Relational Capacity

Everything is a relational matter would it be your business, your clients, your offers, launches, social media or yourself. Everything has it’s own energy, identity and you have a relationship with all those parts. Your success depends on what relationship you have, nourish and build.

You are in a constant relationship with everything! Do you have healthy or unhealthy relationship with your business and all different parts that consist it? Do you enjoy that relation or it constricts you? From which place you approach it.

While working in this capacity, I often look through the glance of “Attachment Theory”  from developmental psychology.


Some examples if you need to work on relational capacity:

  • You have struggled to get clients or build community.
  • You focus more on your products, offers and prices instead what your clients need and allowing yourself to connect or care for them.
  • You are deeply affected what people think about you, how many followers and likes on social media you have.
  • Your business becomes who you are and you are in deep enmeshment with it.
  • You are afraid to express your truth or show vulnerability to your clients or audience.
  • You show up inconsistently for your clients.
  • You are constantly in fear people will not buy, will not like your offers, won’t subscribe to your launch and even reduce prices just to get people what you share.

change & rewire…

relating that doesn’t work

  nourish your…

relationship with business


intimacy &  connection

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