Ep. 6 Money & Business with Oracle Girl

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I just love to have conversations with non-conventional thought leaders but Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs in my eyes is beyond even that. She has an extraordinary ability to purify the blocks and patterns sabotaging your success – switching on your own innate superordinary abilities. She says she is one of a group of 5 others in the world, all with similar abilities. I couldn’t hold myself back but invite this truly unique person to my podcast again and this time, hear the wisdom she has to share around MONEY AND BUSINESS. In this episode, we talk about how the financial paradigm is changing, why the “conscious business” concept is not enough, what money really is and key misconceptions around it. At the end of this podcast, Jacqueline recorded a special “purification track” just for the listeners precisely on this theme. It starts at the end, right after our conversation, at 49 minutes. It is highly recommended, so please make sure you stay on to hear it. 

Episode notes:

  • Jacqueline’s extraordinary abilities and why this is not a typical podcast.
  • Why did money become such a fundamental definition of success in business?
  • How is the dominant financial paradigm changing?
  • Why is the “conscious business” concept not enough?
  • What really is a family pattern, where does it come from & how does it influence us?
  • Why do people stay in their miserable jobs and how is that a deep form of slavery?
  • Is company success mostly influenced by its leader’s patterns or can the team balance it out?
  • What are the “self-healing abilities” we have, how do they work and how to listen to your body to be successful?
  • What are the most common patterns people have, related to money?
  • What really is money?
  • What is the true definition of pure love and what are the misconceptions about it?
  • Where does the concept of working hard and time pressure come from?
  • What is the role of business role in the future?
  • What is the role of business regarding the money paradigm change?
  • Why does shifting from a profit-based business to non-profit not always work, ending in disappointment?
  • What is a “zero value organization”? Or in other words, what is the role of donations?
  • Is money going to disappear in the future?
  • What you should do right now if you are struggling? Practical tips
  • Jacqueline’s contribution and focus in the near future for helping businesses.
  • Purification track (starts at  49.02 min)

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Money and Business

ELAIRA: Hello, and welcome to “Tea & Business Lounge” podcast, Episode 6. I just love to have conversations with non-conventional thought leaders. But Jacqueline Hobbs, in my eyes, is beyond even that. She has extraordinary ability to purify your patterns and switch on your own innate super abilities. I couldn’t hold myself but invite this truly unique person in my podcast again and hear her wisdom she has to share around money and business this time. So, we will talk today about how financial paradigm is changing, why conscious business concept is not enough, what money really is and key misconceptions around it. As well, at the end of this podcast, Jacqueline will do so-called purification track for this theme. It starts right after our conversation. Hope you enjoy it.

ELAIRA: So, take two Jacqueline. Welcome.

JACQUELINE: Ah, very pleased to be here.

ELAIRA: It’s so nice to have you here, and to have you here again, actually.

JACQUELINE: Yes, it’s very good to be returning and continuing.

ELAIRA: Your last podcast got a lot of attention, and today it’s about another very interesting and very fundamental topic.


ELAIRA: Money…


ELAIRA: …and the business.

JACQUELINE: Always on everybody’s mind.

ELAIRA: Exactly. But before we jumping in that topic, for those people who don’t know you, maybe you can introduce yourself and explain why it’s not typical podcast.

JACQUELINE: Yes, because I have a very special gift, which I’ve come here with, and that I knew that I would come here with. I’m here to accelerate the opening up of human beings so that they understand, first of all, that, not only do they have the ability to delete their own patterns and personal issues, particularly in the business area, as well as their personal lives, but that also I can help you to really materialise that vision that you have for the future, around a world where we might be honouring the environment, benefitting each other, in our communities and personally, with our money-related affairs, and actually building a kind of society that we’d like to see for all beings. That’s the task upon us at the moment in this time in history, and I’m here to really help with the actual change in the human being that’s necessary to take place for this to be successful, practically and really.

ELAIRA: Why it is not typical interview and why it’s not typical podcast here?

JACQUELINE: Because while you listen to my voice, you’re actually going to be dropping some of the personal issues that you have in the way of being successful. I emit a type or frequency. My body is very specially designed to help people change and to lose the blocks that they have inside them. And at this point in our history, we are actually living in a time where we are able to get past our issues now and actually shed them and reject them from our system. And I have the ability to speed that up in people and, actually, to switch on that faculty inside them.

ELAIRA: So, it’s already happening while people are listening.

JACQUELINE: Absolutely. If you listen to my words, or if you see my image, or if you’re in my proximity, you go into that process, automatically and spontaneously, which is, in some ways, quite a challenging thought, right? Because we have the idea, in business as well as in our own personal development, that we have to really, really work hard at things and that maybe one time in the future, after a lot of effort, we might have some success. And it’s not that the process might not be uncomfortable or difficult, but that actually now we have the type of vibration around in our everyday life, and even within us, where we can actually start to switch things on a lot faster and go through that process more automatically and have it at our fingertips a lot more than we would have thought we have.

