What is Human Design?

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It is your energetic signature with specific gifts, talents and attributes you came here to share in your life, relationships, career and business. It’s a precise map and user guide which shows how you are designed to relate with the world, and how your unique inner guide system operates.

It is futuristic, complex and very advanced system which synthesizes ancient wisdom with modern science. It blends information from the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, The Tree of Life from the Zohar/Kabbalist tradition, Astrology together with the contemporary scientific disciplines such as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. There is over 28 years of empirical evidence, mathematical correlations and a statistical database gathered through surveying almost 8 million individuals.

While a lot of personality tools compare how you fit to the norm and are based on your subjective answers from the mind, Human Design shows how unique, different and special you are including your conscious and subconscious parts of you. There are millions variations of Human Design.

Why Human Design and why now?

We are in a major transition, society is crumbling. Sooner or later you will be forced to look within for the answers because we are shifting away from external authority and becoming more self-directed.

Since our Uranian mutation in 1781, humans have been wrapped up in the so-called “Cross of Planning” which is all about community, leadership, loyalty, and strategy, and where the key focus was on creating and improving supportive societal structures. But you may have noticed lately that the old structures, institutions, and agreements (social, political, financial, educational, health care systems, etc) are starting to come apart on a collective and global level.

In 2027 the planet and humanity will transition to a new cross, so-called “Cross of sleeping Phoenix”, where none of the tribal energies work. For the last 400 years, humans have relied on governments, organizations, logic, and strategy, but those structures are falling away, leaving the individual to determine their destiny without the oppressions of institutions. In essence, humanity is moving towards a massive tipping point and the way we relate & exchange is changing.

Our future focus is shifting towards self-empowerment, authenticity, self-sufficiency, innate gifts, and uniqueness. In order to have the kind of stability that you need to thrive in the new era of individuality, you must become a sovereign individual. Or as Ra Uru Hu put it, you must “differentiate” yourself as the individual that you are and live from the truth of your design. That requires knowing how you are wired and trust in your inner decision-making authority. In other words, you are invited to know yourself deeply in a way who you were born to be before the world told you who and how to be. Human Design can give you that blueprint and great guidance towards that direction.

Understanding Human Design

It’s a very extensive tool and you can’t really fully grasp it with your mind, especially not all at once. You need to really embody it to see the true value. And it will also be very hard to crack it on your own. It’s very extensive & deep. I highly recommend to start with booking a session with a Human Design consultant.

Here is another blog where I listed my recommendations regarding Human Design analyst and consultants.

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Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

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