Ep. 8 Energetic Marketing with Ayla Verheijen

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Podcast, Visibility and Marketing (podcast), Visibility Capacity (podcast)


What does it take to switch from manipulative & fear-based marketing to authentic marketing? And why is marketing often extra challenging for sensitive & heart-based entrepreneurs? That’s what we talk about in this episode.

My guest Ayla Verheijen decided to go to the root cause of this topic of marketing. For years she studied psychology of widely used marketing methods, and disruptively shed all the “shoulds” of how marketing must be done. She created her own journey towards what she calls “magnetic marketing”, which is all about radically being yourselves. Sharing your true voice with the world is like coming out, and Ayla shares some of the deep inner work she had to do to reach that place. After 6 years of research, she decided to share her (un)training The Marketing Revolution,where she  brings Purpose work, Human Design, Shadow work  and her marketing knowledge together in a powerful and creative cocktail. The (un)training starts the 1st of October, and will be a journey towards yourself, towards embracing your unique voice, and bringing that voice out into the world fully.

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Energetic Marketing

Elaira Tickute  00:06

Thank you for joining to welcome future with me. My name is Elaira. And on this podcast I invite non conventional business leaders talk about sometimes very disruptive, and totally new ways of doing business. And today on this episode, we are going to talk about shift from manipulative marketing towards what through and authentic marketing is, and practical examples how it really works. Here is a sneak peek of conversation with my guest Ayla.

Ayla Verheijen  00:39

Now you bring it up and you said there’s no titles on my website. So to me, the whole website feels like my title but more of an energetic title. And most people who come to my website, they’re like, I could really feel you like it. It really spoke to me. And I think that comes from way deeper than just the title.

Elaira Tickute  00:59

What I liked most about Ayla she decided to go to the root cause of this topic of marketing. For six years she was the diving, questioning all the details, shedding all shifts and how marketing must be done. And she created her own journey towards magnetic marketing, which comes from the truth and deep inner work she did herself. Welcome Ayla Thank you. It’s such a pleasure to have you here. We’ve been talking a lot about it and finally it’s happening.

Ayla Verheijen  01:39

Yes. And even in this special place in your beautiful little office.

Elaira Tickute  01:44

Oh, yeah. My home office. Yes. I was thinking a lot how to introduce you because I know we talking about being authentic and authenticity. Even I checked your website. I did my homework but it was so hard to introduce you in old fast ways like what you do what is your title? Because I couldn’t even find your title or your website.

Ayla Verheijen  02:10

I didn’t even know like, yeah,

Elaira Tickute  02:13

it was like, how do I bring you? How do we start conversation with you in authentic way? Actually, I would love to introduce you with your own words. And you said, Where are you right now? Is your marketing. Oh, we just talking about right time, so maybe you can introduce yourself? Where are you right now? 

Ayla Verheijen  02:37

Um, I like that. Like right now. It really feels I live in a grounded fairy deal. Oh, when like 10 years ago, I had like this picture perfect image. Like everything would be in place. amazing results. Amazing boyfriend, blahdy blahdy blah. But now I feel I have old and my company is flowing For the first time, I feel like my friends network, which is very important, really lifting me up or like, I wish my friends just like with our friendship and have a beautiful relationship. So all those outside things are in place. But when you look inside, you see it’s grounded very well, because Am I still triggered? Like, on a kind of daily basis? Totally. Yes, I am still triggered. That’s life. Am I you know, am I sensitive? And I’m like, oh, why is this happening to me? Yes, for a second. Yes. But those are just small moments, invitations to move to an even deeper place of the fairytale. Instead of that I feel all I’m obstructive, I’m not getting anywhere. So that’s where I feel I am right now in a very happy place, but not happiness, superficial way. There’s like so many things happening and there are days where I’m like, just Lying on the couch, just you know, completely started out like, okay, I cannot do anything else but this. But I think the difference is I learned more to surrender to that instead of fighting against it because I know it brings me Yeah, where I want to be most of the time, even when shits hit the fan in my linky toes. I’m still happy no and no like this is this is just what’s happening now and it will reveal me something sort of just fundation where happiness has left its superficial picture. Yeah, what it should be.

Elaira Tickute  04:35

Yeah. Beautiful. Yes. And talking about those titles and marketing. Is it any more relevant to say your title to bring your title or bring? This is what I do. 

Ayla Verheijen  04:48

In the past, it was so triggering to me. And always when I went to networking events, there’s like a question comes again. What am I going to see? And the funny thing is now you bring it up and you said there’s no title On my website, and it’s not even like a conscious decision. I just decided to create my website in a way that I like it, that I’m having fun creating it. And I feel like I’m expressing myself. So to me, the whole website feels like my title, but more of an energetic title. And most people who come to my website, they’re like, I could really feel you like it really spoke to me. And I think that comes from way deeper than just the title. But I want to know, if you get excited by your title, you’re like, I found the perfect words to describe myself. Go for it. Yeah. However, if it tracks you down, and you feel you need to put yourself in a box, but there’s choice, right? Yeah.