ELAIRA: Yeah, and I can relate to that personally, because I’ve been listening your tracks and my life went up and down…


ELAIRA: …a roller coaster, and last year to the depth I couldn’t even imagine…


ELAIRA: …myself. So, I do understand that sometimes to hear this sounds like, “Huh?” But I can tell from my own experience.

JACQUELINE: It would seem to be in the realm of the superhero or the miracle. But actually, all of us, especially if we’re going to grasp the challenges that are, we are being faced with, we have to get used to thinking of ourselves as actually super-ordinary beings, not in the sense that we see in the movies, but truly capable of things that maybe we’ve been trained to think that we’re not. And we have to get used to thinking of ourselves as having resources and having, also, abilities that perhaps are latent that are already there. And we may have to learn about how to use them, once we find out that they’re switched on in us, but actually, the switching on itself is something that now is happening as a gift to humanity that is part of our own consciousness and our own wish that we’ve brought and drawn towards us.

ELAIRA: So exciting to really hear and dig deeper in this theme. And let’s dive into that topic: money and the business.


ELAIRA: So, the world is really, really changing. And I’m curious why money became such an important aspect – of definition of success – in our society, in a business.

JACQUELINE: Because, really, people don’t understand money. And so, they fixated on the wrong thing thinking that is what will give them success. Business is not about money, actually. Money is the outcome of a successful business. It’s the product and it’s the result, but so many people start with business thinking about the money. I’m not saying that money isn’t important, I’m actually saying, very definitely, that it’s important – but in a different way to what people think. If you want to be successful in business, it’s to do with the amount of issues you’ve mastered in your own personal life, it’s to do with your bonds of affection, and it’s to do with your connection with nature and how much harm you do on the planet. If you look in those areas first and examine yourself there, you are far more likely to have a better business organisation, which will then reap maximum profit or have successful adventures which then lead to satisfying money and income.

ELAIRA: How financial system is changing in the business?

JACQUELINE: Well, I think that what we’re coming to now is this kind of practical stop. It’s almost like we’re coming up against a brick wall. And a lot of people are desperate to do business and really want to do things and they’re finding they can’t go forward because of not either having enough money or not having the right resources or even the right people in place. And then, what happens is suddenly the resources become available, and the people are there, and they’re thinking, “Oh, no, I can’t engage you because I can’t pay you.” And the desperation of suddenly coming across those resources, or the people, and seeing, “Actually, my dream is possible suddenly,” and then thinking, “Oh, but I can’t do it, I’ve got to wait,” is so agonising now for the human being, because they’ve actually brought those people and those resources towards them finally, and to not be able to start engaging materially with their dream, or even just the fulfilment of the process they’re trying to practically engage in, is so much that they break through the boundary and they say, “Look, can we come to some arrangement?” or, “Can we do something different?” “Can cooperation be the first step?” And then we find a way to benefit you in the way that works for you, as well as me, so we dismantle the hierarchy and the arrangement as well. And then we go forward with putting all the priority around the person and the process and the product making the money obey that tune. And, of course, you can’t compromise money, to the extent that nobody can work for free, or very few people are, are in the position to do so, but that needs are still provided, as well as money, but maybe in a very different way to the straight up formula that we tend to have, which is, “Well, how much do you want?” “Do I have that or not?” “Oh, whoops, I’ll have to get someone cheaper.” That’s clearly not working. You have to have the right person for the job, don’t you? I mean, that’s the whole problem. And if you haven’t got the right match, or exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve, and you’re knowingly taking on something or someone that doesn’t work, you start from the position of thinking, “This is not going to work so well,” and you lower the vibration of what you’re doing from the very beginning. And people are simply not satisfied to do that anymore, because look at where that has got us. Look around us. It’s, in some ways, absolutely disgraceful that the planet is in the state that it is, and what we see around us, as the outcome of the way that we’ve been working, clearly shows us it really is not working in several major areas, even though there can be good outcomes as well.

ELAIRA: And I think that’s why the world is shifting from this shareholder value, the money, money, business enterprises, to more conscious business, to more contribution-based business.


ELAIRA: But it’s still somehow doesn’t work it out.

JACQUELINE: It’s still not enough. Conscious business is great, but what do we really mean by the word conscious? We can be aware of these things, and we can even try to implement these much better ways of working through our awareness. But awareness belongs to a person, and a person has patterns or personal issues as well as awareness. And it doesn’t matter how awake you are or how aware you are, if what you’re trying to implement is being sabotaged by actual, real-time saboteurs inside your system, then you’re still going to have problems implementing your vision. And this is where even brilliant entrepreneurs can have: amazing path ahead of them, all the right ideas, they can have the money, they can have the people, they can have everything, actually, they need in place to succeed, but still it doesn’t work out. Now, why is that? And, in the past, you know, what’s happened, people have resorted maybe even to slightly questionable means of trying to secure their success by maybe even getting into deals or ritual or even in some cases, you know, shady stuff like black magic or corruption. And they’ve brought that in to try and secure that last step of making something successful when, in fact, they can’t, but what’s really operating are, in fact, family patterns and personal issues that are wired into consciousness. Consciousness is affected by patterns and by issues. It’s not some premium, sort of divine essence that’s pure at the beginning that can be trusted. It’s one ingredient that actually, in some way, may be corrupted up to a point. And we have to deal with that other influence that’s in the mix so that then we can be truly successful. And this is what’s missing, even, from the idea of conscious business. It’s the actual, definite practical disappearance of the practical, of the actual patterns behind the issues that we have that are corrupting the whole setup. And that’s what I’m here for, and that’s what I have the ability to clear, in people and organisations, places and even artefacts.

