Urgency is a trauma response

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Blog, Nervous System Capacity (blog)


I notice a lot of people are still used to that rush and buzz autopilot in the way they work and relate to business. But also sometimes there is no patience and urgency for healing process.

And even though there is a lot of healing happening in other areas of life when it comes to business, the buzz, rush, adrenalin, scarcity and fuzz somehow kick in autopilot somewhere in translation. I know slowness is not tolerated or glorified in our society…

We live in highly dysregulated societies overall. And we affect (dysregulate or co-regulate) each other on daily basis. Even a slight more awareness in the moment about nervous system can be hugely helpful, keep you centered and enable you to be more gentle with yourself and others.

For example, talking too much or too fast is a trauma response… It often follows with not connecting, not looking in other person’s eyes.

It comes from a lack of trust that your needs can be met, that you can be seen, that you will be provided and supported.

And also, being seen and witness in your vulnerability can be deeply activating and triggering your nervous system because in the past being that was a huge threat, hurt, danger and source of unsafety.

Also, lack of boundaries with yourself and then automatically with others is also a trauma response often stemming from dysregulated nervous system and some sort of dissociation.

It’s a huge collective flight trauma response.

But let me ask you the key question here: can you notice when you are triggered and gear up into that urgency and restlessness?

And how much slower can you go?..

Can you notice all the shifts in your body, in your nervous system changes, in your feelings…

And then can you slow down more? Feel, sense, notice, love, and choose differently? Can you notice what triggers you into unsafety? Can you listen and honour what your body communicates to you so attentively?


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