Elaira Tickute  05:49

Yeah, I love that because I still play with that. I love to keep my title because I love even the energy when I say those words. Exactly.

Ayla Verheijen  05:57


Elaira Tickute  05:58

And let’s start what that problem of why we are talking here today? Let’s dive into the topic. I even have chills just saying that. So, excited because it’s such an important bridge, expressing yourself to the world and what you do and what do you want to create? What I noticed there are so many people who want to create their authentic, heart based business from their core, and when they start, they still fall in those old ways of doing business. old ways of marketing. Totally. Yes. Why is that?

Ayla Verheijen  06:35

I’ve asked myself for a long time because I saw myself doing it. Like in my head. I knew this is actually stupid to manipulate people to use like little tricks or to kind of dirt trying to drag people into my courses in my head. I knew Okay, that’s not the way right. However, I started to understand. I can think I want to do it differently, but I have to change My being so I just start to do it differently. And what I noticed is that, I would say, especially for sensitive people, but I think for many people, what they learn to do when they were young is becoming someone else than they were. And this goes deep. This is just not the little bit. This goes very deep. So most often the parents will try to mold their kids. But also schools, if you look at them from more objective, outside perspective, their military, yeah, like, this is what we want you to say like over and over again. So in a way, we’ve been brainwashed to become someone else than we are. And in order to do that successfully, because we want success as a kid, we want to be loved, we want to be seen, so we’ll try whatever it’s needed to get that. What we do is we start repressing our intuition and we start repressing our natural radiance and our natural radiance is that thing which is actually our Marketing, which is actually super attractive, but also often disruptive because it’s so powerful. So those thing we started suppressing intuition radians are the most important things for our marketing. So when we’ve learned like for 2030 4050 years to suppress them, we cannot expect from ourselves shift from one to the other day into doing marketing in different way got to learn. We will be hooked by the old system, like there will be openings in our systems like insecurities, where that old manipulative marketing will hook into. And it’s what happened, especially at moments when you’re touting yourself. So I would just say, when you feel you think you should do something you’re doubting, and then start to look for marketing solutions, just that go for a moment. Because often when you’re already in a somewhat lower place, then you’re more vulnerable to that. So that’s something I Very important to become aware of and just not to do any more. I think at the moment, just sit with yourself.

Elaira Tickute  09:06

I can’t wait to dig deeper, you know, just sharing so many beautiful words and tips already about what is that magnetic marketing but maybe you can share more? What is that magnetic marketing and how it is different from this manipulative marketing that we are shifting from.

Ayla Verheijen  09:30

Give mean an hour? Magnetic marketing is going to the core of who you are, because if you don’t know it yourself, you cannot bring it into the world. And then when you go to the core, what you find there is gold. It’s such a strong, beautiful energy which is given to you to share with the world and it’s different for everybody. It has a different taste for everybody. For some people will have more kind of like a waking up vibe. And if you listen you can kind of feel does this resonate with me? So maybe waking up you’re like no, not it’s but maybe for you it’s more like you feel like I’m a loving vibe. Come on, we’re here to know each other right? That’s, that’s the main thing. And those people will say, Hey, isn’t that for everybody? Yeah, because always with your own Ico this you’re calling that energetic core like a frequency energetic signature. Yes, exactly. Your Signature and you always think from your arm but doesn’t everybody once then. But no, you wanted a little bit stronger than the rest of us. And often you’ve been trained in it by going through the opposite in the beginning of your life. So this person who has a very strong core of law fight within might have gone through us where There was lots of hate or violence like the opposite. And this is painful, but at the same time, it gives them such a deep training of you know what love is when you also know what love is not. Yeah. And then you can bring those people from one place to the other. So here we already see how your pain and your lines are very often connected to each other. And you said, What is that energetic marketing, I would say sharing your light with the world. And of course, we’ll probably go down a little bit more layers. This is still quite abstract. But this is to me the core of it. If we look at manipulative marketing, they say this is very beautiful opposition, they say manipulate the marketing. You have to change the other so they’ll buy from you. But you know, probably when you try to change your friends or strangers or whatever, never works, it never worry.

Elaira Tickute  11:55

Nobody wants to be changed. 

Ayla Verheijen  11:56

And of course they found very kind of nasty trick to play with your insecurities so it can work. But is that the way you want to go for long term success? No, because right now people are sniffing through that bullshit. They know I know what you’re trying to do here. The time is over for that kind of thing.

Elaira Tickute  12:17

Yeah, people getting really more aware and more sensitive to even though they don’t pick it up what’s wrong here but they feel something is up here. The bulshit radar is way more up. 

Ayla Verheijen  12:29

Yeah, exactly. And that’s only one hand trying to change the other on the opposite side. We go to that was manipulative marketing. If you go to an energetic marketing, you’re changing yourself. You’re connecting deeper to yourself, and it means you’ll become more influential. The confidence you’re radiating will become stronger and just pause a moment and think Who do you want to buy from? Its people who you feel are genuinely happy and confident.

