And here comes along Basil…

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Blog, Receiving Capacity (blog)


This weekend black tiny being literally walked into my life with so much force of purest kind of love.

I was walking home on a Saturday night and this tiny homeless kitten was searching for food near my home.

I am telling you, it was stronger then anything. It was so instinctual force. And I took this few months baby home.

I was not planning to become a mom. I would have never chosen a black kitten with my mind. Even more, I always thought I am more dogs person. But it’s true what they say – animals choose you!

It’s insane how much love, softness, trust and connection there can be in the instant. He just wants to cuddle, be near me all the time and stares at my eyes.

I shared this with friends because I needed to process this change. It literally came out of the blue!

And my friend reminded me this:

“I recall few years ago you went for an allergy test to see if you would be compatible with a cat. And I remember you saying: I really want to rescue at least one animal on this planet. And it will just happen one day that a cat or an animal will enter my life, it will show up, I don’t need to search it!”

I do remember searching for an animal while living in Amsterdam a lot but during Covid they all were taken or super expensive… And it just somehow didn’t work out… So, I came to the conclusion in a statement I shared with my friend.

And to be honest, I shared this deep heart desire and literally forgot about it. As I said, it has been years of big life changes. My memory cells were busy with other stuff…

This cute bundle of love couldn’t come in a better timing.

And what a perfect timing to receive this gift literally after launching “Nervous system capacity program”. Animals are one of the best nervous system co-regulators. Co-regulation process happens with another human being or animal when one of them is emotionally self regulated enough to help the other to regulate activated nervous system into calmness and sooth. It works like the tuning fork.

It seems also the way he is, his character, his way of loving is manifestation of several other desires as a package of one – what an efficiency dear universe!

Universe is not looking to deliver you the fastest results, it is goal to deliver you the most matching desires. And sometimes, combining few of them. Universe is not in rush, your traumatized nervous system is. Universe is working on how to love you most!

Your dreams will come true, you can receive anything you want. Don’t stop shooting those rockets of desires to universe in the moment & fulheartedly and then let it go. Its your job to know WHAT you want, not HOW to get it. Let the universe bring it to you in the most perfect form, timing and alignment. Universe is never rushing to fulfil your dreams the fastest way, it works in fulfilling it in the most efficient & best way for you & beyond your mind comprehension (often combining several desires and needs in one)!

I don’t believe in stuckness, blocks or limiting impossible. I believe if you desire – it’s yours. And the rest is your process of unfolding into that, it’s your work to increase your capacity and align your body to receive that.

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