How to choose the right Human Design consultation?

Are you searching for Human Design Consultant/Analyst but don’t know which one to choose?

Well, there are 2 types according to my investigation. None of them are better or worse. It’s more what works for you and what do you need. So, there are:

CLASSIC ONES that follow the raw teaching and use the language of the founder Ra Uru Hu. Their aim is to transmute the knowledge and language by quoting direct source so it stays original. If that feels close to the heart, you can go to:

Jovian Archive (founded by Human Design father Ra Uru Hu and his family in 1999. You can find a long list of people to choose from including the original founder Ra Uru Hu recordings).

My personal favorite teacher who has her own school – Laveena Arches

MODERN ONES embody the material and aim to translate it through them and their own gifts. The purpose is to bring that information in an authentic form that people understand and relate to. For this, here are some examples, just to name a few:

Ayla Verhijen (she is Human Design and Marketing blend gem).

Jenna Zoe

Vaness Henry

Samantha Zagar (Human Design and Therapy)

BG5 Business Institute (Business translation and topics).

And there are many more with different specializations and twists to it.

My own Human Design sessions

I was trained by classic consultants who even worked directly with founder Ra himself. But in my sessions, I choose to be a Modern Consultant.

For me, it is key not only to share all the knowledge but that it really reaches you! I often adapt the language to people’s design, where generally energy flows based on their design and choose the journey intuitively.

I love to meet WHO and WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW in your life. Sometimes we focus more on conditioning and shadow areas, sometimes more on how to manage energy and make the right decisions for you, sometimes on the life path, core essence and traits, sometimes we go very practical business language about money and profit potential in your design, sometimes all of it.

For me, it is all about what is alive in you at the moment, how can I make it practical for you, how can we find the access point to go deeper to the core, how can it be helpful.

Otherwise, Human Design wisdom is just information, just another cool tool for your mind to play with but not really having a knowing what to do with it. And believe me, this tool is not built for that.

What is your experience with Human Design? And what are your go-to sources? Do you know what type of consultant/analyst fits you?

Business platforms that enable your full sovereignty & data security


Running business with full personal freedom and integrity, is what I stand for, what I care about hugely and I believe that’s what our new “business paradigm” fundamentally is all about.

My allergy for manipulation and brainwash reached all times high. I can’t tolerate even slightly what I sense or experience comes with energy of harm, abuse, manipulation, deceit, destroys nature, tries to control, limits my freedom, don’t hear me or my needs, don’t honor my boundaries, and wants to take my power without my consent.

I believe it is just a matter of time, till privacy-intrusive services exploiting and manipulating our data disappear from the market.

So, for a while now, I did huge “INTEGRITY AUDIT” of all the platforms, providers, partners and tools I built my business with. I try to examine each new provider as much as I can. I look for what they stand for, their “why”, their values, their management and team, their customer service, etc. At the end, it is a close relationship I go into here. Some services I use almost on a daily basis. I can’t stress enough what a huge impact energetically it had on me after leaving some of them.

Deeper I was digging, more shocking realizations came to me: “how deeply ingrained and normalized harm, manipulation and abuse is in our society, structures and everyday life…”. I was keep thinking to myself: “How can we be OK with it? Why do we continue to allow it?”

As a result, I moved almost to all new platforms and some are still in the exploration stage. In case, you want to explore that for yourself too, here are some suggestions of my research:

  • Extra security. Make sure you secure all or at least your key platforms and data with an extra level of security: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Authy, or hardware authentication device (UFA) – Yubikees. Warning here, make sure you install 2FA on several devices and buy at least two UFA keys because if you loose one, there is no customer service which could help you to restore it. You have complete and ultimate ownership of it. So, have your extra “backdoor key ready”.
  • Online security and privacy, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Protonmail offers it for free. Check if your antivirus system offers one. It will secure your connection to the internet and give you more unrestricted & anonymous use of the web. In other words, it helps protect your online activities: sending emails, shopping online, or paying bills.
  • And last but not least, get your camera phone covers.

These are the great basic starting points in my opinion and if you prefer to go even further, here are a couple of great articles for that:

I will keep updating this page with new information I discover.

What are your favorite non-harming platforms and providers who act with integrity and security? Let’s help each other.

How people get lost in their careers

‘I’m stuck! I don’t enjoy my career anymore but I’m not sure if I should start something on my own or if I should find another job. I’ve lost my passion for everything.’

This is the most common sentence I hear when people approach me for coaching. And when I dig a little deeper, I hear loss. I hear separation and disconnection from their own truth, people without a compass, trying to find their personal north. For some, it’s like waking up in a foreign country.