ELAIRA: So, in other words, those personal patterns which come through your DNA?


ELAIRA: And family generations.

JACQUELINE: Shall we talk a little about what I mean by that?


JACQUELINE: Because it can sound a bit floaty and we all know about DNA and how DNA can shape, you know, even how our body is formed at birth. We can take on the characteristics of, you know, what our dad looked like or, you know, you’ve got your mom’s eyebrows or whatever, but it’s a lot deeper than that. Your DNA carries a record of what your ancestors did – and all the unfinished business. And so, when often, in our very individualistic sense, we think, oh, you know, “This is my vision, this is what I want to do,” often you are being driven by the unfinished business of an ancestor who you’ve never met and you know nothing about, and it’s actually their vision and you don’t even realise that you’re acting out of an unfinished pattern from the past that is someone else’s. And, if we can switch on our own ability, then, to shed that influence, that you don’t even have to confine it to the DNA because, actually, it’s in other parts of your body as well as your DNA, but let’s just say that it’s in your personal field. If we can activate the part of ourselves, which we do actually have, to give an instruction to our personal field, to the entirety of our being, to shed that pattern, that influence, and that’s what I mean by the word, by pattern, that influence that gets in the way of the purity that is just us and not anybody else. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing? And that is what every human being has. And some people know, and they’ve forgotten. Some people know, they haven’t forgotten, and they don’t know how to switch it on. And some people do know, and they don’t want people to remember, and they’re trying to keep it quiet. We’re dealing with all those things, actually, as part of our business life right now.

ELAIRA: Yeah, and there’s a lot of conditioning and set, fixed structures, which is so hard to go against.

JACQUELINE: Yes, that’s right. Even if you develop the ability to raise your vibration to the point where you can switch on your own self healing ability and begin to shed the patterns that don’t make your business so successful, how is your partner going to react? What’s your family going to think? Actually, what are you going to think when you start being so successful, potentially, or even getting the small wins in your life that have eluded you for years? It’s a major identity shift that can really rock the core of your being and can also then release many other troubled areas of your identity, to then look at and to start working on as well. It’s not an easy ride. And so, if you really want to be conscious in business, you have to be conscious of a lot more than just the tip of the iceberg.

ELAIRA: It’s so interesting because money-related issues are the hardest ones to go through.

JACQUELINE: Of course, ‘cause you can’t eat and you can’t drink…

ELAIRA: Exactly.

JACQUELINE: …if you can’t pay for what you need to eat and drink, and then your body will die, right?


JACQUELINE: That’s where fear comes from – around money – and that’s the charge underneath all business concerns. The fear that you won’t, you will get up one day and you can’t feed yourself or your family. It’s primal.


JACQUELINE: It’s real life.

ELAIRA: It’s survival. So, that’s why a lot of people stay in their miserable jobs and abuse themselves.


ELAIRA: And cross their own boundaries.

JACQUELINE: Of course, because they…

ELAIRA: Because.

JACQUELINE: They can’t – in inverted commas – leave.


JACQUELINE: In case they can’t do this. And how do we end that circle? It’s actually a slavery loop. We might not have people chained on ships and all this kind of thing anymore, but actually, we have a much more sophisticated and deeper form of slavery now than we ever had, which is brought about by the internal contents of your own mind. And, even deeper than that, the contents of your own mind are conditioned by these patterns, these influences, that are in your cellular biology, and that I’m pointing to the fact that we can actually now start deleting.

ELAIRA: Wow, it’s so interesting and so powerful. And I remember once, you said company success and financial success depends on the leader, most of all, so if the leader is not purified in their patterns, and so on, it just will bring it up to all organisation. Is it the main factor? Or is it like the team can balance it out?

JACQUELINE: That’s very good.

ELAIRA: How does that work?

