Business strategies and goals. Why don’t they work?

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When you start your own business, what are the first things you decide to do? Probably hire someone to make your logo, your website, business strategy & goals? Maybe ask someone to help with some marketing funnel, some sales strategy?

If you think that direction, maybe stop for a second and hear me out!

In my experience, this is the first most significant mistake that I notice with starting entrepreneurs – too much focus on the business goals and strategies while jumping through some more critical steps. And I do get the excitement of creating, getting out there, making it real. You were dreaming about it long; you are ready. And I fully celebrate and encourage that! And you know what, I’ve been there myself, and I failed miserably making that same mistake too. That is part of the entrepreneurship package – trial and error, doing and improving.

So, let’s not rush buying other people’s sales, marketing, purpose, and money strategies just yet. A note to emphasize – all kinds of external stuff! Let’s make sure this action comes from the right place first.

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is wrong with the goals and strategies themselves. But there are even a few reasons why it may not work. Let me share my observations and learning.

1. They often disconnect you from your embodiment in a presence.

Firstly, they often disconnect you from what is here and now while putting too far away in the future and disconnecting you from taking in life through your body and senses.

I notice how people start to miss details around, what is in front of their nose, what life is inviting them towards because their minds are so set in stone towards a goal that may not even be their authentic soul voice.

I had a client who was stuck in structuring her products on the website and creating a business strategy. She was so blocked that she missed even a few customers knocking on the door with the clarity of service they needed from her. She disconnected and locked herself up in the “mind tower” so much that she practically forgot to explore what is already happening in her world. When she realized and shifted the focus to what her business was all about – the clients and their needs – her business and client base accelerated at great speed. Her strategy and how to structure products on the website unfolded itself in clarity without working hard on it.

2. What works for others, may not work for you.

Secondly, strategies and plans are great, but what worked for others may not work for you. Isn’t it the time where we finally stop living that conditioning “one size fits all” and continue asking people to tell us what to do? It never worked for me. How about you? Aren’t you even starting your own business because you are a bit tired of others telling you what to do?

The Human Design tool can be a great starting point to understand how you are wired innately. How you relate to the world, how you manifest, manage your energy, and how to make decisions. What are your innate gifts, how to do marketing your way, areas to delegate or make a profit, etc? It can be quite eye-opening and save a lot of time and money trying all those strategies out there blindly. If you are not familiar with Human design, you can read more about it here.

3. It’s actually about your capacity, not a strategy.

All those strategies and even working on them harder are doomed to fail if you don’t work on your capacity to receive, hold and handle your vision, growth, and expansion. You have to look and shed what is holding you back and expand your ability to contain more of what you dream of. That’s what people don’t talk about so much and it is one of the most overlooked things in building business. But that’s one of the most essential ingredients for your leveling up successively and consistently.

Let’s take an example that you may have heard. The person won a million euros in a lottery and a few years later is completely broke. Why? What happened? Because this person has patterns that sabotage the financial abundance, and no matter how much money comes in, they will recreate life back to poverty. Those are real-life stories that happen over and over again. No matter how objectively brilliant that method or strategy is, it will collapse sooner or later because it doesn’t have a firm foundation to stand on for the person who tries to implement it.

That’s where the real focus should be first – expanding your ability and container to embody your business’s real potential. In other words, go through all the areas and notice where your blockages are. Widen your competency to receive and handle your financial success, claiming your gifts, new identity, direction, having clear boundaries, sustaining strong embodiment, unlocking your capacity for visibility, creating your life and support structure that enables you to grow.

Those things always go deep, and it may take more time than you may anticipate at first, but that’s your sustainable business foundation for success, growth, and actually the fastest track for long-term victory. Consequently, you can build any business strategies or goals firmer, or it will emerge organically.

What you create comes from you. You are your business despite what business you do! And that’s the best strategy you can invest as you start putting yourself out there. It will pay off tons.

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