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Making money energy

MAKING MONEY comes from the old business and sales paradigm concept. Energetically, it comes from the place of survival, fear, and lack. It has this pushing-out and pressure energy but at the same time, it comes with your defenses and protections. In the worst-case scenario, it is about manipulating people to buy what they don’t really need. Sadly, from this place, people tend to work harder and do more because they are going against nature’s flow and from a place of internal contradiction and misalignment.

Receiving money energy

RECEIVING MONEY has a totally different feel and taste for all parties involved. It’s all about leaning into the trust of the process, yourself, and the universe. It’s ease, joy, and flow. It’s effortlessness, the openness of the heart, and expansion energy. It is allowing not only to receive money but also to know how you want to receive it. It’s a state of being. It’s the feeling in your body! It’s about truly allowing yourself to feel the embodiment of abundance. It’s surrendering into a feeling of safety to receive more.

Receiving wound

We have quite big receiving wounding in the world, especially for women. We were conditioned that way. We learned somewhere in the socialization process that it is not safe to receive.

It’s not about the amount of money. There are people who earn a lot of money and feel completely detached from it, they can’t feel it, they can’t really let it in and they feel numb to it. So they focus on getting more because maybe then they will feel it? That’s the main thing we search for; to feel and receive through our body so we can enjoy it.

And it’s not only about money. It’s the energy of abundance in general. It’s about allowing yourself to be showered and nurtured with all kinds of goodness! Like receiving a hug, enjoying eating chocolate (rather than feeling guilty as you eat it), really taking a compliment, or just simply resting or even collapsing when you need it. Money has a lot of charge when it comes to our receiving capacity and triggers our deep wounding because it is very strongly related to the feeling of perceived safety in history. We can unravel this together.

Have you ever experienced something similar in your intimate relationships? That is doesn’t feel safe to receive the love from another or that you hold them at arms length and only let them in sometimes? Or perhaps the intimacy scares you?

Love and money are so very related. As Richard Rudd said: “Prosperity goes through the heart”

Architect of New Business Paradigm

I support your capacity to build the business you want with ease, joy and flow.

Inner work is probably one of the most challenging works you will ever do in your life but it’s the most rewarding one. My professional life journey contains certified psychology degrees and about 18 years’ professional experience in talent development, building businesses, and various Human Resources positions. In all of these capacities, my favorite work has always been having powerful conversations that help people go deeper, connect with their truth, challenge their perspectives and unleash their innate potential.

Because if you are not being who you are, who are you being?

I share insights and discoveries from my own journeys but as well from people I support and help to grow. I hope you enjoy this “Caffeine for Soul” blog and it gives you some food for thought.

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