JACQUELINE: Let’s tease it out. I mean, if you’re lucky enough, first of all, to have a conscious CEO, and by conscious I’m making the distinction between the type of consciousness I was just talking about, an aware, a mentally and spiritually aware person, then obviously that’s going to be a happier organisation to be in. And, depending on the type of power structure, then team leaders and contractors and employees will still be bound, if you like, by the overall structure of the organisation. But this is actually a very old way of thinking about things, which now is vastly redundant, and most of the planet is still working this way. You need, if you’re going to have an organisation which is being led by one person, which I would suggest is really not a very good idea, you need at least to have, not only a conscious leader, but you need to have a leader who’s mostly purified of their own patterns. And they need to be working with someone or something that can actually purify those patterns, otherwise there’s not really a lot of point. The amount of time we have left to actually find real solutions for this planet – we don’t have very much time – and you will progress so slowly in the ways that people are working at the moment that it’s not going to be very productive. The team itself and the so-called leader of an organisation would be better off in what I call the purification space, or using tools to actually switch on their own self healing ability, so then when they work together in any type of structure, whether it’s leader-lead, or whether it’s shared leadership, or whether there’s no concept of leadership and it’s a more organic and enlightened organisation in certain senses, then everybody’s taking responsibility for the deletion of their own patterns. And that’s not just a workshop on a CD or an mp3 download. It’s not going away in the vacation to do a bit of meditation on the beach. It’s actually a body capacity that you have wired into you that works according to very strict rules, just like a computer or a piece of machinery – it’s much more sophisticated and advanced than that – that everybody needs to realise that they have the responsibility in their life to start developing and switching on, because otherwise they will not be equipped for even the immediate future, let alone the long-term future, which is highly questionable.

ELAIRA: I really want to elaborate a bit more on that – switching on, listening to your body – because I kind of understood in my mind before, but I really didn’t get it till it start happening to me.

JACQUELINE: Yes. You’re not listening to yourself, although that’s part of the process. That’s a very superficial level. You actually learn to listen to yourself much more easily when you’ve switched on your self healing ability, because your body is practically screaming what you need to do. It can be very hard to actually work out what we need to do or decide when we’re just listening to ourselves because half the time we’re listening to our patterns operating. And that’s why people get into such a conundrum sometimes because they don’t know whether to trust what they’re hearing. Instead, if we were to go to the deepest level first, and concentrate, actually, on switching on our own self healing ability, we wouldn’t have that interference from our thoughts or emotions or our patterns in the first place. We could actually trust and work with our bodies and we would start to develop, even, environments where that message was loud and clear – that everybody was working that way and that you could be trusted to listen to your body and follow it, because you’re already operating out of a vibration where patterns and things are getting purified out. And then, you’re talking about a highly enlightened type of environment for people to then flower and show the very best of their abilities, and that be successful. And it becomes so exciting. Even the thought of it, I would guess, even while you’re listening to my voice, right?


JACQUELINE: That’s you and your vibration speeding up. And because you’re listening to my voice and you’re in the environment that I call the purification space right now, because I am speaking, your self healing ability is starting to switch on – the excitement around that, and even the thought of it. Your whole body starts to tune into a completely different way of being, which is actually the way that the human being really works. It’s divine intelligence. And that excitement then powers the self healing process and puts, if you like, another extra, sort of, you know, gear into the process. And when you put an extra gear into any process – out of your divine intelligence – that’s when the universe goes, “Ker-ching!” and money starts to flow.

ELAIRA: Effortlessly.

JACQUELINE: More oxygen comes into your body. Your connection with the earth gets deeper. Your ideas and your thoughts switch out of, “Oh, this is wrong with me, I need to work on this,” to, “What could I do next? I could do this!” You actually start dreaming, which is actually a kind of technology of consciousness. You activate the part of you that is actually able to materialise and change reality. And, I should qualify: not change reality according to what it says in self help books, which, unfortunately, is still conditioned by patterns, but really, practically, actually change matter. That’s what starts to happen. And that is actually the real human identity and what I’m talking about. And now, you can see that really the phrase “conscious business,” even when you feel into that phrase, it just feels a bit boring and a bit dead, actually.

ELAIRA: So, talking about those patterns. And recently you had a public speak about money, myth and misconceptions and where it really came from.

JACQUELINE: Mmm, we just got started, yes.

ELAIRA: And what it, how abundance is made. What are the most common patterns people have related to money?

JACQUELINE: It’s, you know, actually, all patterns come out of one pattern, which is very interesting in itself. And, when you’re ready to jump to that level in the purification space, things get really, really exciting. All patterns come out of an inability to recognise and live from your true identity, which actually is love. And that has become such a flaky comment, and such a misunderstood term, that people really have no idea what that means. But even the deepest fear patterns, which of course is a very common pattern around money, all come out of focusing on everything else in your life except the one true thing that never changes in your being – which is actually a frequency setting – that you are made of an actual, very material substance, which you can technically and very sophisticatedly define as pure love. And when you start to get on that wavelength, you harness your whole body apparatus, your self healing ability, and a lot of other super-ordinary abilities, which then start to actually model and change reality very easily. But because we also have so much in our lives and our societies which says, “You are not that, and you need to try and get to that.” It’s a bit like cutting off the legs of an athlete and telling them to run. You can’t ever get there, because you start in the wrong place. And so, fear of not being able to provide your primal or survival needs. But you know, even that fear is actually the fear of never feeling love. That’s the, actually, the strongest drive. Even the drive to eat is weaker than the drive to find love. Because it’s actually what we’re attempting to find, even when we put food in our mouth or we try to go to work to get money. We are actually trying to buy love – when we start from those patterns and those issues attached to money. And that’s why, going back to your first question, there’s so much misidentification about money in business – because it’s become all about money. But money itself is actually a type of consciousness that says, “You need to earn love, and you are not love.” So it will never work until we understand what money really is, which is actually the outcome of being and recognising and actually, practically living from the part of us that always was, always is, and always will be a very sophisticated body reality of pure love.