Elaira Tickute  13:02

That feels good.

Ayla Verheijen  13:04

I want more of that too. 

Elaira Tickute  13:05

Yes. To be honest, I’m thinking how long back it started, but for me, a lot of people say it just feels right to work with you or I just felt impulse.  Because even Iwhen i ask: “What did you like about my website?” They cannot tell. Only “just felt right”. Yeah, it’s very true people more and more want to work with who you are instead of what you do.

Ayla Verheijen  13:27

And to give just one little very tangible example with your website, such a great example. You could have created your website and look like okay, what do others want, need to be on this page and then kind of like, push yourself to copy that formula? And then people would feel the energy of somebody copying someone else, not your entity, it would make a mismatch. So they would feel kind of like something doesn’t feel rrrr.

Elaira Tickute  13:54

Yeah, something is contradicting. Yes, exactly.


But now what you did probably is waiting. And I know it because you’ve told me (for the Human Design page). You’re like, I don’t feel like writing it. So you didn’t write it. But from the past schools, you’ve got to do this now. Because schools were pushing us and our parents, we learn to push ourselves, that’s the connection. And when we slowly learn to not push ourselves in, and if we don’t feel like writing it, no, don’t write it right now. And then you wait it. And then one day you said it just came out. 

Elaira Tickute  14:31

It came out all I was surprised myself. That was done in one day. Yeah.

Ayla Verheijen  14:35

Yes. And then what? What can be felt on that page? Your energy? Yeah.

Elaira Tickute  14:41

Yeah, very, very true. And talking about that, right timing. I love that you bring it up. Because what I know about you that you created this magnetic marketing course almost one year ago. Is it right or one and a half? The marketing revolution? So you have this beautiful training which is very extensive. Why didn’t you lounch earlier? Why was so long wait? For one year, it’s a long time and why now? Why does it feel right now to be ready?

Ayla Verheijen  15:07

Yeah, that’s a great question. And it’s true. It’s for one and a half years and even one year ago, my speech was like 90% finished. And I’m not talking about simple sales page. I created like the most creative while there were like several pages to in sight. I probably worked 40 hours on my soap page alone. That’s just a guess. But that’s what I’m feeling. And then I had it finished and the excitement was kind of gone. So I felt there were still some foggy places. If people asked me I couldn’t give a fully clear answer. For example, the finances what will they ask for? My boyfriend asked me and I started talking like yeah, this Tuesday. Okay, you can hear not like a clear answer, which I knew if I now would push it out into the world. I would have Do it by force. And I went already said to myself, I wouldn’t do that anymore. I wouldn’t force myself even though my mind was like, it was screaming like, come on, you’ve got this golden goose and you got to move the axe, right? It’s like, like freaking out. But I’ve learned also with the help of human design, which we’ll come back to later, but to trust my body and not so much my mind. So when my body would stop moving, okay, so here, I’m supposed to go and I’m just, I’ll wait and give it up. And I even didn’t know if I would ever offer this training. I made such deep commitment to never again, do sales for the sales to bring something out a project or training. Why I felt it hats to be here at this moment in time. And then Corona happens. Yeah, of course, this this will be such weird timing to do this training and all kinds of other things. Then all of a sudden, like beginning this summer I saw somebody else launch their training and I’m a manifesting generator so I’m work by responding to things outside of me. I saw that as like, oh, what about my own training? And then a combination came up of excitement but also fear, but I know death kind of fear that comes after excitement is kind of the expanding fear. So I know not to act on that and and stop. And because first getting the excitement, Like who? Oh, shit, am I really gonna do this? Oh, this is big. This is the biggest thing I have ever ever launched. And then I knew, because it’s so big. It’s like a baby. Yeah, you’re carrying it for nine months in sight and you’re not going to push the baby outside. You’re gonna wait till those things come, you know, the waves being traction. Yeah, the contractions like, you’re like, Whoa, just being pushed out of me right now. And that’s how I felt. Yeah, it’s it’s been pushed out of me if I want it or not almost like and then I felt when I started with x, I felt the excitement again. And looking back, I can see that some of the challenges I had and went through in the last one and a half years. Were the missing puzzle pieces for my training. So looking back I understand this is why interesting and it’s so beautiful. To recognize how much there’s extra for launching something from your heart or something that is so exciting or something that is even personal. And I know you’ve been working on this marketing material and in general marketing of being authentic marketing for six years or even more. So it was very mature process to come where you are now and share it and as well what I love you really, really embodied it everything you share, you went so deeply yourself. Exactly. And that’s what I want something really strong. comes up right now, but I trust it is I remember, I used to be very impatient. So big idea would hit my head. I was like, I want to bring it out. Now I want to have success. Now. I want to have money now, right? Like this very impatient child. But now I said it was a child. I know. It’s true in West like this, this inner child of mine that was so disappointed of not getting what it really, really wanted. And in dealing with that, and dealing with my shadows and really seeing like, Oh, that’s a really old part of me. Now I’ve become very, very patient because I know it pays off. Yeah,

