My expansion in 2021

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Blog


When I sat down to reflect my year 2021, I went blank. In the beginning, I got confused. Did anything significant happen? But after looking at the empty journal page for a while, I realized it happened so much that my brain simply didn’t know where to start… It was one of the most pivotal years of my life. I went deep to the core and made some fundamental shifts. Can’t believe it all happened just in 1 year.

Here are my top 3 highlights:

1. Fundamental abundance & money shifts.

This one was long coming but after years of shedding and experimenting, I finally redefined my relationship with it. This year is my most abundant year ever! I broke free from all debts, could take a sabbatical and what I am really proud of, I worked all full-year only on “appreciation base”. In other words, I didn’t work on fixed prices but case by vase decided the amount together with my client. It stretched me in many ways… That was such a huge mirror where I had to do more inner work, face my shadows, and had self-worth issues. In the end, I had to deal with the “upper-level limit” problem & working on donations taught me so much about self-worth, boundaries, and true care. Probably, I will share more about that journey in separate posts.

2.Deep dive within my heart and intimacy topics.

It was a year of my “heart operation”. I went to the core of my connection trauma, healthy and unhealthy attachment styles, my vulnerabilities, insecurities, sensitivities, and all the walls that defend it. It was endless immersion of intimacy with myself! It’s was really painful and the most rewarding journey. Due to that, all relationships were affected, with every single person. Some we had to split apart, with some the bond grew so much stronger, with others I had to reconnect from a different place… But every single connection was affected and refined from it’s core.

3. End of big cycle and move to Georgia (country, not the state).

It was a fundamental clean-up and let go. The big cycle of my life ended. I gave up all clothes, reviewed all providers and where I contribute money, change my name officially, reorganized 10 years of pictures, cleaned my computer, and even sold my beloved apartment (my home I built in the last 5 years). I thanked it and let it go… I packed my life in 2.5 luggage and I jumped into the unknown.

Don’t get me wrong, I had many moments like “what the fuck are you doing, Elaira?” and at times it was way too many changes at once. And it took all of me. I even had to take a sabatical and pause my business for months. But the impulse was so strong. It’s like I was on a wave and couldn’t do anything else but take a breath and ride it.

But I entered 2022 with so much inner peace, joy, my soul family, and amazing Georgian nature. Isn’t that what I was dreaming for so long and deep down knew it was possible?… It feels I am not opening a new chapter of my life but starting a totally new book. …

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