ELAIRA: Yeah, I really hear you, and those misconceptions about love, and how people are disconnected, that even hard to grasp what is pure love, in a way.

JACQUELINE: Yes, because, certainly through spirituality and religion, we have the idea that love is accepting everybody the way they are, and having compassion for everyone, especially if they’re acting badly or if they have pain in their life. And of course, the definition of pure love does include those things. And those things I’ve just mentioned are incredibly important. But again, they’re outcomes, they’re not starting points. You will naturally have compassion. You don’t need to go on a workshop to develop compassion, I mean, it would be a falsity if you did that, because you can’t learn those things through an active process. Love is actually an outcome of this other quality that I’m talking about that is core in human identity. I’m calling it pure love to keep it simple and keep it very clean and clear. It is the entire range of possibilities for the human being – to be able to materialise something that benefits self and other to equal effect, and includes all beings. Pure love is a very real, and will eventually be even a traceable and recordable vibration and frequency that, if it is absent, shows evidence of the fact that, actually, things go into death and break down. And it is behind, even, your source connection, your, the way you connect with the source of your own being is fashioned out of a material that I’m calling pure love. It is a substance, which we can talk about and relate to, mostly conceptually at the moment, at this time in history, because we can’t touch and feel it yet, and we don’t experience it all that much. We just see the outcomes of it when we know it’s actually working. But pure love is actually there – in the range of the human being already – and we’re bringing it forward into our material reality from the depths of our own being by connecting with the source of our own selves, not a religious concept of source.

ELAIRA: Yeah, especially in the business, people lose that centre of pure love or, as we talk, like, maybe you’re not even connecting for a long time.

JACQUELINE: It’s even prohibited, right?

ELAIRA: It’s even prohibited.

JACQUELINE: It’s certainly not cool.

ELAIRA: Don’t be emotional, you know?


ELAIRA: Be cool.


ELAIRA: And there’s a concept you have to work so, so hard to earn money and so on. So people often get so lost, so busy.


ELAIRA: Time becomes such an issue, how to balance everything out.

JACQUELINE: That’s right. It becomes a religious issue, or it becomes an economic issue, or even a political issue about how you should be doing something a certain way. Because you can’t include, within the vision of yourself, ideas around that core value of love that would be too challenging, because they’re either not practical and they’re flaky, which you get with a lot of spiritual ideas around love, or they neglect immediate practical needs that must be taken care of, and nobody’s got time to think about that and there’s a pressure deadline there in place, which means you never include it. And we really, really suffer in our lives as well, from what some people have labeled as the Protestant work ethic, where you have to work very hard – either you don’t deserve the results or the results that you get are not worthy of being received or had by others and not even worth pursuing. It’s, that is actually part of that slavery concept that I was talking about. And the human being is not a slave. The human being is a being of pure love. And we are bringing that quality into the business arena because it is business that will drive the change on this planet. And it is ethical, caring, and environmentally-benefitting business that will produce the channel of structure, of responsibility, of efficiency, and, actually, human reciprocity, and working together in communal settings that will flood into all areas of personal and, and business life in the end, for restructuring how we really want to be. But it’s a very different image of business. The current image we have of business is almost totally oppressive.

ELAIRA: Funny how you already take my question out of my lips before I even ask it, because I was about to ask what is the business role of the future, you know?

JACQUELINE: To embody more love on this planet.

ELAIRA: Hmm. And what is the business role of money paradigm change?

JACQUELINE: The business role for money paradigm change is that the business must really start to drop ideas about money so that everybody can receive money, and money no longer be an issue. And I’m not talking about some kind of socialist idea where, you know, everybody has the same salary, or we just take care of basic needs so then you’re free to do everything else that you want and you have lots of free time, or you might put that back into business. I’m actually talking about a very different idea where the very, very distinct needs of a situation are logged, or they’re registered, or they’re clocked. And that will be personal as well as business, it will be environment as well as society, etc, etc, and then business then uses the money it has to facilitate the meeting of those needs because there is already in place a way of working that understands that money comes to do that in the first place – from registering, logging and clocking the needs of people, environments and places. Our bodies, and the way that every type of being on this planet is set up, is we are a satellite, if you like, or an antenna for what is good and what benefits ourselves and others. So, businesses have a responsibility to have actively, in their business process, the ability to recognise what will bring more benefit to everyone, including the people in the business organisation and all beings on the planet. When businesses start doing that, then they will put their money in those directions, and the money will come back – in even greater reward – for having done that because it starts to actually flow in the same way as nature and life does itself. Money is just the materialisation of the flow of oxygen, of milk when you are nurturing a child, of water in a river, it is the flow of love in a bond of affection. And, although it’s not totally true to say that how much money you have is how well you’re managing that set of relationships in your life or answering to your source connection, because there are patterns involved as well, it’s certainly true to say that when business starts to see itself as a live and dynamic organism which works in a very similar way to nature, then when we feed that back into the way we think about and deal with money, business will be taking its real responsibility of benefitting all beings and embodying this material quality of pure love – back onto the planetary surface where it has been vastly absent for a very long time.

