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Snowflakes elegantly waltz down from the sky as I gaze through my frosty window. I sip on my warm cup of aromatic tea and drift off into a dreamland of thoughts.

I find myself observing people lately… those who are very ambitious and strive for the stars and others who embrace a simplistic way of living; all of these people say they are happy where they are currently but secretly aim for more.

The first ones are working so hard, trying all kind of strategies, action lists, vision boards, more of this or that, or whatever it takes to reach their goal. The quiet ones are more paralyzed, like someone is holding them back. They go on with their lives yet when alone, allow those big dreams from a land far, far away to appear in their imagination. But they just take a deep breath, say to themselves “one day…” and go on with their daily routine. There is no time for this fantasy right now.

I’ve found myself on both sides of the spectrum until I realized the paramount step between a dream and its implementation rests in the CAPACITY TO RECEIVE.

The paramount step between a dream and its implementation rests in the CAPACITY TO RECEIVE.

Oftentimes we have big dreams (and you should dream big) but we are not ready to allow them in our life due to a lot of blockages, limiting beliefs, perceived worthiness issues, etc. You name it. You can dream about the stars but you will not be able to reach them until you pop that glass ceiling.

If you don’t break down the walls around you, your dream may come true but if your capacity to receive is not yet there, your dream will leave as suddenly as it arrived. That’s why some people who, for example, win the lottery lose all the money in no time; they meet an amazing person but are not able to maintain a long-term relationship. They experience only a glimpse of the magic they want and desire because their capacity is ready only for that amount that remains.

It’s very hard and almost impossible to put all your dreams, passions and goals, such as your big loving family, your expensive hobbies, your ambitious work, your alone time, in a tiny one bedroom apartment. If you want to fit all of your dreams and enjoy them, first you will need to get a bigger place. In other words, expand your capacity to receive all the wonderful blessings about to come into your life. Expand your boundaries and get energetically ready to receive more.

In order to go three steps further, sometimes you actually need to take a few steps back. Instead of focusing on the way of doing more, pay more attention to your way of being. To figure out why you are not living your dreams, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is holding me back? Often what is holding you back can be fear of failure, fear of success, lack of self-worth, other limiting beliefs, and so on.

2. What is pulling me away? For example, your to-do list, your job, your excuses, your procrastination, etc. may be derailing you.

3. Who do I need to become to match what I want? If you want that amazing partner, you need to become that amazing partner yourself to match that frequency.

Another good way to become aware of the beliefs limiting you is to imagine that your dream has already came true: the love of your life, abundance, dream job is already here; you have it! This is it.

How do you feel? Did you happen to notice where the resistance came in when you imagined it? This is your glass ceiling that needs to pop open; this is where you are not ready… Where do you feel your dream is too much? Where do you feel you are not worth it? What is holding you back? What do you need to change or do in order to feel more comfortable in this new reality?

When you break through one wall, do it again and again till you expand your capacity to receive more.

Sometimes the fastest way to manifest your dreams is not by SEEKING them but ALLOWING them to be received.

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