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Running a business with full personal freedom and integrity is what I stand for, what I care about hugely, and I believe that’s what our new “business paradigm” fundamentally is all about.

My allergy to manipulation and brainwashing reached an all-time high. I can’t tolerate even slightly what I sense or experience comes with the energy of harm, abuse, manipulation, deceit, destruction of nature, trying to control, limiting my freedom, don’t hear me or my needs, don’t honor my boundaries, and wants to take my power without my consent.

I believe it is just a matter of time, till privacy-intrusive services exploiting and manipulating our data disappear from the market.

So, for a while now, I did a huge “INTEGRITY AUDIT” of all the platforms, providers, partners, and tools I built my business with. I try to examine each new provider as much as I can. I look for what they stand for, their “why”, their values, their management, and team, their customer service, etc. In the end, it is a close relationship I go into here. Some services I use almost on a daily basis. I can’t stress enough what a huge impact energetically it had on me after leaving some of them.

Deeper I was digging, more shocking realizations came to me: “how deeply ingrained and normalized harm, manipulation, and abuse are in our society, structures, and everyday life…”. I kept thinking to myself: “How can we be OK with it? Why do we continue to allow it?”

As a result, I moved almost to all new platforms and some are still in the exploration stage. I would recommend starting with analyzing which platforms and data you want to have secure and where privacy is absolutely key for you. In case, you want to explore that for yourself too, here are some suggestions of my research:

  • Email: Tutanota, Protonmail, Mailfence,, Posteo (and even more on the additional links at the end of the blog).
  • Calendar: Protonmail. For those who want to combine e-mail with a calendar, providers that offer that: Tutanota, Posteo, Mailbox, Collab now, Mailfence.
  • Extra security. Make sure you secure all or at least your key platforms and data with an extra level of security: 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Authy, or hardware authentication device (UFA) – Yubikees. The warning here, make sure you install 2FA on several devices and buy at least two UFA keys because if you lose one, there is no customer service that could help you to restore it. You have complete and ultimate ownership of it. So, have your extra “backdoor key ready”.
  • For online security and privacy, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Here is probably the most extensive comparison list. It will secure your connection to the internet and give you more unrestricted & anonymous use of the web. In other words, it helps protect your online activities: sending emails, shopping online, or paying bills. Use is, especially when you are in public places.
  • And last but not least, get your camera phone covers for all devices. Just search “camera phone cover” and you will find suggestions with sliding stickers costing just a few euros.

These are the great basic starting points in my opinion and if you prefer to go even further, here are a couple of great articles for that:

  • Excellent page with technologies and systems summary for guidance and reference – Also, this one – Techlore.

  • A page which shares many great articles with different technologies overviews and comparisons which can safe your research and decision time – Proprivacy.

I will keep updating this page with new information I discover.

What are your favorite non-harming platforms and providers who act with integrity and security? Let’s help each other.

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