Capacity work is key in the new business paradigm.

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Business in new business paradigm is not you going to work, earning some money and paying bills, so you could go on vacation and rest from it. That’s self abuse. It’s not a place where you shut down some parts of you and leave your emotions, triggers, heart and vulnerability behind closed door.

Business in new business paradigm is an extension and expression of who you truly are, all of you! Watered by your sacred unique energy, stamped by your soul signature and nurtured by your heart care & desires.

Entrepreneurship in new business paradigm is not where you can hide, harm or abuse yourself or others anymore… That’s the old business paradigm which is collapsing. We all are invited to step up and build business from a different place. Actually, I believe a new business paradigm will be the main layout for our new world: in it’s new structures, systems, the way we relate, exchange, express ourselves and show up in the world.

Success in new business paradigm is also not only about what you DO, how much you earn, how many followers you have. Essentially, it’s about how your show up, it’s your way of being and the energy you create everything from that fundamentally matters and makes you magnetically and effortlessly successful.

Entrepreneurship in new business paradigm actually can be strongly soul awakening journey and invitation to drop your armours, claim your power, your own leadership, self worth, your genius, creativity, joy and respect for your gifts.

And that’s why your capacity work is a paramount and bedrock for building the new business paradigm despite the business you are in or creating. That’s why coaching business is thriving and it is one of the most growing sector for years now.

So what is the capacity work?

Capacity in the entrepreneurship is your ability to hold more of everything: yourself, your energy, your shadows, your desires, your gifts, your creativity, your leadership, your clients and your structures.

Capacity in the entrepreneurship is your relational capacity to balance your own needs and needs of your business growth, it’s ability to build bonds and hold your clients, their needs & their depth. It’s redefining your energy, relationship and intimacy with money. It’s the financial ability to receive, hold and manage money from the place of inner abundance, respect, joy & integrity.

Capacity in the entrepreneurship is your ability to process all experiences & transmute your growth edges to expansion. It’s a capacity to regulate your nervous system towards a bigger flexibility of holding both ends & all spectrum that’s available to you: pleasure, ease, safety, peace AND pain, contraction, limits & triggers.

Conscious entrepreneurship in the new business paradigm is about capacity to embody, handle & hold ourselves, our innate authentic nature, our leadership, the desires we want to welcome in, the vision of the world and the life that we want to LIVE.

Read more about my capacity work HERE.

Architect of New Business Paradigm

I support your capacity to build the business you want with ease, joy and flow.

Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. My professional life journey contains certified psychology degrees and about 18 years’ professional experience in talent development, building businesses, and various Human Resources positions. In all of these capacities, my favorite work has always been having powerful conversations that help people go deeper, connect with their truth, challenge their perspectives and unleash their innate potential.

Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

I share insights and discoveries from my own journeys but as well from people I support and help to grow. I hope you enjoy this “Caffeine for Soul” blog and it gives you some food for thought.

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