ELAIRA: Beautiful, just imagining it is amazing.


ELAIRA: So, let’s talk the forms of the business regarding that trend. A lot of it’s changing and a lot of people who are tired and exhausted from this money-driven organisations where only focus is the money and profit, they drop it and they go opposite of it, which is nonprofit organisations. But then, they encounter almost the same issues or worse, which is so confusing. So maybe you can elaborate more why nonprofit is not working.

JACQUELINE: Sure. Let’s make it really simple. If you’ve got a person that you don’t like, it doesn’t matter what coat they wear, it’s still a person that you don’t like. And you’re swapping from one business structure to another, but the person who’s swapping still may not have mastered the personal issues inside them, or may still be very deeply entrenched in some of the values that they don’t even agree with, and haven’t developed new ways of being themselves. So, in their head, they’re swapping to a nonprofit organisation to try and bring about those alternative values. But actually, they don’t know how to function out of the actual physical setting that doesn’t use those values so they replicate exactly the same system through a nonprofit organisation and it becomes an even uglier monster. And so, a lot of nonprofit organisations now are realising that, although they will have ethics and they will have a very good set of founding principles in place – they have, even, the individuals they want to be a part of that – because they themselves are still not living lifestyles which are in support, and actually coming from this wider place that I’m talking about, about not doing harm to the environment, starting to purify of their own patterns, they still start to have equal and maybe even larger challenges and problems with this amazing vision and dream that they so wanted to institute, which is a great shame, right?

ELAIRA: Yeah, exactly. And so confusing as well.


ELAIRA: Because the idea is so great.

JACQUELINE: You know, ideas are great. But ideas come out of consciousness. And consciousness is wired – by not only your own purity, but your patterns and your issues as well.


JACQUELINE: That’s the thing to understand.

ELAIRA: So, in other words, kind of the “same girl, just different dress.”

JACQUELINE: Yeah, yup. Clothes analogy is very good here, yes.

ELAIRA: Let’s take it deeper, as well. You brought it up several times in our conversations as zero-value organisations or all of donations, in other words.

JACQUELINE: Yes. Sometimes the danger is that people start thinking, “Well, how?” Which, of course, is a very practical and necessary question, so they start looking for other models. And even before we start talking about other models, we need to understand that there is something that joins together model and process which is not about how and, actually, a set formula. Set formulas and structure grow out of the ability to actually tap a place, which is very similar to the way that nature operates, which is about where things are freely given. And, we need to break this down into a few steps, so we don’t get into big misunderstandings here, because I’m not for a minute saying that everything should be free or that we move to a kind of barter system or anything like that. We were talking about this a little bit earlier. At the end of your life, someone doesn’t knock on the door and say, “Oh, Elaira, according to my records, you’ve breathed in this amount of oxygen and you’ve used this amount of water” – just before you decide to drop your body – “Would you mind paying for this?” Nature never does this. You’re given oxygen freely and actually your body is designed to emit carbon dioxide, which then goes back into the environment. There is already a system on this planet that does not deal in hard currency. Nevertheless, however, does have a very strict way of working. We all know that if you don’t get enough oxygen, your body will expire. So there are rules built in. But nobody is saying, “Ah, you’ve got to give me a fixed price for that oxygen.” All you’ve got to do is follow the rules around oxygen and carbon dioxide, make sure you’re always in the air and that your oxygen is not blocked off and, by the way, don’t forget to breathe as well, OK? And, in fact, your body is set up to involuntarily breathe. We don’t even have to make ourselves breathe, we just do it. We peg that into a nice, safe category of now, a small five second part of a conversation where we might remember to say, maybe twice in our life, “Isn’t that a miracle? We managed to breathe and we don’t even have to do it, our body just does it. Next!” And we don’t even think about it. This is how, actually, the world works, and also how resources are generated. It comes out of nature’s system, and our body is wired along these lines. And money is just one, if you like, representation and material artefact that comes out at the end point, or at some point in that process. And, if everything is freely given but it has rules, we can definitely look at how, in our monetary systems, we can free ourselves up. Because isn’t the ideal monetary situation where everybody’s needs are satisfied and everybody’s dreams are satisfied, as well? Not just needs. Isn’t it the dream of the human spirit to be able to create, unlimitedly, safely, knowing that there’s no patterns involved and not having to continually think about, “Ooh, but can I afford that?”


JACQUELINE: I mean, that’s the reason why we’re having this conversation, right?

ELAIRA: Right, right.

