About cycles and seasons in ourselves and our businesses

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In our society, we are very uncomfortable talking about death, to fully allow ourselves to embrace endings, to integrate, to feel the grief.

Death is one of the most natural things in our life. Yet, we struggle to embrace it not only in our personal lives but we hardly talk about it in business.

Our businesses, our offerings are cyclical just as nature naturally is. There are seasons of spring when you have bursts of energy and new ideas, but there is also autumn where things are coming to the end of the cycle.

Our identity as well as our business have seasons of death and rebirth, starting and resting, rising and collapsing, doing and integrating, breathing in and breathing out. 

Those cycles are not only regarding your energy but also to your offers, money, and clients. We are in a constant cycle of rejuvenation. 

This is a very different way of looking, embracing and building business. This is “in line with nature” type of way. 

We are conditioned and imprinted with perceptions in the business world that we have to be linear with our growth process, business expansion, money increase and consistent with our energy or how we show up. 

It’s a very masculine approach to it, which is great, but it doesn’t include and embrace our cyclic nature we are. 

I must say, it was one of the most challenging things for me to surrender fully and deepen in that trust, drop the control. 

But with time I actually I started to love working and creating offerings based on the season I am in and not other way around. I enjoy listening and flowing with where my body is, what it has the energy for and how my creativity or my business wants to unfold… 

I started to feel comfortable in allowing that twilight zone between the end and I don’t know what’s next… I started to enjoy the richness each business season and cycle gives me, invites me to deepen and experience myself and the business. 

My journey is becoming more the wonderland of delights and experiences I got to discover. 

Because death is never the death – it’s also the place of birth for something new…

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Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. My professional life journey contains certified psychology degrees and about 18 years’ professional experience in talent development, building businesses, and various Human Resources positions. In all of these capacities, my favorite work has always been having powerful conversations that help people go deeper, connect with their truth, challenge their perspectives and unleash their innate potential.

Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

I share insights and discoveries from my own journeys but as well from people I support and help to grow. I hope you enjoy this “Caffeine for Soul” blog and it gives you some food for thought.

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