The biggest medicine of the capacity work for me personally

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More I am allowing myself to hold bigger in my business, more it ripples everywhere. I am able to create, enjoy, hold more in my personal life, in relationships, feelings and experiences too.

It also goes in both continuum ends the way this beautiful expansion grows. More I am leading, managing, creating and holding, more I am invited to surrender, let go, be nourished and receive. Its like two sides of the coin in the capacity journey going hand in hand. Like breath in and breath out: 

☘️I am allowing to be held more, to surrender, lean back, allow support systems and be truly nourished… and not just as the concept but fully with all my cells. Funnily, more I allow it, more the universe showers me with that.

☘️When I rest, I really allow myself to rest deeply and fully. The house can collapse, I am switched off & recharging my batteries😂.

☘️When I am showered with life’s delights & abundance, I slow down and notice all nuances that feel not safe to enjoy, receive & feel. And I allow to experience and to take in the richness through all the senses fully. I also allow joy from the bottom of my heart, not holding back.

☘️If I am challenged with adversities, I hold myself with kindness choosing to navigate through all of it with open heart instead of putting guards up and running through it with resistance, defensive mechanism. If it hurts me or breaks my heart, I choose to feel it to the bones of it.

Because at the end, capacity work is about your capacity to experience life, yourself and what is possible with all the colours and flavours it offers, fully… If you close your heart to protect yourself, you close your heart from love, magic and goodness too. It goes both ways. And if you do that, you can never truly hold more because contraction, closing up is the opposite of expansion, easeful energy.

Due to that, the biggest medicine of the capacity work so far was the gift of SAFETY to be in this life, with myself, in my body, in highs and lows.

Shifting from “how to protect myself” to the deep serene SAFETY feeling inside my body that no matter what happens, I know I can handle it, I can hold it, I can feel it, I can receive it, I can go through it.

…and I will be OK🦋

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