‘How did I get here?’

Let me tell you: step by step. And let me show you the way back which you may not expect.

Losing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when the ‘slave you’ do whatever your body urges you not to. It happens when you make small choices and big decisions according to the ‘not-self’. And it occurs whenever you don’t stand in your truth.

Loosing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It happens when the ‘slave you’ does whatever your body urges you not to.

Little by little, day by day, you normalize the loss of your unique self until you don’t know who you are anymore and you wake in a foreign land, not knowing how to get home.

The real work doesn’t always lie in the obvious violation of your boundaries, your authenticity or your inner voice. Some people do struggle to enforce their truth in the big things but, for many, the work occurs where most of our daily life resides – in the small choices of life, the routine moments of the day.

Remember, everything you tolerate, you allow, so I would like to invite you to investigate all the small and big boundaries you ignore on a daily basis.

Keep in mind the various boundaries (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc.) and watch for the following in all areas of your life:

  • Every small ‘YES’ (while you mean ‘NO’ and when all ‘NOs’ start piling up).
  • Every small ‘I HAVE TO’ (while you force yourself to be someone you’re not).
  • Every time you swallow self-expression (and you repurpose valuable energy to suppress yourself instead).
  • Every self-sabotaging story like ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s not important, it’s not a big deal’ (when it actually is a big deal, you risk betraying yourself).
  • Every minute you stay in a place or with people ‘just to be nice’ (while everything inside you screams ‘I just want to leave right now, I can’t breathe anymore!’ This is self-abuse).

Remember, everything you tolerate, you allow, so I would like to invite you to investigate all the small and big boundaries you ignore on a daily basis.

The good news is that you end up stuck through your choices. The better news? You always have a choice. This is your fundamental right, and nobody can take that away from you.

So, what do you choose?

Where is your energy leaking? What are the blockages to your natural innate flow? Where have you allowed the ‘not self’ to make decisions on your behalf?

The chicken soup story

I would like to share a beautiful story about how the world is changing in front of our eyes, the true bonds of affection and how chicken soup can be the new world money.

A young man approached me asking for my coaching services but unable to pay. I immediately noticed his huge potential and extremely beautiful pure heart. I saw this new world wisdom coming out of him which he was not aware of because it was so innate and natural for him, but it was often misunderstood by this world’s rules and rejecting his ways of being.

So, I asked him for some time to reflect and I returned with a newly adapted offer. I asked him to pay a symbolic fee within his budget; bring me some meals and when his financial situation is in a better place – to pay it forward to someone else who will be in need. He liked it and even asked me to put those meals in the contract, and so I did.

Lately, I had been very busy supporting people and I felt really tired. I couldn’t give anymore, so I decided to take a day off, to go within and recharge myself. And guess what? My new awesome client called regarding his meal delivery. Out of all the days, he decided to deliver the food on the day when I needed nourishment the most! Isn’t that the way nature works? A true way of abundance to provide you what you need, when you need it.

I was eating this homemade warm Indonesian chicken soup and my heart kept melting… I quickly realized, it was much more than just a nutritious meal. It was like this magical healing chicken soup made by a Grandmother. Do you recall those? The ones made from love and care. It quickly enriched all of my senses and took me back to those childhood days when I felt safe, carefree, loved and taken care of… I completely merged into it…

And then I thought to myself: What is the price for this moment?  How do you put the price tag on matters that you cannot measure but gives you warmth & true abundance in your heart?

I reflected even more deeply about the times we are in now, how the world is shifting and those young talented people already coming with so much wisdom beyond their years… They do challenge everything from the core. But not boldly, or the pushy way how we used to think about the revolution. They do it with so much more gentleness, openness, and love. I must say, they have much to give and teach us. And they need a different environment to flourish, to bring their new innate wisdom, innovation and different way of being that they already gently ask us for. They are open and seek guidance from us but the era where you tell people what to do because you are older, think to know better or because ‘we always did it this way’ is over…

The youth do challenge everything from the core. But not boldly, or the pushy way how we used to think about the revolution. They do it with so much more gentleness, openness, and love.

A lot of people are waiting for the business to come back to normal. But it is impossible… It will never be the same. If you really pay attention it was already changing in front of our eyes for a while. There is a reason why coaching became the second largest sector to grow in the world in a matter of just a few years. People are questioning things and we will start reshaping even more deeply the way we are or want to be, and how we want to relate which each other fundamentally.

