How to choose the right Human Design consultation?

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Are you searching for Human Design Consultant/Analyst but don’t know which one to choose?

Well, there are 2 types according to my investigation. None of them are better or worse. It’s more what works for you and what do you need. So, there are:

CLASSIC ONES that follow the raw teaching and use the language of the founder Ra Uru Hu. Their aim is to transmute the knowledge and language by quoting direct source so it stays original. If that feels close to the heart, you can go to:

Jovian Archive (founded by Human Design father Ra Uru Hu and his family in 1999. You can find a long list of people to choose from including the original founder Ra Uru Hu recordings).

My personal favorite teacher who has her own school – Laveena Arches

MODERN ONES embody the material and aim to translate it through them and their own gifts. The purpose is to bring that information in an authentic form that people understand and relate to. For this, here are some examples, just to name a few:

Jenna Zoe . She became a world-leading expert in modern Human Design. I really love her way of teaching and translating. She has a lot of nice online tracks, developed “My Human Design” app where you can get nice information about your chart for free. Also, she has a list of Human Design experts trained by her. Check it out HERE.

Karen Parker is an awesome bridge between old and new. She studied with Ra, but then realized her purpose is to transcend the language of Human Design and created her own movement of Quantum Human Design. She created almost different Human Design translations, and it’s very personalized through her own teachings.

Ayla Verhijen has deep and embodied knowledge of Human Design. She took combines authentic Marketing education based on your Human Design. Really gem!

BG5 Business Institute (Business topics).

Samantha Zagar (Human Design and Therapy)

Amy Ruth (Human Design readings but also parenting packages)

Vaness Henry

Lidewy and she also hosts The institute of New Work.

Beautiful and intelligent mental projector – Uma Girish

And there are many more with different specializations and twists to it.

P.S. Human Design sessions are no longer available with me but I highly recommend to explore it before starting the work with me.

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