JACQUELINE: And that’s the reason why everybody’s keeping in their jobs, that they don’t want to do, because they’re dreaming of that, but they know that there’s no practical reality around being able to live that way, and they’ve still got to feed themselves. So, why are we not building in the possibility of that, into our actual business arrangements, so that you could still work in a business if you wanted to, and that facility, at least in part, or if not, wholly, was available for you to be able to function out of a place where you could, in some areas, implement things unlimitedly, not having to make the check around money? This is where we then start to think about: how can we make those things happen – with either money not being a barter, things happening, or money working in a more minimal and then less intrusive way, so that it doesn’t stop the exchange or the creative process? Donation is certainly one of the models that you might think of using, partly or wholly, either in your organisation, or even in a large part of a separate structure alongside your organisation, so more freedom and more space for the human spirit and the way that creativity, which brings great money, could actually show up and be honoured and nurtured. It’s where innovation comes from. So, if a business, for example, it’s just an example, it’s not saying that anybody should do this, and it may not practically work for everybody, but as an example, if, you know, you’re noticing that your company is not really freeing itself up to have enough time and space to innovate, then what would you adopt to make sure that happens? You could actually offer to employ certain people or even to have a certain amount of time set aside in your organisation, which is quite apart from salary, where people are led to understand that they can offer their skills or their dreams in the interest of having them actually happen and being incorporated in some way. They won’t be paid for that – a fixed amount – and that that would take place in a kind of reciprocal exchange, or a part donation base, to actually turn those wheels and get them turning and get that included within an organisation.

ELAIRA: And I think some organisations are already going that direction.


ELAIRA: And especially young people don’t care about money so much.


ELAIRA: They care about contribution and following their passion…

JACQUELINE: That’s right.

ELAIRA: …and happiness.

JACQUELINE: And of course, there’s a balance there. Of course, you still do need to be able to cover your bases and you have to take care of that. But what if we could reduce those bases so that you had less that you had to take care of? Why are business organisations not thinking about that for their employees? There’s not one business organisation on this planet that doesn’t know that employees need to pay their bills and their food and to have enough to put petrol in their car if they’re driving to work. Why are we not thinking about, OK, when you have your interview, or asking your employees: currently what is it that we need to make sure that we’re covering so that you haven’t got that basic anxiety, so that then we can look at how we are sharing information and knowledge with you about how money works in this organisation, and we can all take responsibility for the money in the organisation, partly, or even to quite a large extent. So we then diminish the hierarchy, we share the technical and human skills and innovation and talent, and then you have an employee who’s not just thinking, “Well, that bit’s nothing to do with me anyway, so if they go bankrupt, well, it would be sad, but it’s not my problem.” And there’s also a CEO, he’s not thinking, “Gosh, I haven’t got time to go home at night for my children or my wife or my husband because I’m dealing with this” – and they’re not power sharing enough. We can use our money-based systems, actually, to facilitate the space where we then honour each other. And when we’re honouring each other in the area of needs and talents, then we’re tapping back into that natural space where things are freely given, which is the mechanism of how you connect with the source of your own being and your divine intelligence, and you’re allowing it to embody and shape business. And the wonderful thing about this, just to stop you from coming in with the next question, is, that when you do that, the patterns and the issues in an organisation, even in a product, even in the customer, or client base, as well as the employees, and the CEO, even if they never meet their employees, and some CEOs do operate that way, automatically and spontaneously start to purify and shed without you having to take dedicated time, separate from the rest of your life, which will already be crowded enough as it is to engage in therapy, staring at the wall and thinking, “Oh my God, I don’t even know how I deal with that. Right, I’m just going to go and eat chocolate instead or watch TV instead.” You don’t even have to start looking at what’s wrong. You get into the momentum of realising that things are wrong and you start looking at how to facilitate what would be right, and the dynamic and the power that you harness through looking at what would be right starts to bring what isn’t right into a new frequency and vibration and takes what needs fixing with it in a higher direction. And then, that will automatically and spontaneously start to unravel, some of it will fix itself. And then, the bit that really needs changing and unraveling, through human attention and practical change, will become highlighted. And then, everybody wants to fix it, because everybody’s got show-, shared ownership. Everybody’s important because that’s the ethos of the dynamic already in place. And there is a wish to quickly and effectively sort these things out. And goodwill takes over instead of, “Well, I’m only getting paid this, they shouldn’t even be asking me, I’m worth so much more,” which is the conventional sort of thing that, understandably, people start operating out of, which is very much a much lower and older paradigm vibration.
ELAIRA: So, is money going to disappear in the future and how it’s going to change in the coming years?

JACQUELINE: Well, who knows? I mean, it’s very much in our hands. It’s certainly becoming more virtual, so the felt touch and lived experience of paper or even a credit card in your hand may start to disappear as we use voice control to activate payments, or as we start to bring in other ways of making sure that what we used to call financial exchange takes place. It’s actually quite a frightening proposition. Because, on the one hand, while it can make things more efficient and go faster and we can do more, we may lose touch with our bodies and the very practical, physical aspect of processes, which means that we notice things that are not serving us and we speak up and we make sure that those things don’t take a hold. And it’s very much our responsibility to make sure that if we lose money in a physical form, that we still have the space and the processes in place to really be checking that we’re only agreeing to things and going along with things that do truly serve us. And it concerns me very greatly that there is not a lot of attention on this and not, if there is there’s not a lot of processes in place to make sure that that attention translates into real action so that everyone is happy, not just some.

