shared our personal journeys and discoveries managing this new currency in our lives.

David is a man who has lived many lives. He is a deep generalist – one whose expertise lies in weaving the interconnectedness between multiple facets of life. David is the founder of Octave Leap and the main host on the live show.  He sees a very positive use case for crypto/Web3 technologies and is actively building a project and educating people on how to navigate this exciting world in a wise manner.

You can take a “Discover your Crypto Personality Type” quiz and receive David’s guide when signing up for his newsletter at https://www.octaveleap.com/crypto-personality-test/.

Also, you can follow David and his work on social media: InstagramTelegramWebsiteTwitter.

If you would like to take further actions regarding crypto, David offers those courses:
– High-frequency Cryptocurrency workshop (choose your contribution, minimum $15): 
– Crypto Revolution 6-week

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