Elaira Tickute  19:42

yeah. And this is really mature way of dealing and really knowing yourself way to create something and bring something to the world. Yeah, if you want to offer something life changing your life, itself should be life changing in the past. Otherwise, you can not offered that’s how I feel. So what are your biggest life shifting moments or takeaways in this process creating this training for people. For you personally, if you can share at least the one that pops up now the most

Ayla Verheijen  20:17

What pops up the most is actually the most obvious. First, I just saw the training the different modules, the topics I wanted to talk about and I was like, okay, because so big, this really needs to seal page in many cases I don’t make those pages I just post something on Facebook and before I know it, you know I do 10 or 20 seconds just on a spontaneous kind of offer. But here anyway, it’s big I want to speed and then I became so… energy turned from like sunny day to like, cloudy, foggy night kind of energy. Aaaa, sales page…. Because the moment that uttered the word sales page, all energy of old marketing came sweeping in.

Elaira Tickute  21:01

 Because to the word “sales” there is already so much attached. 

Ayla Verheijen  21:05

So it was like, oh, gosh, oh, I actually really don’t feel like it. But of course, I mean, my training is about marketing. So I said, wait a moment, wait a moment. Wait, wait, let’s let me unpack this. What’s happening here is like. Ah, this is still the old voice that comes up with things. I got to do sales page and the way other people do it. And it was so good for me to realize because sometimes I think it’s clear, right? We can do marketing in different ways. It’s not that easy. You just do your own thing, but this very, very moment where I thought, oh, I gotta do this, but I knew how strong the seduction or not even seduction with the pull can be from old marketing. If I even think now I have to do the same as others. I realized this is really important subject and then when I realized that I was like, wait, we’re going to turn this around. What if I could make myself page in any way I want? And then I felt Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and bound bars and like the whole creative channel was opening up. And he decided, I want to make playful, I want to have gifts on it. I want to have it like a game where you interact and when you’re clicking buttons, and you don’t know where you enter, I want it to be really an exciting journey to move through it. And then, I’ve never been so happy making a sales page. So there was huge inside like, Whoa, okay, what a shift is. 

Elaira Tickute  22:35

Yeah, and I actually love even how you named this “my non sales page”. Yes. Now, I understand the connection. 

Ayla Verheijen  22:43

Yes. It’s like the first thing it says is like this is “not a sales page”. When you come up with it. I wrote it out in letters, like the art of this is not a pie, right? A little bit tweaking with people’s minds.

Elaira Tickute  22:45

This beautiful example shows how important is to do your own inner work, face your own fears and shadows. And I love that you have this part part of your training. But maybe you can elaborate a bit more like why did you decide? Why is it part of marketing to do your shadow work?

Ayla Verheijen  23:16

That is a great question because it’s not often asked. So thank you. I would say really 50% if not more of your marketing is self confidence. And it’s been a word I’ve been struggling with a lot. And I’m not talking about the inflated self confidence because then we’re still in the realm of the automotive aftermarket. I’m talking about the real one. Every impacted, we see that self confidence it has its roots in the soil of your soul. Like it goes very deep down and that soil is where you shadows also are deep, deep down within you. And when you cannot root yourself you you cannot have real self confidence when you’re kind of pushing away your shadows what I did in the past, I would always feel insecure because every moment somebody could accidentally bump into my shadow or I would accidentally bring something outside. I would have to be always on guard. And that’s what you feel with insecure people. They’re like fidgety. Yes. You don’t feel that kind of calm and rest, like doesn’t mean they think nothing is gonna happen to them. The same thing is gonna happen to them like to the fidgety, insecure person. But they know I have looked into that seller. I’ve looked into those dark depths. I’ve seen what’s there. I know some of it might still trigger me, but I know it. So if it comes, I will bring it up and I can talk about it. I can deal with it exactly

Elaira Tickute  24:51

It’s more conscious. Because it’s always coming back. It’s always triggering you when it’s not conscious and you need to work on it. 

Ayla Verheijen  24:59

Oh, and it can be so dangerous Elaira. Because I went on a road if I wouldn’t have like, something’s happened to me, I could have gone in a very dangerous road where the more you kind of push away your insecurities and have that inflate itself, like “I’m doing great, right? I’m doing really great”. And especially when you meet some gurus who just help you inflate itself because they do the same to themselves. What can happen is you do the opposite, you start to use marketing to inflate yourself even more, and you start to ride grandiose stories, even though they don’t have like roots in the real world. You kind of make yourself bigger than your are and you become like this big, very fragile balloon and you’re starting to use marketing really as a trick. 

Elaira Tickute  25:44

It  is fake persona that you’re not.

Ayla Verheijen  25:46

Yes, exactly.

Elaira Tickute  25:48

And what is this obsession about presenting ourselves better than we are? Because this is a lot about marketing so far to paint this picture how awesome I am. How great what the great products I have. Look, I have solutions, you know, like it’s all about that.