It was talked a lot about how there is so much more than money can’t buy or pay for, how important to accept who you are and each other’s differences, but I guess the talking time is over and we finally have to create and daily live that world where the purity of individuality is above the power of dynamics, rules and rigid structures, where human needs and true connections are above the money and discussions of influence, where you can be you and I can be me.  Because if you are open to this possibility to live for real, it can bring you to unexpected precious places and open your heart, like this decision to help the person from the bottom of my heart did to me… And it doesn’t have to be big, sometimes it is enough just to really hear each other out and receive that Indonesian chicken soup that money can’t buy…

I guess the talking time is over and we finally have to create and daily live that world where the purity of individuality is above the power of dynamics, rules and rigid structures, where human needs and true connections are above the money and discussions of influence, where you can be you and I can be me.

My Favourite Way to Deal with Fear

The words of George Addair often ring through my head: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

That sounds great, doesn’t it? But what does it mean for you in your daily life? How do you actually do it? How do you go about finding the other side of fear?

When I read this quote, it almost seems like I just need to take one small step across the border between fear and no fear and everything will work out. However, as we know all too well, sometimes taking that first step can be an incredibly difficult and frightening thing. Sadly, there is no way around fear, no bypass. The only way to conquer the fear is to look it in the eyes.

I want to share with you my favorite way to deal with it. There are three steps to this technique.

1.     Name that fear!

First of all, you have to be really honest with yourself and name what kind of fear you are dealing with. This essential first step requires complete truth. Make a list, write it all down, put a finger on it and get to the core of your fear. It’s very important to label and correctly identify as they say “the elephant in the room”.

Ask yourself: “What is it that you are so afraid of?”

Here is a story of one of my own fears…

One of my excuses for not starting my own business was that I didn’t want to work alone. In my corporate career, I had a busy role which involved constantly interacting with people from all over the world. My office door was constantly swinging with people coming and going. It made me alive to be in the heart of business matters and being able to make the difference for people. I not only loved this interaction, but I also loved the opportunity to mix with a multicultural and diverse group of people.

This always gave me so many insights into people and allowed me to see different perspectives. It also invigorated me and provided me with tons of energy. I loved the feeling that is connected to people & business gave me, and I thrived on it.

So, I was very afraid that this need I had wouldn’t be met when I began working for myself as a coach. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to not have any work colleagues. I feared that I would feel lonely and disconnected from the world. I was afraid that seeing a few clients each week would not be enough of interaction and impact for changing people’s lives.

Step one, I needed to notice the story I run and label that fear very clearly. That would go something like this:

If I work as a coach without any colleagues, I will feel lonely and disconnected from people. I won’t get the energy I crave from socializing and collaborating or gain as many perspectives, insights, and inspirations. I won’t be able to contribute and make a difference for many people because I won’t be in the business place where all important things and decisions are happening.

2. Challenge and question your fear.

Now that you have identified your fear and put a label on it, the next step is to challenge and question this fear. If you are strongly attached to fear and it feels really true, firstly ask yourself some questions to detach from it. I highly recommend the 4 questions suggested by Byron Katie*:

1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to question 3.)

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4. Who or what would you be without the thought?

It is very important to realize that your fear is only a thought in your head, just an idea out of many possibilities you chose to focus on. In other words, the only thing you are scared of here is a thought.

The only thing you are scared of is a thought.

In the world, where everything is possible, there is an unlimited amount of perceptions and beliefs. Everything you believe in your head reflects and manifests in real life as a projection of it. So, why not to choose a better feeling thought about it instead?

You can challenge your fear by going to the question that usually guides you straight to the other side of it:

What if the opposite is in fact true?

Because you have already written down your fear, you can now simply write down the exact opposite, quickly and easily.

Let’s return to my own fear to see what that would look like…

What if, working as a coach, I will have more colleagues and feel more connected to people. I will get even more energy from socializing and gain far more perspectives, insights, and inspirations. And I will make an even bigger difference for more people.

To think the opposite in the eyes of fear can feel stretchy and mind-blowing sometimes. Even if it doesn’t feel true at that moment, doing it still has a great benefit. It disrupts an automatic pattern within your brain. By not allowing your fear to be reinforced, you break the momentum and focus of it as a firmly-held belief. Sometimes only this question can be enough to stop your procrastination and enable you to move towards action.

3. Collect the evidence for an empowering thought.

Your fear has been named and you have challenged the legitimacy of that fear. The next step is to collect as much evidence as possible to support your new, opposite viewpoint.

“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” – Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks Publishing.

So, by re-imagining and re-focusing your fear and collecting fresh facts, you put the spotlight on the newly formed idea. You compound it until it becomes your new firmly held belief and has manifested itself in your life.

How did this impact my own fear?

