Nervous system is the bedrock of capacity work

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Blog, Nervous System Capacity (blog)


Your nervous system governs everything: your immune system, your blood circulation, your endocrine system, your emotions, muscles towards action or no action, your digestive system, your brain pathways… It’s the main guardian of your embodiment, functioning and survival in this world.

And it constantly scans everything only through those glasses: is it safe and is there a threat?

Everything we do involuntarily in our body is first and foremost happening to help us SURVIVE, but it’s not necessarily happening to help us THRIVE.

And this is where the key conflict often happens: you want to do it all, you want to built your ambitious plans, to grow fast but if your nervous system doesn’t have a capacity for it, it perceives all of that as a threat to your safety and survival. It is very intelligent system with a very beautiful mission. You can’t really bullshit it! And if you don’t listen to it, it will “put the foot down”! Like it is so nicely expressed in this awesome cartoon about emotions called “Inside Out”.

If you ignore your nervous system capacity and signals, it may feel like one of your foot is on the gas and another is on the break at the same time. This is where you get stuck, sabotage yourself, your projects, your growth, relationships and opportunities. This is why nothing really grounds.

This is a critical piece of the puzzle. You can’t override it, overstep it, fix it or ignore it. Only to collaborate and help increasing the capacity and window of tolerance for the expansion. This is where you need to let your nervous system process the edges, triggers, integrate and THEN allow the action to flow from there.

And for that, you need to learn to listen to your body and to your senses via which nervous system speaks with you all the time. This is the essence of NERVOUS SYSTEM CAPACITY work.

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