Ayla Verhijen  26:06

 I get goosebumps right now. Because I’m like, whoo, this is this is such a fascinating alley to go in like we’re taking a site turn, like, yeah. That’s such a great question. Exactly. I think what I just said, we are brittle. Many of us are brittle in the sense of, we’re fragile. We’ve learned like as a kid to become this different person. And that’s the most painful thing there is that’s like you miss the connection to yourself. And the connection to your own source is so nourishing that’s what I’m when you asked like where are you right now? Actually, that will be the right answer. I feel that connection to my own source. Not to some sort of Guru has been pointing out no my own sore I can always rely on and nothing can take that away from me. But the moment I didn’t have to, and of course, I also want it to feel good. So you start using, and finding different ways to do that. And there’s so many kind of temporary ways like cotton candy, like sugar ways to kind of give a rush of feeling good about yourself. And actually showing yourself on social media and a beautiful way in a beautiful island with the palm trees and blahdy blahdy blah, or telling the story of the amazing money you made. It’s like Red Bull. It gives you like, super high peak of like, Oh, I’m getting these likes until you make it. Exactly, exactly, but you’ll see that after that rush, the crash will actually even be deeper, right? Because your system realized that this was just a temporary solution. And that’s why I won’t want to bring people to the core that entails yes connecting with your light but also connecting with all the shadows that are actually standing in between you and in the world

Elaira Tickute  28:10

Right. Yeah. So beautiful those two sides I really love that we talking about it. Just gives me so much joy naming it so let’s look at the other sides because I noticed some people realize that just telling this beautiful story with the words yeah very beautiful butterfly candy floss candy floss, I wonder this philosopher thing, but then the other people start to share like really vulnerable and their side of sensitivity and what they go through and where they are at which is beautiful. But sometimes I like I feel when people share the shadow I’m just drawn in their drama. It doesn’t feel right to me.

Ayla Verheijen  28:53

I just see the swamp and you’re like “help, help”.

Elaira Tickute  28:55

I think, why did I join here? So when is the right way to share your shadow and your journey and that side of maybe not “candy floss” and beautiful and when is not? how to know for people?

Ayla Verheijen  29:11

Hmm, the thing that actually comes up first is: everything we do, also everything we talked about in this podcast, can become another trick for your ego, even like sharing folder or be you think like, Oh, I got a lot of likes when I did that past time maybe I should just do it again and again and again and again. So my first question always would be, don’t focus on the content of what you share because no matter if it’s like the vulnerability or the beautiful thing to share both can actually be dragging down others Hmm. That’s that’s not just the vulnerable. It’s not about the content. What is my intention behind this post? Where do I come from when I write this. And this is huge difference to me. Already long time ago on Facebook, I realized I’m not here to be hurt. I’m not here to be validated. I am here because I want to offer something. Every time I post I asked myself, why do I post this? And I not like a mental question I ask what is it? I want to offer to the world? And would my past self have appreciated this post?

Elaira Tickute  30:30

Hmm, interesting question. Yeah.

Ayla Verhijen  30:33

Would have been helped in some way like feel like oh, a little bit of a relief or like seeing or like, whatever, from this post. And there’s some points are like: “nope” because you’re just showing off with something or Nope, you’re just like wanting something. Somebody to listen to you. I have friends for that. I’m not using Facebook in that way. 

Elaira Tickute  30:57

Yeah, it comes from the lack. And the other one you shared comes from what I give, what I offer, what is the abundance there that I can share.

Ayla Verheijen  31:08

And I think invulnerability, they’re amazing things to offer. But what I kind of serve between, like there’s a continuum between me being triggered and me being excited. And when I’m really excited about something, when I share that, that’s a powerful energy. And that’s a beautiful gift. Yeah, it doesn’t even have to be content, that’s a gift, but just that, that enjoyment and really sharing it that that’s a gift. But on the other end of the continuum, I’m triggered. There’s also a lot of energy there. So it can also be great gift when I share it from a point of Whoa, observation. So I’m not in the middle of it. playing out the drama. No, I’m not playing it out. I am observing it that actually Facebook can even help you because You know, other people will observe it too, it can kind of help you to stand in that observing place. That’s what it does to me. Like when I start talking about the trigger, I’m kind of almost forced to take a step back. How can I otherwise write it down clearly? And I think that’s important for some important differences.

Elaira Tickute  32:21

I love this question and this twist. And I know you have more in your pocket there. I know you have tons of tools to connect to that authentic marketing with yourself. Can you share a few more practical? 

Ayla Verheijen  32:33

Yes, great question. I think reframing is a great thing. So what I start to do is reframe my questions. So when, for example, a question how can I get more soups? I can say everybody here who’s listening to this podcast has once in their life has had this question in your head. What else are noticed? Often it’s not bringing me anymore. I Start to push because it’s often comes from I don’t have enough says I know more sales from like, again like from fear. So it’s not an uplifting question. So I reframe it. How can I become more of myself? And that’s a huge change. Wow Yeah huge change. So every time I start to ask a question about getting a result in the external environment, I reframe it back to myself and then I’m empowered again because I can change myself. I can change my results. 

