You can’t claim your big YES if you didn’t claim your fullhearted NO

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I never felt so good in my body, in my life, in my relationships, with my money, and in my business as I am now. And it still feels like I am just starting.

It didn’t happen over night, I didn’t fall suddenly into a great success. I arrived here from a compound of many big and very little choices, sometimes very difficult, unpopular, executive choice.

I learnt to listen to my body guidance though sometimes I couldn’t find any logic in it, sometimes it felt like jumping from the cliff into complete unknown where I was invited to surrender and embrace uncertainty as the new normal. I also left so many people behind which got me wondering in the process if there will be any of them left in my life at all…

It was damn painful to be perceived as black sheep or weird while breaking all those traditional societal norms and walk unpaved pathways while crafting my life and business. We all want to be loved and belong. But I was committed to myself, my purpose, my non conventional path! I did make a promise to myself.

Gladly, it is the law of nature that empty space always fills in.

And my life started to fill with new amazing people, absolutely mind-blowing soul clients, enriching experiences, money started to flow with ease but even more importantly for me – from the place of love, purity & integrity. I could feel more, sense more, love more. Isn’t it true wealth of life?

And from where I am today, I realise that often we are actually not even able to really say full hearted YES to our wildest desires and receive our dream life before we truly claim and own our full unapologetic NO in every cell of our body and all corners of our lives. It’s impossible to furnish our sanctuary with new fancy stuff if old furniture is occupying that space. And there is no way around it but only through the clean up.

If you are in that clean up phase, I just want you to know – it does get better! Don’t give up please! Universe always rewards the brave hearts. And also beginnings are always the hardest. Don’t be scared to claim your NO despite how uncomfortable that may feel because it’s your pathway to sometimes beyond your imagination amazing YES possibilities!

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Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. My professional life journey contains certified psychology degrees and about 18 years’ professional experience in talent development, building businesses, and various Human Resources positions. In all of these capacities, my favorite work has always been having powerful conversations that help people go deeper, connect with their truth, challenge their perspectives and unleash their innate potential.

Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

I share insights and discoveries from my own journeys but as well from people I support and help to grow. I hope you enjoy this “Caffeine for Soul” blog and it gives you some food for thought.

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