My personal visibility capacity edge story & the seed of my capacity work

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This is my personal visibility capacity stretch story. And probably biggest realization and reason why I launched regular “Visibility Capacity Virtual Retreat”.

Few years ago, I got a chance for a huge visibility opportunity in my business. You know, one of those epic opportunities just dropped in my lap. It was a beginning of my entrepreneurship journey and I had no clue about what I know now – the importance of capacity work.

About 10k people showed up in my first ever YouTube live interview. I was excited and I was scared, I was super curious and anxious, I enjoyed it a lot and I burned my nervous system at the same time. It was a huge quantum leap in my potential. And the person I interviewed was truly the most loving person I could have for this experience. The way she encouraged, included and cared for me not only allowed me to step into those big shoes but also gave me several totally new healthy imprints of collaboration from a deep care for each other.

But what I learnt the hard way that even though I an my potential was ready for it, my body, my system, and my capacity was still not fully ready for it…

For example, I didn’t anticipate and also was not prepared to hold what came after. It took me 2 weeks to just respond to the amount of people who reached out. And naturally all other capacities were forced to quantum leap there too. For example, I definitely got amazing crash course regarding the boundaries.

But then I closed up and stayed working only 1 on 1 set up for few years… It took me long time to embody and integrate that experience. But even more importantly to heal my nervous system. It was the most amazing experience but also it traumatized me in a way because my nervous system was not ready. It was quite a stretch to my patterns regarding visibility at that time.

Trauma doesn’t have to be huge horrible event. Trauma can happen when things for you happen too fast, too soon and too much to process at once.

So what I realized, its not enough just to show up in your business and to your epic opportunities, you need to be able to hold it. That’s the true art and success of expansion. Otherwise, you just sabotage yourself, burn your nervous system and fail or miss those opportunities.

And it doesn’t matter if you just start your business or you are levelling it up. You always need to practise new level of capacity too by training your skill, eliminating sabotaging blind spots, recalibrating your nervous system and/or putting new structures in place which your new level of capacity can stand on.

The same way how there is training muscles for stronger body and going to the gym, you need to train different capabilities and capacities for your growth.

I also realized, visibility capacity is much more and goes way deeper in your psyche and psychology then just focusing and emphasizing on your social media & marketing strategies. But more about that in another blog…

At the end, I feel super grateful for this experience because when I look back, I realize how it happen to be a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurship journey which hugely influenced the direction of all my work – this is the core seed birthing my focus on the capacity work!

I also feel enormously grateful to Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl) who believed in me and took my curiosity on the journey. At the end, I interviewed her 5 times because we just couldn’t stop talking… There was so much outpouring of the brilliant wisdom 🙂 She is one of the most fascinating people I met in my life.

She expanded me, my potential and my life beyond comprehension. And she without the doubt earned the title of being one of the most influential person in my life and business.

I also learnt to work not on the timelines I want, but on the timelines my body and the nervous system have the capacity to hold it.

P.S. Check my podcast for our interviews if you didn’t which are still the most watched episodes to date. I know a lot of you know me because of those interviews.

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