Elaira Tickute  33:34

Yes, with that question you get triggered to be the slave view.  You know, like giveaway and adapt to each other. And with reframing question, you come back to yourself your own power your own sources as you say.

Ayla Verhijen  33:48

yes, yes. And then the other really nice reframe. How can I get more like some my last hour like Facebook posts, I want more likes. How can I love Myself deeper 

Elaira Tickute  34:01

Oh. I love this yes

Ayla Verhijen  34:04

Because if still somewhere you feel you need those likes there is somewhere inside yourself still a lack of liking yourself because that comes before loving yourself. I don’t think you need to start loving yourself, it’s not possible from very quick.

Elaira Tickute  34:19

Too big of the jump.Yes.

Ayla Verhijen  34:20

Yes. it’s surprising how many people really dislike themselves. Including me like in the past I really dislike many parts of myself and going to just liking and kind of starting appreciating Wow, that’s really beautiful. Like cultivating dead supporting points within you. It’s really like cheering like, like that.

Elaira Tickute  34:46

oh, this is a wonderful tips, I actually will use myself. Oh, that’s beautiful and it brings them really to your core and use one more term keeps coming up now to me, which I  really, really love. You use the word “grounded authenticity”? Can you elaborate? What is that? 

Ayla Verhijen  35:06

Huh? Yes, it’s also something I’ve been only using fairly recently. And it’s actually very simple. The moment you’ve looked at your shadows, and I’m not saying all of them, but like many of them, you come to the place of groundedness. And that’s like the base of grounded authenticity, this shadow work, I would say, and Shadow Work. I’m not telling like one hour a week, you go somewhere and telling you commit yourself to throughout the week, every day, if something comes up to say, okay, even if it doesn’t feel like comfortable, and willing to fix it in my own time, but I’m willing to face it because I know. It brings me deeper within myself and grounded authenticity is something very rare in this world. That’s what I want everybody to know. It’s very rare. They’re not many examples. So if you feel Hmm, what is it? It’s really helpful to single out this few people on Instagram and Facebook where you feel Holy Moses, they are really walking their talk, right? Really walking their talk. I thought a few times about making short list of these are my people because I’m very picky when it comes to that. Like, there’s a few people I’m like, who you really like being yourself, not with an agenda. Often this thing never has an agenda. It just wants to voice itself, but not with any agenda, not to get anything out of it. That’s huge difference. It’s just something once to come out. And then when you’ve removed the shadows, those are blocking it from coming out. Right. Those are like blocks standing in front of you and your voice kind of bumps into them and can’t really come up but when you slowly like look into them and it will dissolve whoo Your voice can go into this world.

Elaira Tickute  37:02

Yeah, it’s beautiful and I’m just seeing now I wrote a sentence from your other talk about what is embodyment of marketing or this grounded marketing and you say: “embodiment and creating marketing by being moved?”

Ayla Verheijen  37:16

Hmm totally.

Elaira Tickute  37:18

Yeah, I love that word as well, you just being moved because that’s what I feel is happening with me as well. My body just moves, just does the thing. I don’t think anymore actually my mind sometimes is behind is like what did they just say? What did I just do? Because my body is so strong. It’s so authentic. So just in the moment

Ayla Verhijen  37:37

Totally and that is very strongly connected to Human Design. Human Design gives you the tools to see like how do I go to the place of being moved even? And how does it look like

Elaira Tickute  37:49

For people who don’t know what is human design, because we dropping those words because we both are like deeply in this. Design The topic Can you shortly introduce what is human Design and why did you include as well, this part in your marketing revolution training? Hmm, yeah, it’s a big part, I would say it’s an energetic and practical roadmap to yourself, like, oh, there’s a road,

Ayla Verhijen  38:12

there’s a road. Oh, that is like not only how I make the best decisions in life, because that’s already very, very helpful. But also, that is where I’m picking up stuff from my environment energetically. That is where my strengths are, like, also my energetic strings. So I really see it as an energetic roadmap. And that’s why I think it’s especially for sensitive people. So but for everyone, but especially for sensitive people, I think it’s so relieving to see like, Oh, that is what’s happening. And it tells us, we all have a different roadmap. So we all work differently, which means we all have different marketing strategy. And which the marketing gurus Don’t say like, no, this is the way you know to do it. 

Elaira Tickute  39:07

That’s one way we all do it. That one box. Yes. Yeah. And and for me, human designers as well, basically your genotype, your genotype is not only your brown eyes while it is that you bring in the world, yes. What is your natural strength? What is your nature? And what is your nurture?