ELAIRA: So, besides that there is a beautiful business bundle on your website and there are a lot of tracks related to money, which I listened recently and they’re so powerful.


ELAIRA: And so helpful. So educational as well. What other tips you would give to people…


ELAIRA: …especially who are struggling here and now, because we’re talking as well, big picture a lot, but like, practically, what they could do?

JACQUELINE: If you are a CEO or if you are an employee, and I’m obviously using that as a very general way of describing a business organisation, the very most important thing that you should be asking yourself right now is, “How do I switch on my self healing ability and purify myself of the patterns that mean that I don’t take active control of my life as effectively as I would like to?” OK? You need to put aside time and space also, in your life, to really be spending a small amount of time on yourself in silence, to really be listening to what’s going on inside you, so you know what’s most important to prioritise in your life. Those kinds of answers – about time for reflection and being with yourself – will never change. They are core and they’re often the last things that we do. After that, in a business organisation, and I say this repetitively to many of the organisations that ask for my help, I walk into the building and I say, “Where is the place, the physical place, in your organisation, where people can go to sit quietly with themselves?” “Where is it in your meeting, the silent space where everybody stops and connects in with themselves?” “Show me the structure of your meetings. Do you have it?” It’s always missing.


JACQUELINE: And the next thing I would say, that’s very important at the political and the management level of organisations, is to really stop and ask yourself, “How much are you harming the planet?” And if you are, to stop right now in your tracks and re-devise your approach, because we all carry the responsibility for the future and what our children will face. And it doesn’t need me to say that what we’re facing is very serious.

ELAIRA: Yes. And it’s so sad to end with this sad note that the, the nature is really at risk.

JACQUELINE: That’s why we’re having this discussion, because there are more powerful tools than just business consciousness to actually deal with this.

ELAIRA: The last question – what would be your contribution or focus, in coming future, helping business?

JACQUELINE: Well, continuing to do what I’m doing, on a more expanded level. My contribution is, first of all, to point people to the fact that they have their own self healing ability. My second contribution is to actually help actively switch that on in people. And my third contribution is then to help them to understand how to harness and live with that ability, drop all paradigms that may be holding them back, and taking on that new identity and that new understanding of themselves. And I myself work entirely by donation, to model the fact that this is completely possible for human beings, and that if you start to take on this level of engagement with your super-ordinary self, then you will also be able to help and influence others. I’m a living example of this and I also have, even, the body design to be able to implement and switch this on in others.

ELAIRA: I could go on because my eyes are wide open. It’s so interesting what you’re sharing.

JACQUELINE: I’m sure we will.

ELAIRA: And I do feel so much happening in my body while we speak.

JACQUELINE: Yes, everybody who’s been listening today, it would be wise to look at the aftercare section of my website, on how to look after yourself when you go into the detox of the purification space. Because that’s what you’ve been in while you’ve been listening.

ELAIRA: Thank you so, so much, and I hope to see you again.

JACQUELINE: You are very welcome. Thank you.

Just relaxing
and listening to my voice.

You are in the purification space
because you are listening to my words.

Just feeling
the sensation
of your body
right now
and placing your attention
on your career
or your money
or your business life.

And let go.

In this space
any issues
or patterns
you have personally
which are affecting
your ability to earn money
to earn the money
that you dream of
or to achieve the objectives that you have
as your personal dream
or ambition
they are all
and transmuting
in this space.

I am switching on

your self healing ability.

Your body
is recognising
this capacity
in your own being
and because
your body
knows what to do
all you need to do
is just listen.

What about a world
where everything you did
was an expression
of pure love?

What about
a world where
you went to work
you were doing
what you love
more than enough money was flowing
because you were benefitting this planet
and healing many of the crises
that are currently affecting us
just by living out of
your own integrity
your own excitement
and using your skills
and talents?

Receiving this purification
for deeply embedded patterns
of fear
around not having enough money
in your family line
in your personal life
and in your work life.
Losing that sense of self protectiveness
that means often you don’t offer
or even say
what you think
and who you are
because no one will listen
or no one will pay you for it
or what you should receive.

Switching on the part of you
that knows how to work with others
in teams
to bring maximum efficiency
and results
as well as money
but not driven by money
in the first instance.

And understanding
that the more you switch on your self healing ability
through joining the purification space
the easier
and lighter
and quicker
your ability to materialize
what you really want to see
in this world
including your business life
will happen.

Architect of New Business Paradigm

I support your capacity to build the business you want with ease, joy and flow.

Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. My professional life journey contains certified psychology degrees and about 18 years’ professional experience in talent development, building businesses, and various Human Resources positions. In all of these capacities, my favorite work has always been having powerful conversations that help people go deeper, connect with their truth, challenge their perspectives and unleash their innate potential.

Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

I share insights and discoveries from my own journeys but as well from people I support and help to grow. I hope you enjoy this “Caffeine for Soul” blog and it gives you some food for thought.

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