One year after writing down, labeling and challenging my own fear, I realized it turned out to be even more opposite than I could have imagined back then. Now, I work at several offices and not only do I have colleagues/clients from all over the world but even better, now I get to choose them. This all has allowed me to find a healthy and natural rhythm where my working needs, my self-realization, and energy balancing needs are being met even better. Due to that, I now find myself more fulfilled and energized than ever before. And most importantly, it has allowed me to have a deeper and truer connection with people. Now, I am really able to be at the core where the most important things happen in life – people’s hearts and places of raw vulnerability. I’ve never lived my personal life’s purpose better.

Who could have thought it? This is this the thing about fear – it can never see what you will gain, it always only sees what you will lose.

Fear can never see what you will gain, it always only sees what you will lose.

What is the fear that stops you from living your life to its full potential? Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, the opposite is true? So, go on. Step one….name that fear.


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Shifting the Foundation

What we are up against
  • Shadow work”. Identify and integrate unwanted (often subconscious) aspects of yourself.
  • Work through the barriers, limiting beliefs and habits.
  • Work through emotional blockages and recurring patterns
  • Let go of fears and baggage – what is not serving you anymore

Building Your True Potential

What we go towards
  • Connect to your innate truth, talents and unlock your true potential.
  • Define your authentic self & discover your unique voice.
  • Develop self-love, self-worth & self-confidence.
  • Create an empowering belief system and new identity.

Purpose and Legacy

Who you’re called to be:
  • Align life purpose, personal vision & values.
  • Unravel your talents & create your personal strategy for success.
  • Learn to express your truth to the world in the most effective way.
  • Begin developing supporting resources and skill sets.

How to expand your capacity to receive

Snowflakes elegantly waltz down from the sky as I gaze through my frosty window. I sip on my warm cup of aromatic tea and drift off into a dreamland of thoughts.

I find myself observing people lately… those who are very ambitious and strive for the stars and others who embrace a simplistic way of living; all of these people say they are happy where they are currently but secretly aim for more.

The first ones are working so hard, trying all kind of strategies, action lists, vision boards, more of this or that, or whatever it takes to reach their goal. The quiet ones are more paralyzed, like someone is holding them back. They go on with their lives yet when alone, allow those big dreams from a land far, far away to appear in their imagination. But they just take a deep breath, say to themselves “one day…” and go on with their daily routine. There is no time for this fantasy right now.

I’ve found myself on both sides of the spectrum until I realized the paramount step between a dream and its implementation rests in the CAPACITY TO RECEIVE.

The paramount step between a dream and its implementation rests in the CAPACITY TO RECEIVE.

Oftentimes we have big dreams (and you should dream big) but we are not ready to allow them in our life due to a lot of blockages, limiting beliefs, perceived worthiness issues, etc. You name it. You can dream about the stars but you will not be able to reach them until you pop that glass ceiling.

If you don’t break down the walls around you, your dream may come true but if your capacity to receive is not yet there, your dream will leave as suddenly as it arrived. That’s why some people who, for example, win the lottery lose all the money in no time; they meet an amazing person but are not able to maintain a long-term relationship. They experience only a glimpse of the magic they want and desire because their capacity is ready only for that amount that remains.

It’s very hard and almost impossible to put all your dreams, passions and goals, such as your big loving family, your expensive hobbies, your ambitious work, your alone time, in a tiny one bedroom apartment. If you want to fit all of your dreams and enjoy them, first you will need to get a bigger place. In other words, expand your capacity to receive all the wonderful blessings about to come into your life. Expand your boundaries and get energetically ready to receive more.

In order to go three steps further, sometimes you actually need to take a few steps back. Instead of focusing on the way of doing more, pay more attention to your way of being. To figure out why you are not living your dreams, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is holding me back? Often what is holding you back can be fear of failure, fear of success, lack of self-worth, other limiting beliefs, and so on.

2. What is pulling me away? For example, your to-do list, your job, your excuses, your procrastination, etc. may be derailing you.

3. Who do I need to become to match what I want? If you want that amazing partner, you need to become that amazing partner yourself to match that frequency.

Another good way to become aware of the beliefs limiting you is to imagine that your dream has already came true: the love of your life, abundance, dream job is already here; you have it! This is it.

How do you feel? Did you happen to notice where the resistance came in when you imagined it? This is your glass ceiling that needs to pop open; this is where you are not ready… Where do you feel your dream is too much? Where do you feel you are not worth it? What is holding you back? What do you need to change or do in order to feel more comfortable in this new reality?

When you break through one wall, do it again and again till you expand your capacity to receive more.

Sometimes the fastest way to manifest your dreams is not by SEEKING them but ALLOWING them to be received.