Ayla Verhijen  39:25

Totally, thank you for adding that when when I talk about marketing, I’m not just talking about showcasing your stuff. I’m also talking about what do I even want to showcase what do I even want to bring in this world and what are even my biggest talents? Because for many people, that’s actually a question struggled to and you say very right, because you design also shows us we often start living in the parts that are not as where we are most sensitive and insecure. We think we have to really like become Very strong because other people are too and where we’re very powerful that’s where it often kind of suppressed when we’re kids because it was so powerful so dare we kind of dump and our real force we have to bring into this road so can be really helpful on that side too. And what I love looking at is what kind of voice do you bring? So with the throwed arm for those who know you moneyline if there are any channels to to throw to see what kind of voice Do I have like what am I bringing? am I sharing about my emotions when it’s connected to the solar plexus? am I sharing my beautiful thoughts or ideas or stories when it’s connected to the mind already me sharing from this self to G center, my unique creative voice and those are very intuitive voice of course, when it’s connected to the spleen, very different voices, or how do I have an open throat and can I be flexible And how it should but again then you can look at the gates which are connected to the throat maybe 62 so you are here to share details and be very precise like my boyfriend. So it gives you a really nice kind of it like ah and I know it because my throat is connected to my decent so I always share from my own experience from myself it’s a very can be very vulnerable I will never share analysis you know if something is about theoretic framework or like those kind of things, because it’s just not in my design yet.

Elaira Tickute  41:34

Human Design is very scientific tool. So yes, precise, very detailed. And it just adds on what you say there are million ways of doing marketing. Yeah, you need to know who you are or not. So let go who you’re not embrace to your core who you are and share from that place.

Ayla Verheijen  41:53

Yeah, I could give for every type because that’s kind of the biggest subdivision which type Are you I could give a question which helps you with what to post if you want.

Elaira Tickute  42:05

Oh, beautiful.

Ayla Verhijen  42:06

So for all our lovely generators, including the manifesting generators, there are strategies to respond to life and to see if their gut is turned on by things or not, and then act on dead. So that question when it comes to sharing is like, does this turn me on? If attention? There’s two kinds of might be, you know, valuable sharing, because if it turns you on, it might bring live and energy and turn on to other people. But also, does it trigger me like the opposite because in both energy is happening, like lots of lots of energy, and those are energy time, so it makes sense for them. It’s not always so much about the content but more about like what energizes me. And then for projectors, it’s not always but it’s often it’s different. It’s often more so Word wants to be channeled through me and I don’t mean channeling in like the awkward sense just what message wants to come through me. What am I seeing? I think everybody should know because projectors have the talent of seeing and projecting and projecting so Derek, often not always depends on of course details in your charge which can change everything but this this just big subdivision. They can be amazing content shares. I’ve been so jealous of projectors because they can often go so deep because their auras penetrative. It’s like so focused. They can dig deep into a topic and bring it to the world in such a clear, beautiful way and it doesn’t need to be something they have been going through themselves. That’s what I had to understand like, Oh, I am sharing things I have been going through because I’m the Dewar more Yeah, for the projector, it’s about seeing, reading, observing, and that’s what they share more about. And then manifester, you can ask yourself, what is it the world needs to wake up to? Like, where do you want to give like the little pusher that little like, initiation? Yes. first domino, like, this is what I want to say, guys. It can even be around like the initiating energy. Yes. So you see quite very different for tribes. For reflectors, I don’t have very clear answer, because I still don’t know enough reflectors. 

Elaira Tickute  44:34

It’s 1% in our population, so it’s, it’s quite rare to meet them as well.

Ayla Verhijen  44:38

Yes. But talking about grounded authenticity, I could make up something, I could, you know, think of something, but I cannot share something from my experience. So I don’t have like a clear question.

Elaira Tickute  44:50

Oh, it’s so exciting. And it’s so rich, what you’re sharing, and I feel like “so when is your training”? When can we do it? Can you share a bit more about your training?

Ayla Verhijen  45:02

Definitely, there will be 11 meetings starting on the 23rd of September, weekly. And we’ll go into finding your unique marketing recipe, which totally works from you for you and which excites you. And there will be, as I already told, a slightly higher I said, quirky sales page. And I know if you resonate with it, it will be your thing. And if you don’t resonate it, it will not be your thing. There are three prices you can choose from. So I even created my own way of doing pricing.

Elaira Tickute  45:46

It was very unique. I’ve never seen it before. I really love it.

Ayla Verhijen  45:50

Yes. I’m also here saying, I trust you to pick that exact price that you’re like yes. This is like undercover This is like, Ooh, this is tickling me.

Elaira Tickute  46:02

Yeah. So all people will get the same thing. They just can feel what they feel contributing and what feels right for them. You bring to the world and say: “Yes, I put all of me here. I’m sharing it and you decide what feels right to you here to contribute”. So, it’s an invitation to connect to yourself. Not just telling this is my price.

Ayla Verhijen  46:25

Exactly. I want people to start to come from sovereign place, right? And not I need this training. Otherwise I won’t survive right then you’re already more in fact in place. Yeah. With every part. I already want to invite sovereignty, you know what’s best for you. I have no clue. I’m just offering something here. And I love it. But you only know if you love it. And also I want to kind of break that link. Where price is something for two years, I get tomatoes, mp3 As I get through, but what I want to invite is to see money as this form of appreciation and live giving, giving energy that’s coming from you and where I start to notice but this is only fairly recently that actually paying higher amounts can really turned me on. Because I feel wha This is all coming through me and it feels so rich. Like actually when I pay a high amount, I feel rich.

