Energetic & somatic embodiment tracks

Go deeper in the realm of energetics with none-conventional high frequency tracks!

My tracks are more then just regular meditation… It’s healing & expanding somatic and energetic experience on specific topics.

Those recordings were birthed because a lot of people started to share they have powerful physical and purifying effects just listening to my podcast despite the topic has been shared. So, I decided to record dedicated to business and capacity tracks to support people to deepen their healing and expansion journey on their own.

Quickly they became very popular, on high demand and turned into essential daily support toolkit for many of my clients. They also became big part to all of my programs.

    My voice and frequency has a healing, softening, purifying and expanding energy.

    At the moment, most of them are available only as part of my key programs:


    • Nervous system foundations has tracks deepening into soothing and regularing your nervous system: come back to safety, grounding, deal with a charge, notice your somatic responses, process your freeze response, etc.
    • Capacity Path immersion has most extensive overview of tracks and allows you to deepen on 8 capacities & build business from your energetic signature.
    • Sacred Sales Voice tracks are focusing on business aspects like launch, connecting to offerings, relating to business, clients, etc.

    My tracks is a form to enter MY SANCTUARY,

    so you can find and anchor YOUR VERY OWN

    and on YOUR OWN PACE!

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