Elaira Tickute  47:29

Yeah, in a way you invest in yourself. You don’t buy training, you invest in yourself here.

Ayla Verheijen  47:33

Yes, I knew I needed to design every element because it’s called the marketing revolution. I could nowhere just copy paste something even not with prices, like every element. I thought through how do I want to do it and that’s exactly what I’m going to invite people for. I made very clear structure and at the same time, it’s going to be such a surprising journey. and inviting someone Exciting guest teachers. And on the one hand, we go into very tactical manner, like, should I use Facebook or Instagram or maybe LinkedIn? And if I post, like, what kind of things are I talking about? And videos and all those kind of things? Like a website? Do I even need a website? Right? Those are impressions very practical. And all the time. We move back from practical to energetic, and we’ll use those things as a mirror. So the moment you bump into somebody, you’re like, Oh, this is not working for me. We go back to the roots. We’re kind of finding out which bigger thing is behind this, right. So we’re going to use marketing also as a mirror to go deeper within ourselves. So there will be calling work, which is about finding your line and connecting with it. Most people really don’t know they’re calling the war. Be, as we talked about the shadow work in different modalities again, I will offer different options for people to respond to. Because different things work for different people. And totally there will be Human Design, like woven throughout the whole thing. I just see it as an energetic container you step in, you’re going on a journey, and you just leave as a different person more connected to yourself.

Elaira Tickute  49:25

Yeah, it’s really exciting. It’s really rich. And it’s really thought through. What I know about you, you walk the talk to really very deep level and I will put all the links of eilers information in the podcast. Go and connect with Ayla, subscribe because you have limited spots as well, right?

Ayla Verheijen  49:45

I have a waitlist where people can put their name on and then they will be the first at the end of August to who I share my sales page with. Like I already make that connection. And I did a Facebook Live people can watch. It’s on My personal Facebook profile all about marketing to and those kind of things I share with people on the wait list to to get a real feeling for what it is about, and you say limited spots. And I say no, that’s again. And of course it can be done. I never say don’t do it. But again, I didn’t want to do it because it can also be the scarcity tactic. Right? I know urgency, urgency, you need to end I’m totally not against it. This was just my decision like no limited spots, because I just know the right amount of people arrived number of people will be coming.

Elaira Tickute  50:39

I guess it needed to come out that you share this wisdom as well to show that part of angle, how you do trainings and how do you hold the space and container for yourself for and I love that for people who need to wait and sleep on it. You give enough space for them to think it through and decide

Ayla Verhijen  50:57

totally I so not want to rush people. When you have to decide within 24 hours is like the worst selling strategy. It’s like telling a man I meet on the street, you need to decide within 24 hours if you want a relationship with me or not. Yeah, it’s like, what? year it’s gonna happen organically or not. Right? Yeah. But I also want to give myself that time. So I know I create spurred by spurred I cannot create some things yet. So creating it step by step.

Elaira Tickute  51:29

Yeah. And then you can respond to people who joining needed a bit tailored to them and the energy underneath there. So yeah, so I like is there anything else you’re selling that maybe we didn’t cover? And you want to bring it up now? And to add to 

Ayla Verhijen  51:44

Oh, no, not at all. Actually, I know that question from other podcasts. But right now, I really felt the energy booting up for like this podcast is an interview and, and it feels very completed and my head Oh, starts to like, wow, like I can feel the potency and the energy contained in other words, yeah. So I feel like Ah, yes. And I need to rest.

Elaira Tickute  52:10

like we done

Ayla Verhijen  52:14

just to keep it real here. 

Elaira Tickute  52:15

Yeah. And it’s it’s very beautiful as well example to show because I feel the same I feel like my energy is like reaching the bandwidth. Yeah, like, almost complete with it. And that was my wrapping question. Yeah, like, Is there anything else otherwise, I really want to thank you for being here and bringing me this joy and sharing such a potent and so important fundamental things.  Just one practical thing I can add is dad to the little instruction where I am most active on a like Instagram, but you’ll mostly find me within the stories and those really turn me on Instagram stories and Facebook stories.

Ayla Verheijen  53:00

Yes, exactly. And Facebook I’ve always been active and there I share quite personal postal. So you’re very welcome to follow me there. And it inspires me even to do Instagram post sharing for different types for Human Design and different social media for different types. I found out that some are more suited for this medium and some are for death so

Elaira Tickute  53:28

Oh, juicy. So thank you so much for coming here today. It’s been such a joy, I completely was burst and you’re sharing so beautiful. And I will put all the links that people can find you and I’m looking forward to.

Ayla Verheijen  53:46

Yes, you’re the coolest interviewer ever.

Elaira Tickute  53:51

Because I just do what I love. And it comes natural. So thank you everyone as well for joining us today and And if you enjoyed it and you would like to hear more conversations like that, you can support this podcast. You can find my paypal link in the episode description. Thank you and see you next time.

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